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  1. So confusing all this refund malarkey. Irish Ferries customers are going nuts on the Facebook page as they are only being offered credit notes for future bookings and not cash deposit refunds. IF state that they are sailing to schedule as far as they are concerned nothing has changed, but sailing to schedule for freight !! not holidaying car passengers, who could in every sense sail to France and get no further than the port. I have a booking with them for July which I very much doubt will happen and I am unable to re book for later, will I just lose my deposit altogether ?
  2. I see my old friend Ulysses in the background, what's the craic there ? is she in need of some TLC ?
  3. Belfast B&Q also have a big burger van in the carpark not far from the docks either .... is this a B&Q thing ... like a franchise ?
  4. Arrived at 06.45 and home before 7 !! that would be a dream come true
  5. I've got to say I will miss sailing on the Pont Aven in July, as it's been our preferred choice for a lot of years now. When I enquired about the 50% deposit and not the usual 25% they basically said it is what it is and that I should take out insurance to cover it as it was non refundable ! ...... no thanks, 700 euro is a bit steep for any deposit. I have booked Irish Ferries from DUB/CHER for around 400 euro less than BF wanted ... 100 euro deposit and 2.5 hours less driving time as I'm coming from Belfast to Dublin now and not Cork ..... I'm just waiting on the WBY to have an engine fi
  6. FAQ's ......... How much is the deposit on a ferry booking? If you choose to confirm a ferry booking with us we require a 25% deposit whereupon we issue a confirmation advice that sets out the details of your reservation and provides other information. Yet they are asking for 50% when i get my final price ...... not making sense at all.
  7. The increase in fares from Cork is ridiculous ... my new dates for July would see me pay 1600 euro (50%deposit !!) return for a 4 berth, 2 kids sharing ........ Irish ferries from Dublin to Cherbourg on the same dates 1125 euro ( only 100 euro deposit) and that's with a 5 berth cabin .... they actually have 6 berth cabins on WBY. ..... it would mean an extra 3 hours drive time as it's Cherbourg and not Roscoff, but i'll take that any day.
  8. Half the price !!!!! it's a no brainer .... do it.
  9. Used to be 25% in previous years, and as you say .. no options at all ..... 50% is a bit much as it's non refundable !!!
  10. 50% deposit !!! ... that's a bit steep .... 1400euro Cork/Roscoff for July and they're wanting half of it now..... was only 25% last year.
  11. Alot of people now go for the drinks package as part of the deal, it does work out a heck of a lot cheaper than buying it by the glass.
  12. With the amount of over indulging on food and free drink on cruises, it is any wonder that heart attacks are quite common.
  13. Looks like a deliberate typo .... P and T are not even that close on the keyboard, you couldn't get it wrong.
  14. I do love going from Cork myself, although coming from Belfast, Dublin is a great option for us ... just waitng for BF schedules now. Thanks for the info on Dublin port .. seems like a bit of a nightmare.
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