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  1. I took pictures everyday on the webcam ill make a video of it and put it on here when i can
  2. Just saw this from a group cant confirm if it is now or not though
  3. Aiden

    2021 Timetables

    Would make sense to use it Freight only and make that route freight only what is the need for it to be passenger anymore
  4. Aiden

    2021 Timetables

    @Seashore Thanks a lot
  5. Aiden

    2021 Timetables

    What is the latest regarding the updating of the timetables for next year have not posted in the group for over a year now for reasons and any updates on the E Flexers ?
  6. Why has Armorique got a tug with it for entry today
  7. Is normandie still headed for ouistreham taking a while
  8. looking at ineos latest video on youtube and press releases theirs evidence of the new Ac75 being launched can any give any more detail if you have any any help appreciated
  9. Something i didn't think about but it still could rotate between Santander and Bilbao like i said
  10. if Galicia was LNG Ready it wouldn't take much work to convert it to LNG even if they already have started constructing her
  11. 1 of the LNG ships will probably do santander and the other doing bilbao and the 3rd E Flexer will probably do Plymouth - santander or rotate thats what i think
  12. Can anyone list all the changes that are happening for all routes
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