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  1. there is no services on the route due to refit cover and not that much demand armourique doing cover for st malo , caen and poole routes i think
  2. i reckon she will enter service during crew change so the old crew goes off and the new crew go on the new vessel or it will be like when the route has refit cover
  3. probably more sea trails with crew maritime coastguard agency inspections and berthing trials i also heard rumours about a opening day from a member of staff there so we will see this is the timetable for after october 1st so i reckon they will use st clare and vow most but use saint class ferries on fridays and maybe other days as there are extra sailings hope this helps
  4. ive heard that she will be in till end of october due to repair something before going to america so it will be in for a few months yet
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