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  1. https://www.islandecho.co.uk/ferry-delays-as-lift-raft-suddenly-deploys-whilst-docked/ Incident on the Clare this morning - she's about an hour late at the moment with the Faith hot on her heels
  2. Oddly this week they have the Faith as running boat rather than the Clare - shows just how little the traffic levels are at the moment. This means of course the Faith is operating alone on the weekend roster. The website is showing with delays of 3 hours - presumably they cancelled a couple of sailings earlier because of the fog. However Faith is now at Fishbourne at 11.45, meaning that she will leave on time with her 1200 sailing, (though that might be the 1000, or even 0800). That would make her 2 or 4 hours late - if it was 3, she would be showing at Gunwharf...
  3. I agree with you Adicat - I've always thought that with 3 ships a 40 minute frequency would be a better option. It will make it easier all round, especially with ships queuing at the Beacon, sometimes for 10 or 15 minutes, when the tide is low. Ironically though, now that the Faith is a single decker only, her turn-round times are going to be much quicker, so the problems may have lessened somewhat anyway, but it will help with the VOW which can take an eternity to unload due to issues with traffic getting out of the terminal, and also the Clare, particularly if she is triple-decking. Of course, all we need to hope for now that we are in a position to be able to go on holiday this year!!
  4. Well now we know: - FastCat off again from Christmas Eve and the Fishbourne route down to 1 vessel only as from Jan 4th. Yarmouth route continuing as scheduled for the time being (but that may well change)
  5. And more cuts to follow I think....
  6. I was in Sardinia a year or so back and the St Helen was using her 1 remaining deck on certain trips but not often. The ones on the St Catherine were undergoing maintenance and were being raised/lowered by the contractors as required. I did ask one of the crew if they were used much, and his reply was "not often, but yes if we need to"
  7. Is she having problems? She has been pretty good today despite the winds and using all three decks since mid morning but has lost over an hour in the last 3 hours and is heading over to the island at just under 9 knots
  8. They have used it since the new linkspans were installed, mainly on the night runs when there are insufficient staff to operate on both levels. Now with the VOW doing the night run, it seems they have put extra staff on. It does take a lot longer to turn round though if they use the ramp. . Further delays today, with Clare running 45 minutes late at one point. Not sure why though, possibly the linkspan or the mezz decks (again!!)
  9. VOW ended up over an hour late by the early evening on Friday due to low tide and heavy traffic, with the 1900 sailing leaving at around ten past 8. Problems with the mezz deck on the Clare didn't help either with protracted turn round times while they tried to get it to lock into position, each time having to lower it and remove a couple of cars before it was safe to load underneath. Incidentally I notice the Faith isn't using her deck at all - is this because of a breakdown or because of restricted numbers? They could certainly have done with it on Friday as the traffic was right back by the grammar school at one point.
  10. It didn't want to lower when she arrived at 19.45, but after two or three attempts they managed to lower it. There's been 20 minutes of examination and head scratching and they're just loading up now. Seems to have gone up ok
  11. Nice to see all three ships back in service today. But the Clare has just tried pulling out of Gunwharf before the prow was raised. Result - a loud bang aa the prow crashed off the end of the linkspan and both support chains breaking. The ship sailed once the prow was secured with both chains hanging loose at the stern. I'm not sure the crew realised they had snapped tbh. Not sure if this means she will have to come off service for repair - perhaps overnight
  12. I happened to see her on Saturday - she docked at 1500, and was unloaded by 1505 or a minute or so after. Despite being late, she then waited till a quarter past three to start loading again, and sailed at 1534, by which time the Clare was waiting off the hulk. In fact I think the VOW was delayed for a couple of minutes while the Clare entered the harbour. So it might be more to do with the protracted turn-round times rather than anything technical,
  13. Lymington - Yarmouth back from July 17th, initially with 1 ship on a 2-hourly frequency. Apparently the engine issues have been fixed as well so they can operate in all wind strengths
  14. 2nd ship on now from Portsmouth sailing at 0600, 0800 and 1000 Mon-Fri, presumably to carry the increased traffic as people go back to work, then back to 2-hourly. Weekends still 2-hourly at the moment
  15. Do we know why the VOW is out?
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