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  1. 5 hours ago, Eddies said:

    I often go to the webcam to see how things are going with Honfleur, and to day, I see what looks like to parts of ramp going in on the starboard side.

    Would anyone be able to conform this as on the port side I have not seen them go in Pic's attached.

    Also is their any deck plan online to view yet.

    Thank you.



    There I see the any deck plan yet I asked bf a couple of days ago

  2. 1 hour ago, georgem7 said:

    I have given it some thought and I believe the best solution for Spain post-2021 is:

    Galicia and Salamanca would dedicate themselves to Portsmouth to Santander and Bilbao respectively. Will they be fast enough to fit three rotations each? 

    Pont-Aven would introduce a second rotation between Plymouth and Santander in lieu to Cork. She would return to Plymouth Friday morning and leave for Santander at 15:45, leaving Santander at around 17:00 Saturday to be back in time for the 15:45 Sunday crossing. 

    Cap Finistere would become dedicated Irish ship (with maybe two Cork Roscoff sailings to compensate and maybe 1 Cork Santander sailing?) 

    Result: extra Portsmouth sailing, extra Plymouth sailing, Ireland maintained. Wouldn't need Pelican, Etretat or BDS. 


    Would there be reduced service for roscoff and would cap finnistere fit in roscoff she is quite long

  3. probably more sea trails with crew maritime coastguard agency inspections and berthing trials i also heard rumours about a opening day from a member of staff there so we will see this is the timetable for after october 1st so i reckon they will use st clare and vow most but use saint class ferries on fridays and maybe other days as there are extra sailings  

    hope this helps

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