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  1. Totally agree, we request to go in via the car deck and take the lift up. This is usually requested by both port and BF staff.
  2. Thats the second group in seven days. Two chaps were caught on 11th August. Very sad that the need to escape from their own country and travel all the way to the UK.
  3. I climb onboard (the stairs at Plymouth are rubbish) and switch off data roaming as I am on holiday, don't others do the same?
  4. They must be boarding at Plymouth! When will they improve the boarding steps at the port?
  5. Well done them. I travel to London for work quite often and you can cut the air with a knife, I'd hate to work in a stinky old shed full of diesel and petrol fumes.
  6. Not sure what you mean? Do you mean the time and arrival and departures of BF ships, or BF and other ships?
  7. From my daily email from the Queen's Harbour Master at Plymouth: Looks a tad busy.
  8. I like the new site. Easier on the eye and flows better.
  9. Why not Paully? The consumer will pay for the additional cost. Sadly this ruins my plans for a small import/export business taking my own boat from Plymouth to Roscoff twice a week to supply essentials to friends and family.
  10. Why not contact BF? You won't need to guess then.
  11. Thanks for all the comments, tips and advice. I'll drop the company an email. This would be a formal visit for the engineering institute I am member of, the Institution of Engineering and Technology.
  12. Hello Does anybody know if BF allow visits/tours of the ships in Plymouth? If so who to contact. Thanks
  13. They have been doing this in Plymouth for the last five years. I suspect it reads the chip rather then the numbers.
  14. We do miss the days before Armorique joined the fleet then you could board and have a decent lunch, bottle of wine, and enjoy the passage. This new fangled cafe is nowhere near as good. I know the Pont Aven still offers this service, but her sailing times don't fit our holiday plans.
  15. It must be different on the Plymouth/Roscoff run as soon as we are out of the cabin, about 30 minutes before arrival the crew are stripping bedding and getting the clean stuff up from stores. We usually go down to the seventh deck and look out on the approach to the terminal. I keep asking how they have such fine control over such a big ship as she comes alongside.
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