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  1. Thanks nodwad, already spoke with BF who advised crossings are full, also checking the online portal and this confirms the same. I will keep an eye out, I think below 2 weeks you lose all monies if you cancel so people might not bother to cancel if they don’t intend to show at this point. Hence only real way of knowing if there is space might be to be there on the day. S
  2. Hi all, wondering if some of you seasoned BF users can offer some advice on my situation. I have a booking from Caen in a week’s time. We are currently in southern Spain and although we came out to Santander, I couldn’t get the booking I wanted back from Spain, so in the end we decided to drive through France and booked it. Is it ever worth it to turn up to Bilbao/Santander on the off chance that there are no-shows? It would be a pretty big gamble I think as I would need to be halfway up France at that point to make my crossing. Hence I might give it a bash if there are always no-sho
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