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  1. 36 minutes ago, LHCity said:

    I Have information about the new schedules of the Portsmouth / Le Havre route:

    From the End of March : 2 rounds trips every day.

    Schedules in Le Havre :

    Arrival 7:30 am / Departure 9:30 am

    Arrival 9:30 pm / Departure 11:30 pm

    I Don't have schedules in Portsmouth but probably the same.

    Possible 3 rounds trips on Friday

    so there will certainly be a 2nd ship? These round trips will be open to passengers. It will not be the MN Pelican



    I wondering did BF tell u this infomation

  2. Pont aven will replace Bretagne on the Portsmouth to st malo route 

    cap finnistere is a possible option for Plymouth to Santander TBC

    galicia to take over from baie de seines schedule

    salamanica will replace cap finnistere 


    they are my opinions on sand pont again will replace Bretagne that is confirmed by Brittany ferries and cap finnistere may get replaced they also confirmed


  3. I think it might be to do with the way they maintain them because the engineers at lymington seem to have vessels that break down halfthe time on the other hand the Portsmouth engineers provide mostly perfect vessels 

    thats my opinion sorry if anyone is offend


  4. acording to the timetables armourique is due to arrive in Portsmouth at 13:15 and has to be in Cherbourg to leave at 18:30 so that's 5 hours 15 minutes to get from Portsmouth to Cherbourg which from other sailings in the past is not possible to do it in that On my way! So they might cancel the first Cherbourg to Poole and start from Poole instead

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