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  1. When I asked bf earlier they said that pont aven will move to Portsmouth - st Malo route and replace Bretagne and the new vessel will take over I don't know anything about the second new vessel or the current pont aven routes like cork roscoff Plymouth
  2. It happened at about 8 a clock and they wouldn't of worked over night
  3. I have been told I can't say by who but it was not a equipment error if anyone thinks that
  4. There I see the any deck plan yet I asked bf a couple of days ago
  5. BF have just confirmed to me that there is a electrical fault in the engine room
  6. Would there be reduced service for roscoff and would cap finnistere fit in roscoff she is quite long
  7. sorry about it not being compatible on PC im trying to fix it
  8. I have made an update time lapse of the build of Honfluer please let me know if there is anything i could improve on as this is my first time making these types of videos Enjoy!!!!!!! Honfleur Build 1.mp4
  9. It is amazing now a days and like today's container ships can built in about the same time it pretty cool but hard work
  10. I Wish I did but I'm going to mak this one the best I can I might do a half build time lapse in a couple of months. It takes time to put together
  11. im going to do a photo timelapse of the build but its a long time away
  12. Victoria of Wight is doing the following services from portsmouth 14:30/16:30/18:30
  13. Victoria Of Wight will be doing the following services tomorrow (27/08/18) From Portsmouth 14:30\16:30\18:30 From Fishbourne 15:30\17:30\19:30
  14. i wonder whether in the future if they will convert st Clare into hybrid energy also it may go into service on bank holiday monday like eagleeye said
  15. Got some photos from right now there painting all the scratched bits and there also flushing out the fuel tanks they put water in them for the delivery voyage
  16. I have been told 11:00 by staff at the Portsmouth car ferry terminal
  17. i was told friday like the ferry man so must be friday
  18. instead of normandie doing portsmouth - le harve route why dont Cotentin do it stenas charter for her runs out in late 2018 so why not her as im shore bf could do with another ship somewhere
  19. i just asked customer services online whats going on and they dont even know its delayed
  20. i reckon port workers have got onboard and put themselves up cars and trucks so they are slowing down to give them time to get them out it sounds like something they would do
  21. ive made a list of all the key notes and dates for changes please can u say something if wrong or more needs to be added Brittany Ferries Fleet.docx
  22. arent the pictures though on the link of armouriques
  23. honfluers cabins will not be available till a later date says someone from Brittany ferries as it might change but there are defiantly standard 2-4 berth cabins and pet friendly cabins to
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