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  1. It's horses for courses, flying and have the hassle of getting on and off the flight, limited luggage for your holidays, car parking charges, rip off car hire, rubbish catering. Ferry rapid boarding and just about hassle free, decent catering, comfortable seating, no hire car, good road system other side. Unless you are going long haul we much prefer the ferry.
  2. We nearly always use Roscoff these days, I think it helps being out on a limb and nowhere for migrants to hide or live and the ferries are too well policed.
  3. Traveller on Brittany Ferries since its inception nothing has changed regarding which lane you are sent to, prayer doesn't work, early arrival, foreign plates, the same. The crew seem to work to their own unfathomable system, every time we think we have it cracked they do something fresh! As long as we get on board we don't really care and it whiles away the time in the queue. We try and travel on Thursday on the Pont Avon, we always sit and enjoy cocktails in the piano bar before a super meal, treat the ferry trip as part of a lovely start to a holiday and your half way there.
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