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  1. No probs at all ... was waiting for the scraping but cleared it ok ... still having the smoothest crossing, sitting at the fastest bar with a tiger beer 😁
  2. 2 hours out of Cork as I type .. full load on the PA .. calm as calm can be and she is cruising beautifully, first onboard and first impressions were good, clean and tidy and very friendly staff ... bon voyage πŸ˜€
  3. Just a bit off topic .. my car is at breaking point with weight .. everything but the kitchen sink !! .. negotiating the ramp tomorrow will be fun .. Will BF allow my wife and daughters to board as footies so as to lighten my load ... just a thought.
  4. Geezer

    PA on TV

    Yes .. Bruce Heller .... one heck of a wind up merchant if you ask me.
  5. Great to see the PA is not hanging about since her return ... a steady 21.5 kn and now en route to Santander ... keep it up πŸ˜€
  6. Nice one Shark, glad you home ok .... how on earth was the ship not 100% clean !! ... absolutely no excuse, the length of time she was laid up .... I'll have a good look myself in a fortnight.
  7. Safe journey Shark πŸ˜€
  8. And a nice overnight back to Cork, Shark πŸ˜€
  9. And a nice overnight back to Cork, Shark πŸ˜€
  10. It's giving an ETA at Roscoff for 17.00hrs.
  11. That is good news .... let's hope it's all "plain sailing" from here πŸ˜€
  12. Just moved berths by the looks of it.
  13. The Pont is underway πŸ˜€
  14. You would think a good full day tomorrow of sea trials .... cutting it fine to say the least ... it's all looking like another round of emails and alternative travel plans !!! I hope im wrong
  15. Yesterdays update re the PA ... 10/06/19 is much the same as last weeks, a return to service on the 14th ..... let's just wait and see !! .... it's getting nail bitingly close !!! 10 June 2019 We look forward to welcoming Pont-Aven back to service on 14 June. Ahead of her return, we have confirmed that all scheduled sailings from or into Portsmouth will now use Plymouth for the rest of the season. This is because Pont-Aven must operate at a reduced operating speed following a technical problem earlier in the season. Customers who haven’t used Plymouth before, can find details on our Plymouth port guide. In addition to this change, please note services are subject to revised departure and arrival times to and from Spain. Any customers affected by these changes will be notified in advance of travel. Please note, this does not apply to any reservation made after 6 June 2019.
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