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  1. An update. We received an email cancelling our trip as foot passengers yesterday Exactly the same trip has now been booked with car and cabin options was booked this morning. You could not make this up. We stay near Roscoff so it is not really an issue. What would have been useful was an option from BF to change to booking to one with car.
  2. A sight than many will be delighted to see. The Amorique arriving in Plymouth c2000 hours 29/06/2020
  3. That thought did cross my mind, but we would only need to park the car in Roscoff as we have free parking in Plymouth.
  4. Interesting, but we have already booked a cabin both ways!
  5. Can't understand the decision not to allow foot passengers at the moment. Wonder why they have taken that decision.
  6. That's not been our experience. Perhaps the fact that one of us is fluent in French helps greatly or perhaps the Écosse badge?
  7. That's not been our experience, Perhaps you arrive after all the fireworks for Bastille Day? We rather enjoy them.
  8. The food on BF is nowhere as good as it was 10 20 years ago. We have always enjoyed getting on board having a superb meal with a bottle of wine but then the Amorique arrived and things went rapidly downhill from there. I once had the fish and chips; well I think it might have been fish, whatever it was clearly it had not seen the sea for several decades! We now just have a starter, which is rather good, and a dessert. Really miss that great start to the holiday, clamber onboard, wander about the ship, have a long lunch and oh there is France on the horizon!
  9. Totally agree, we request to go in via the car deck and take the lift up. This is usually requested by both port and BF staff.
  10. Thats the second group in seven days. Two chaps were caught on 11th August. Very sad that the need to escape from their own country and travel all the way to the UK.
  11. I climb onboard (the stairs at Plymouth are rubbish) and switch off data roaming as I am on holiday, don't others do the same?
  12. They must be boarding at Plymouth! When will they improve the boarding steps at the port?
  13. Well done them. I travel to London for work quite often and you can cut the air with a knife, I'd hate to work in a stinky old shed full of diesel and petrol fumes.
  14. Not sure what you mean? Do you mean the time and arrival and departures of BF ships, or BF and other ships?
  15. From my daily email from the Queen's Harbour Master at Plymouth: Looks a tad busy.
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