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  1. This is very true, and it will save roughly 2 hours sailing time also, brings back memories of the Oscar Wilde out of Rosslare .... not a bad ship at all.
  2. Very interesting indeed ... I was hoping Dublin would have saved me driving time but I might as well drive to Cork as Rosslare ... roughly about the same ... I will keep an interested eye on this ... thanks.
  3. Cheers Paully ... It's going to be interesting this year for us as I'm going to compare WB Yeats, Dublin/Cherbourg with the Pont, Cork to Roscoff, although WBY is getting some horrible reviews on Tripadvisor !!
  4. Just on the schedules theme .... when can we expect to book for summer 2020 .... asking for a friend
  5. You probably pay more for this cabin than a decent hotel room ... at least the bedding could be of some decent quality.
  6. BigDW ... I'm sure thre are no lorries on the road never mind a few .. I thought they were not permitted to be on the roads on a Sunday at all ... one of the benefits i love of a Sunday arrival .. but I agree, up at 5am for a 7am docking is early !! ..... especially when most campsites are unavailable till 3pm and you only have like a 2 hour drive .... but hey, can't have it all.
  7. When we go out for a meal with friends we put our phones in one of the girls handbags at the start of the night ... the first person to go near their phone pays the entire bill ... lets say we have a very social evening, and not of the media variety. Should have said ... if you get an incoming call then that's ok ... could be important, but apart from that.
  8. I've always found the wifi on PA to be totally pants, if you're on early enough and log in it's not too bad, but once the ship is full and everyone is logged on, may as well forget it.
  9. When i put my credit card in the machine it gives me the option to pay in either sterling or euro as i'm from Northern Ireland, perhaps the French don't get this option and it may only be euro, as they are from euroland .. not sure, but they certainly won't be carrying sterling in cash form.
  10. Just on the occupancy theme ... I shared an email reply from BF a while ago ... i used to book a recliner also until i realised the 5 of us could share a 4 berth cabin. This is my response fom BF.ie > We do allow a maximum 5 passengers (2 > of which are children) to occupy a 4 berth cabin. As there are 2 lower > & 2 upper bunks in a 4 berth cabin, either 2 children will have to > share a bunk or 1 of the children will have to sleep on the floor.
  11. Hey Des ... I take it that you were able to get 5 in a commodore cabin ? .... what ages are the children ? ... was it a tight squeeze ?
  12. For the amount of Northern Irish cars I see in Cork, what about Belfast / Roscoff ? there's another one in the mix .... would never happen but another alternative for our Scottish friends.
  13. I remember one year in Cork (standing at the back watching the loading) we were all loaded and the ramp was up when a fully laden car came racing into the check in area, lights flashing and horn blasting, maybe got a puncture or broke down en route to the docks, but there was no way he was boarding. I felt really sorry for them, more so because there is only one sailing per week.
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