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  1. martijon

    (Yet) Another Red funnel crash

    Not quite sure that's the case!!
  2. martijon

    Yesterday's chaos

    What a mess!! One breakdown on the St Clare, and the whole of the Gunwharf area becomes gridlocked for hours. When I tried to get into Old Portsmouth at around half three yesterday afternoon the traffic queue went back through Cambridge Road, Museum Road and back onto The Terraces, and even at half eight last night it still went back as far as Ravelin Park. I can only imagine how the waiting passengers felt when the Victoria of Wight pulled off the route for the hulk at around 7 pm, leaving the service in the hands of the 2 oldest and smallest vessels. Surely the crew could have run one extra trip, which would have decreased the backlog significantly, particularly on the freight side, (which seemed to consist mainly of the George Jenkins fleet and about a dozen vintage buses). At one point, cars were being marshalled onto the upper floor of the terminal, only to be brought back down again when eventually they could board a ship. I came home from Southsea around 3 o'clock this morning and popped past - the Cecilia was just leaving with 1 mezz deck, packed to the gunwhales and still 3 lanes of car traffic in the terminal with about half a dozen large artics. On this occasion, Wightlink, you deserve all the flack that gets thrown at you - there didn't seem to be any effort on their part to make things easier for the motorists, some of whom were 5 or 6 hours late away on their booked sailings. Even the cafe still shut at 9 o'clock!! Does anyone know what the issue is with the Clare anyway? She is still at they lay-by this morning, I notice.
  3. martijon

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Christened by Countess of Wessex at Fishbourne today
  4. martijon

    St Faith

    Looks like the St Faith has had to return to Gunwharf for some reason - vesselfinder shows her docked there now (1715), but she left at 1630; any one know what's going on?
  5. martijon

    Goodbye St helen

    Yes, that is the upper lounge - it was locked while I was on board, due to low passenger numbers (on both ships) - and from what I can remember, the artwork is still there, at least on the Catherine (GB Conte)
  6. martijon

    Goodbye St helen

    Yes, the flaps have been disconnected so they just hang loose all the time. The prows are down so that they can gauge the correct place to drop the prow, but it is all very reminiscent of the Broad St slipway days - once the vessel is moored there is a general chaotic exodus of foot passengers and vehicles at the same time - none of this stopping the traffic so that footies can board safely. Interestingly they only park traffic 2 abreast on each side and on the mezz decks, which has cut down vehicle capacity, though it makes it a lot easier to get in and out of cars, It also means they don't have to sort the load first - vehicles board in the same order that they turn up, with cars, trucks, lorries all mixed up. The crossing takes around 35 minutes, so is much the same as their original crossing time - at Portovesme the port is in the middle of a large industrial area which is quite run-down - the ships berth her stern inwards, turning as they approach the berth. At Carloforte, the terminals are literally right on the main road, which can cause delays with disembarking traffic. It is possible to sit outside at a pavement cafe and the vessels berth about 60 feet away, this time bows inwards - see photos below. There was always a police officer in attendance to help the traffic flow. There are 5 berths on the seafront at Carloforte, as other vessels which sail to alternative destinations berth as well - when 2 ships were unloading at the same time, it was quite chaotic, to put it mildly.
  7. martijon

    Goodbye St helen

    I realise there are probably much better photos to be found elsewhere, but here's just a few I took when I was in Sardinia back in May. Both ships look very good and very well cared for
  8. martijon

    St Cecilia today

    Any idea what's happening with St Cecilia atm? Her 1030 sailing is stationery on the entrance to the swashway surrounded by police boats, QHM boats and several yachts. The coastguard copter is flying around as well and all the other ferries and hovercraft have been diverted round the fort. She has been there for over an hour now
  9. martijon

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    She replaced the Wight Sun with the 10.30. Looks like WS has gone to Lymington as she followed VOW out but turned towards Southampton
  10. martijon

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    She fits at Gunwharf - now on her way back in for second go!
  11. martijon

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Wightlink have just told me Friday morning at around 11am/midday, but I have a feeling it may be before that, as she is making good progress. Unless she is going to anchor overnight until a welcoming party can get out to her on the Friday - I imagine WL will want to make quite a big thing of this
  12. martijon

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Does anyone have an exact confirmed ETA yet? Wightlink were suggesting Friday morning, but AIS is showing 0800 on Thursday. I don't really want to miss her, but as I have to take a day off work, it would help to know as soon as possible.