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  1. Wight Light showing as berthing at Gunwharf arm. Any ideas why or is this just a gltch on vessel finder?
  2. I can remember years ago when they'd be double decking at 5 am on Saturdays - and going back even further when they'd have all 4 of the older ships running half-hourly through the night on a Friday. Things ain't what they used to be... and considering the prices, I can understand why!!
  3. martijon

    Wight sun

    Her timekeeping on the Portsmouth run this past few days has been atrocious, even with the hour's lay-over between sailings
  4. Yes, they were all different - Catherine was the lowest, then they got progressively higher through to the Faith
  5. And of course the headroom on the St Helen was lower than the Faith, so they still wouldn't have been able to take double-deck trailers on the Helen
  6. Not the first time a Fishbourne ferry has set out for Dunkirk!!
  7. Was it linkspan issues that caused the problems again this morning, I wonder?
  8. Apparently there are issues with the upper linkspan today at Gunwharf - there are delays of up to 90 minutes at the moment
  9. Let me try and answer these one by one: The car deck is more or less the same width - in fact if anything I think it might be a couple of inches wider. I know in her latter days on the Solent it was more common to put three coaches abreast on the Cuthred than it was the Caedmon. Any difference though is negligible/ The windows overlooking the 2 side lounges were unique to Cuthred - they made quite a good viewing point when the vessel was loading up. Even when the port side lounge was replaced by a second set of ladies loos the windows were retained, though obviously they were on the corridor side, not directly into the loos!! The stairways were both at the stern end of the ship - Portsmouth end. They came up into the bar area at each corner, almost adjacent to the doors out on to the open deck Yes, there are two lower lounges - as usual hardly ever used. They had softer padded seats in them, the same as in the side deck lounges, rather than the hard plastic found on the later vessels. One was furnished in orange seats, the other in green I believe. When she ran in Portugal, these were closed off to the public and used for storage. They were also much less well-lit than on the C-class - very dark and dingy, which was handy if you wanted a quick sleep during the crossing Hope that helps - I'm still trying to find the photos I took when on her in Portugal; as soon as I get them, I will post them
  10. Not really, but inside the central bar/buffet had been stripped out and replaced by ordinary hard plastic chairs. The small lounge on the starboard side with it's soft bench seating had been treated the same, as had the former master's cabin, chief officer's cabin and the 2nd ladies toilets on the port side, which had only been put in when the mezz decks and open decks were added. There was graffiti everywhere though, which gave the whole ship a very run-down feel. I'll see if I can dig out some photos and post them - might take a while to find them though. One thing that was interesting/worrying was that they were still parking vehicles four abreast on the car deck - including large Sprinter type vans. It meant that the people in the vehicles were stuck inside them for the whole journey; not very reassuring if there had been a need to evacuate everyone in a hurry
  11. Camber Queen was re-engined after she went to Setubal, and it is these that were transferred into Cuthred. She is (was) actually a lot speedier than when she was on the Solent as a result, (if you stood on the quayside watching her, it was quite obvious) and when I was there, she was always right on the backside of the vessel in front of her. Fortunately with 2 linkspans at each terminal it wasn't a problem - she often just slipped into which ever one was empty and started to unload while the other vessel finished loading. This was sometimes impossible due to tide direction and strength, so she would simply wait off the berth until it was vacant
  12. The last thing I heard was that they are not allowed to sell any of the old vessels due to some legal technicality. So as far as I know, they are all still sitting there, gently rusting away. I too would love to get her back to the south coast - even if only to be made into a luxury "houseboat". She is fifty years old this year - the longest surviving Solent car ferry - and it would be great to have her around again. I'm going to look into getting out to Setubal later this summer, so will do a bit of noseying around while I'm there and update this site with any information that I can get
  13. Are they planning to sort out the ballast issues with her?
  14. martijon

    St Faith

    With this temporary timetable, there is no 1300 or 1500 today or tomorrow, meaning a 1 boat service for a 4 hour period - on Thursday and Friday it goes back to hourly. Just shows how much traffic is deserting Wightlink at the moment; this has never been the case apart from at weekends since about 1980
  15. There are only ever 3 ships timetabled for the whole of 2019 - I guess anything the Wight Sun does will be ad hoc, as it were - perhaps Fridays, Saturdays and special occasions like the festival. The rest of the time she might be used as breakdown cover or "rest days" for both routes perhaps - in which case the way things are going she will be the hardest working vessel this coming year!!!
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