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  1. Wight Light on her way back to Portsmouth now (1700). Is this technical or weather related?
  2. I presume Clare will be on her survey as well - they normally send her away as soon after the New Year as possible. (Either her or VOW) I think the asterisk is probably representing the hazardous goods sailings
  3. The refit timetable is "interesting" to say the least. It seems from the timings that the Wight Light/Sun will be operating along with the VOW given the service frequency which implies that the Faith will be at Southampton for longer than first thought.
  4. Wight Light actually, but she's doing a 1720 and 2020 as well according to the latest Christmas timetables. 2020 has no return time, so presumably coming back light-ship. She also did a 0620. Same arrangement for Friday
  5. Both of the Sun's sailings were cancelled this morning, due to "staff sickness" - again! Victoria seems to be back on the run with the 1400, but Clare was on her own again earlier, as it appears the VOW is running on reduced power atm and couldn't cope with the weather conditions
  6. Technical according to the county press website - as you say, it's happening a bit too often
  7. Off again today - St Clare coping on her own!!
  8. She's off again today. Wight Sun covering with resultant delays
  9. More issues this morning due to a linkspan fail at F'bourne - not sure which one though
  10. They were triple decking her earlier in the day though. She coped very well today considering the weather conditions. It was the Faith which was 45 minutes late at one point with the Clare not far behind her
  11. Not doing very well with the other two either. Clare still at Fishbourne with a very delayed 1900 sailing. Constant triple decking and low tides plus the wind aren't doing them any favours.
  12. Apparently the Red Eagle "lost" one of her anchors this morning - it fell off (!) as the vessel approached Cowes just before 10 AM. The ship is now out of service while her hull is inspected for damage alongside in Southampton. The Island echo website has more on this story
  13. Reading the article, it says 16 extra sailings between Fridays and Mondays - presumably 4 per day, using all 3 vessels in the way they did on the Monday of the Festival tjhis year
  14. Wight Light showing as berthing at Gunwharf arm. Any ideas why or is this just a gltch on vessel finder?
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