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  1. What actually happened I can't get what happened
  2. May I ask Tony what platform do you use
  3. They are probably for the fourth or fifth one Cause when Stena Estrada was launched Stena Edda was next to it then next to her was Galicia so that's probably fourth or fifth
  4. Any guesses when honfluer will leave the shipyard and will do sea trials looks nearly completed on the outside
  5. Contact wightlink twitter is best and ask they will give you all the information
  6. The Plymouth to roscoff and the le harve to Portsmouth routes timetables have now been updated
  7. Money st michel is being assisted by guardsman and Yorkshireman no pilot onboard
  8. I wondering did BF tell u this infomation
  9. It would be nice to see a afternoon service from Portsmouth to le harve
  10. Aiden

    New Look Revealed

    Offical images of the new logo on normandie
  11. Could they keep baie de seine or etretat longer on the le have route to add sailing numbers
  12. it was in a article somewhere cant find it now but if they do i would seem an appropriate thing to do
  13. I think cap finnistere will do Plymouth to Santander if they want to add capacity to the Spanish routes then in my opinion it's a better options because it will give an extra rotation on the Portsmouth to Spanish routes
  14. Pont aven will replace Bretagne on the Portsmouth to st malo route cap finnistere is a possible option for Plymouth to Santander TBC galicia to take over from baie de seines schedule salamanica will replace cap finnistere they are my opinions on sand pont again will replace Bretagne that is confirmed by Brittany ferries and cap finnistere may get replaced they also confirmed
  15. It seems weird to me about this incident and others beacause on 25th of December 2018 a Russian flagged vessel nearly capsized now having this incident with both of them being near military importance areas something is up in my opinion
  16. Why have so many leharve sailing be cancelled
  17. Hi does anyone know what is going on with the e harve routes seems that lots of sailings have been cancelled
  18. They should have a copy on the. bf computers ask them if not talk to the home office
  19. I think it might be to do with the way they maintain them because the engineers at lymington seem to have vessels that break down halfthe time on the other hand the Portsmouth engineers provide mostly perfect vessels thats my opinion sorry if anyone is offend
  20. the outside decks look very compact not very nice in my opinion
  21. There is 2 tugboats bringing the first section there the next section will start it journey next week
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