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  1. We arrived at Plymouth last yesterday. With an electronic Passenger Locator Form which made passing Border Control very smooth as they link for form to your passport. This morning we received a visit from a chap from Track and Trace who advised us that there may be a second visit.
  2. Having had a test in France on Thursday I am shocked at how empty my skull is.
  3. We are currently in France trying to get a PCR test before travelling back to the UK on Sunday 25th. and it has been interesting. My wife speaks fluent French and has struggled, goodness knows what a limited French speaker would do. Please make sure you arrange a PCR test in France before you leave the UK as appointments fill up fast. With the assitance of French friends it looks like we need to go to two places in Morlaix to get sorted. I do wish BF had spelt this out clearer before we embarked.
  4. With the UK government's recent announcement regarding returning passengers having to quarnteen will he have any UK/FRA traffic to move.
  5. Given the surprise announced last night (16/07/2021) regarding returning UK national having to quarantine l would not be surprised if BF announced that they were no longer sailing to the UK. I know what my decision would be in the CEO's shoes.
  6. So many people die each year trying to save their animals and usually the animal survives.
  7. Currently in France and after the Victor Meldrew moment last night looking for somewhere to get tested before returning to quarantine at home
  8. We had to travel by car last year as BF were not carrying foot passengers. In our experience there was no difference in passing through Border Crossings. Saying that my wife has a Berlin Checkpoint Charlie as stamp in an old passport and a few tails to tell
  9. Everything you list was checked nothing else. The sworn statement has the town that you are staying in. My wife has an in date UK European Passport and I have a new British Passport, it looks awful btw, and we were both treated equally.
  10. There are new car parks that stretch beyond the 'front gates' of the check in area. You can also park at the Dock, but there is a strict three hour time limit. It's VERY up to date, I keep my boat at King Point Marina and am out sailing most days, but currently in France with my non-sailing wife.
  11. We came in as foot passengers at Roscoff on 09/07/2021. The time through customs was about the same as last year. Passports are stamped, never had that happen before, and we had paper copies of all the paperwork. ALL paperwork was checked.
  12. Arrived on 09/07/2021 and no problems with entry at Roscoff. Just need to sort out the requirements for the return passage. The support from BF has been outstanding, and the Pont Aven very, very quiet.
  13. Hello All With the current twist in the tail of vaccinations and country of origin has anybody got any first hand experience of being refused entry to France or any quarantine requirements where their first AZ vaccine was not manufactured in Europe? Thanks
  14. Hello You can arrive as early as you want there is lots of parking. There is a restaurant called "The Dock" https://www.thedockplymouth.co.uk/ very near the ferry terminal. You MUST book as it is very popular. The food is good and the view over Plymouth Sound stunning.
  15. An update. We received an email cancelling our trip as foot passengers yesterday Exactly the same trip has now been booked with car and cabin options was booked this morning. You could not make this up. We stay near Roscoff so it is not really an issue. What would have been useful was an option from BF to change to booking to one with car.
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