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  1. There is one empty links pan in between barfluer and armourique so if they can use that they will for normandie then get her off the berth for MSM then one of them will probably anchor of the breakwater until it's time to move on to Portsmouth or caen

  2. i have edited the logo and put it on Normandie Express not the best looking picture but it shows what it might look like

    if u want me to do anymore ships let me know



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  3. On 10/11/2018 at 20:54, TonyMWeaver said:

    Refit Update: 

    Armorique - Gdansk (8th Nov - 4th Dec 2018)
    Baie de Seine - Santander (March 2019)
    Barfleur - Cherbourg (Annual Maintenance)
    Bretagne - Le Havre (Annual Maintenance)
    Cap Finistere - Astander No.2 (February 2019)
    Normandie - Gdansk (Rumoured - Unconfirmed)
    Pont Aven - Astander (8th Nov - 5th Dec 2018)

    Bf said to me that barfluer is going into drydock so your list might Be wrong

  4. Just got an update regarding the painting of the new logo on the ships here is what they said may also be a sneak peak of 2019/20 refits too


    The Pont Aven and Armorique will be the first ships in the fleet to carry the new logo later this month, following their refit. The new logo will appear on the Normandie and Bretagne next January, the Cap Finistere next February and the Normandie Express next September The Mont St Michel will carry the new logo in January 2020 and the Barfleur in February 2020.

  5. 14 hours ago, Macc2010 said:

    What kind of hours do RF bridge teams work?

    i am asking as sometimes its down to working long hours and maybe they dont get the rest hours that they need.

    It happened at about 8 a clock and they wouldn't of worked over night

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