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  1. Got an email from my Dad earlier to say he was sat on the Mont, broken down in Portsmouth. They've just got underway an hour late.
  2. Little bit of info showing Mont in the basin. Click Hoping for a few pics as the work is carried out. Traduction par Millsy avec un dictionaire francais et Google. Brittany Ferries ferry Mont-Saint-Michel arrived Wednesday morning from Portsmouth Harbour (England), from where it usually sails to Caen Ouistreham (Calvados). Ready for work to be carried out by UAT of Brest, the ship entered basin 2 of the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry). It should remain there until Monday morning, time for Damen yard technicians to make repairs on the port shaft line. A fishing net was caught in the propeller, requiring a change of packing. The yard will take advantage of this to clean the hull and carry out other minor repairs.
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