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  1. Lymington - Yarmouth back from July 17th, initially with 1 ship on a 2-hourly frequency. Apparently the engine issues have been fixed as well so they can operate in all wind strengths
  2. 2nd ship on now from Portsmouth sailing at 0600, 0800 and 1000 Mon-Fri, presumably to carry the increased traffic as people go back to work, then back to 2-hourly. Weekends still 2-hourly at the moment
  3. martijon

    St Faith

    Do we know why the VOW is out?
  4. martijon

    St Faith

    St Faith showing as on the linkspan now. Possibly a return to service in the not too distant future perhaps?
  5. And a 2-hourly service Portsmouth-Fishbourne from next Tuesday as well
  6. Wightlink have announced the total suspension for the Lymington service as of close of play on March 31st "for the foreseeable future. Red Funnel will accept any Wightlink tickets. I also read that Red Funnel and Wightlink can now confer among themselves to ensure that the island still gets a service. Possibly there will be a time where we only get 1 operator on a shift routine - ie RF Mon-Weds and the WL for the rest of the week. Who knows??
  7. Hourly service now every day until further notice, 2 hourly from Lymington, seven days a week
  8. i assume it was the upper ramp as that actually rests on the ship so it cannot pull away until it has lifted clear. If it were the lower one, she would have been able to pull out once the upper clear one was clear. Just a guess though
  9. More problems again today - St Clare's 1300 sailing from the island delayed by over an hour owing to "linkspan issues" Vessel just arriving at Gunwharf now - over an hour late
  10. martijon

    St Faith

    Problems with the old girl again today, it would appear. Both the early morning 3rd diagrams cancelled and at the moment she seems to be moving slowly around the Solent - some sort of trials perhaps?
  11. martijon

    St Faith

    I believe that the VOW/Clare pulls out after she has unloaded at 2045 once the new night crew are on board, then comes back in after the Faith has unloaded at 2145. It means the 2200 can sometimes be a few minutes late, but that's soon made up.
  12. Ironic that the Ryde link is the only one operating when you consider how the service used to be in the days of Pam and Pat!!
  13. Engine issues with the Faith? Not good after almost 3 months out of service
  14. I imagine the Faith had issues this morning - she seemed to be OK yesterday though. Perhaps when they tried to bring her on at 0600 there was a problem so they did a quick swap onto the Light but then left 30 minutes late and because of the Light's slower speed, she has just got more and more behind. I don't think the 1000 operated a,d now they are advertising a 1630 with the 1600 and 1800 cancelled. Not sure it's a ship-manning issue, as if they had a crew, then they would have used the Faith, bearing in mind the Light is supposed to be off all week for engine replacement. Whatever the situation, it doesn't endear WL to the public much.
  15. 2 ship hourly service on Monday - Wight Light is having an engine replaced. Let's hope the Faith behaves herself!!
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