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  1. Is there like a timetable yet for her
  2. Is Bretagne diverting course beacause of traffic or is something else up quite unusual for me
  3. When does next years timtables come out
  4. What actually happened I can't get what happened
  5. May I ask Tony what platform do you use
  6. They are probably for the fourth or fifth one Cause when Stena Estrada was launched Stena Edda was next to it then next to her was Galicia so that's probably fourth or fifth
  7. Any guesses when honfluer will leave the shipyard and will do sea trials looks nearly completed on the outside
  8. Contact wightlink twitter is best and ask they will give you all the information
  9. It is only a revised timetable
  10. The Plymouth to roscoff and the le harve to Portsmouth routes timetables have now been updated
  11. Money st michel is being assisted by guardsman and Yorkshireman no pilot onboard
  12. I wondering did BF tell u this infomation
  13. Are BF getting the 4th and 6th ones these. Or
  14. It would be nice to see a afternoon service from Portsmouth to le harve
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