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  1. A heck of a lot of chopping and changing.
  2. Well now that makes a whole lot of sense .... didn't even think about that.
  3. Just out of interest .. why does the Armorique leave Cork at 21.30hrs on Saturday when the Pont Aven always leaves at 16.00hrs .... 11/05/19 Cork to Roscoff 16:00 - We are sorry to advise that as a result of a technical incident on board Pont-Aven, the departure from Cork to Roscoff on 11/05/19 will now leave at 21:30. Check-in at 20:30. Arrival in Roscoff is 11:00 Sunday morning. This crossing will be operated by Armorique. We apologise for the inconvenience
  4. The Armorique is covering the recent sailings but come June/July when there are full loads I don't think she is a s big as Pont Aven and therefore like you, am unsure as to what would happen ... here's hoping for a good outcome.
  5. We drive down from Belfast and always stay over in a hotel on the Friday night before the Saturday sailing .... just hoping the PA is back to normal service as we really love this ship
  6. Hey Shark ... what's the Carrigaline court hotel like ..... I'm doing an overnight there.
  7. Same here ... an arm and a leg to get to France .. if it's the Connemara then so be it but it sure aint as luxurious as the PA ....
  8. Just sit at the docks for 2 days until she comes back
  9. Thanks Gareth ... I hope everyone who is booked no matter what route they are on get to sail and enjoy their holidays
  10. I think we are more important ... probably paid about 3 times as much as you did
  11. We are due to depart Cork/Roscoff on June 29th .. if for some reason the PA is still out of service by then (hopefully not) .... I take it that the route will still be covered as it has in the past week or so by the Armorique or another of the fleet ? . I would hate to start having to make other travel plans to get to France at this time !!
  12. I know a lot of you have driven in France recently. If this has been asked before forgive me. The more I read about brexit the more confused I get. I have read that I may need to exchange my UK driving license for an EU one, is this true ? also talk about an IDP to allow me to drive there ... I'll be back in July, obviously post brexit and want some clarification as to what i'll need. I have been loads of times before and am familiar with all the other requirements and extras, it's really just the license and the permit issue .... cheers guys.
  13. Geezer

    Operational matters

    We wish to inform you that, for operational reasons, the departure time of your sailing from Roscoff to Cork has been amended to the earlier time of 20:30hrs. Please find attached an updated ticket . Thank you once again for choosing Brittany Ferries.
  14. Geezer

    Operational matters

    It was always 21.30 on previous trips as was this one until they changed it.
  15. Geezer

    Operational matters

    Ah .. I see ... it's the PA ... thanks for the reply.
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