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  1. 15 minutes ago, Gareth said:

    She’s not in the published schedules for Poole-Cherbourg.  Are you thinking they may use her to Le Havre?  (In which case - here’s a twist - is it possible Le Havre may become freight-only?).  Food for thought (and would make sense).

    Would make sense to use it Freight only and make that route freight only what is the need for it to be passenger anymore


  2. What is the latest regarding the updating of the timetables for next year have not posted in the group for over a year now for reasons and any updates on the E Flexers ?


  3. 7 minutes ago, The Ferry Man said:


    Looking at Normandie Express speeds, something I have noticed is that (once past the speed limits) she seems to speed up to around 36 knots sailing past the IoW, but once she hits the open channel, she slows back down to 33 knots (where she remains for the crossing). Not a one off either, as I was on her last week and did the same. Any reason why she does this? My initial thoughts would have been currents, but would have thought then that it would be more date dependent - ie less likely to be two consecutive Sundays

    It might be because of traffic in the channel the bridge always look at the traffic ahead and respond to it early but it might of be a coincidence that it did it for a whole journey it might of even been early

  4. 1 hour ago, jamess said:

    The BF website used to list how many of each type of cabin on each ferry.  This seems to have gone with the migration to a new site.

    Is this available anywhere now?

    It still does on the ships and onboard section

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  5. 5 hours ago, jonno said:

    Their capacities are little different as the two LNG powered vessels have around 250 less lane metres, down to around 2750 in order to accommodate the gas powered engines and fuel tanks.

    Roscoff can accommodate an outside max length of 205m. The Cap is the biggest they can get on there without the addition of another dolphin or similar. Le Havre is 200m plus I doubt there's room to offer any more, certainly not the 20m an E-flexer would require, the gvt boats wouldn't get out and they already have to use a boat to to tie up & release BDS. it's also worth remembering that both the Cap & BDS are nearly 3m narrower too and that Portsmouth must build berth extensions to accommodate them.

    Portsmouth don't need an extension they is still liked room for an extra 10 metres

  6. 38 minutes ago, georgem7 said:

    I have recently been thinking about how the Spanish timetable might look once the E-Flexers arrive. Cap Finistere presently operates three crossings per week, she is however a faster vessel. Is it unrealistic to think the E-Flexer can match her current timetable? Meanwhile, Baie de Seine's timetable involves a lot of time in port and I don't think BF really want their brand new vessels sitting around for hours. Not entirely sure what frequency BF really want on the Spanish crossings. 

    I have thought up a timetable which would involve all three E-flexers operating the same schedule on different days on the Portsmouth-Spain and Portsmouth-Le Havre routes. In this scenario, Pont-Aven would stay put and Cap Finistere would replace Connemara.

    Day 1 : 10:30-13:00 Portsmouth to Spain
    Day 2 : 15:30-18:00 Spain to Portsmouth
    Day 3 : 22:30-08:30 Portsmouth to Le Havre
    Day 4 : 12:00-18:30 Le Havre to Portsmouth / 21:00-07:00 Portsmouth to Spain (No stop at Roscoff)
    Day 5 : At Sea

    Day 6 : 09:30-12:00 Spain to Portsmouth
    Day 7 : 14:30-20:30 Portsmouth to Le Havre / 23:00-08:00 Le Havre to Portsmouth

    (All times GMT)

    Galicia would start Day 1 on Tuesday, Salamanca would start Day 1 on Wednesday and the 3rd vessel on Thursday. 

    With 6 return crossings on the Le Havre route, Normandie could be sold. The only issue is the lack of any sailing on the seventh day. 




    I really think that happen if I honest 3 ship on the same schedule is a bit too much they would probably keep the same format of time tabling in my opinion 

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  7. 2 hours ago, TonyMWeaver said:

    'Normandie Express' has been back in Cherbourg since Wednesday, ready to commence the Summer Season from this Thursday (May 2nd). Departing Cherbourg at 17:00 local time


    May I ask Tony what platform do you use

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