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  1. Also with a engine own turning inside the port is nearly Impossible compared to Cherbourg where they can actually turn using the ruder than having one prop in forward and one in reverse I have seen it done before on NEX
  2. Bf have just confirmed to me that there is a problem with one of NORMANDIES engines so MSM sailings are unaffected
  3. I wonder why she was diverted il sleep if I can find anything
  4. Normandie is going 14.5 knots and MSM 19 knots BF are probably till thinking of what to do repositioning wise I wouldent be surprised if they divert MSM back to t not worth it bringing her over in my opinion
  5. There is one empty links pan in between barfluer and armourique so if they can use that they will for normandie then get her off the berth for MSM then one of them will probably anchor of the breakwater until it's time to move on to Portsmouth or caen
  6. Yeah Cherbourg is packed at the moment I don't know how there are going to fit MSM and normandie in with three other vessels in port too
  7. Brittany ferries have just confirmed with me that normandie is going to Cherbourg
  8. I'm asking now there just getting an update as I type this comment up
  9. I'm asking what is going on now to BF
  10. Is anything happening in Caen normandie is way of course but destination is still set as Caen same as MSM
  11. The barriers were installed at about 23:00 yesterday when I was coming back for Brighton they were putting the electrics in with the barriers all ready in place
  12. Aiden

    New Look Revealed

    Its quite good on the side of the ship now better looking than the artist impressions
  13. I have been trying to work out some timings for honfluers construction from now till first crossing and it seems like and bf agree with me that deck plans will come out as soon as the superstructure is on the honfluer so we will see
  14. Aiden

    New Look Revealed

    i have edited the logo and put it on Normandie Express not the best looking picture but it shows what it might look like if u want me to do anymore ships let me know
  15. Aiden

    New Look Revealed

    That new logo is rubbish who would want to put orange in a logo don't make sense
  16. Aiden

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Bf said to me that barfluer is going into drydock so your list might Be wrong
  17. Baie de Seine is not as seaworthy as cap finistere but may be OK haven't been on either myself my thoughts are from others who have been on both vessels
  18. If u ask st a terminal or at the information place onboard then they will ask the bridge if u can but it depends on wether and stuff like that
  19. That maybe why the webcam is of maybe bf requested it to be off so that's the logo stays hidden while they paint it
  20. Just got an update regarding the painting of the new logo on the ships here is what they said may also be a sneak peak of 2019/20 refits too The Pont Aven and Armorique will be the first ships in the fleet to carry the new logo later this month, following their refit. The new logo will appear on the Normandie and Bretagne next January, the Cap Finistere next February and the Normandie Express next September The Mont St Michel will carry the new logo in January 2020 and the Barfleur in February 2020.
  21. Honfluer has a stern thrusters by the looks of it which other ships have got them
  22. When I asked bf earlier they said that pont aven will move to Portsmouth - st Malo route and replace Bretagne and the new vessel will take over I don't know anything about the second new vessel or the current pont aven routes like cork roscoff Plymouth
  23. It happened at about 8 a clock and they wouldn't of worked over night
  24. I have been told I can't say by who but it was not a equipment error if anyone thinks that
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