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  1. Indeed, link to RTE article is here, as lg12 reported, 20+ Amazon trucks per day on DFDS Dunkirk-Rosslare: https://www.rte.ie/news/leinster/2021/0211/1196595-amazon-europort/ Article also quotes Glenn Carr, general manager of Rosslare Europort, about extending operations to 24 hours a day, adding slots etc.
  2. Mega Express Four is alongside in Dublin after leaving Holyhead at 0330 this morning..
  3. Plus 1 to that , here's a 600g block (pound and a quarter) for €4 https://shop.supervalu.ie/shopping/dairy-milk-eggs-cheddar-blocks-supervalu-medium-red-cheese-block-600-g-/p-1039007000
  4. Pics of Drotten arriving in Rosslare yesterday..
  5. For what it's worth, the MCIB report said, "the vessel heeled from port to approximately 33° to starboard through amplitude of approximately 45° in 12 seconds." source: mcib.ie
  6. John, you'll be happy to hear that Ireland's Taoiseach has announced that internal travel restrictions are being removed from 29 June. Hotels and restaurants can re-open from that date. Helps increase the chances of the 6 July Bilbao-Rosslare sailing taking passengers.
  7. Yes, it would be relatively easy to start taking passengers from the 16th utilising the "freight routes" that have been in operation.
  8. An evolving situation. It now appears that from Monday Irish residents will be able to travel anywhere in their own county, and up to 20km from their home into a neighbouring county. In terms of ferry travel it would suggest that Dublin residents, about 1.4 million of them, will be able to visit Dublin Port and Wexford residents, about 149,000 of them, will be able to use Rosslare Europort.
  9. It looks like the Irish government is relaxing restrictions faster than originally expected. It would appear that, from Monday, Irish residents will be able to travel throughout their own county and up to 20km into a neighbouring county. This will enable a significant amount of the population to travel to Dublin Port and Rosslare Europort.
  10. Hardly an option worth considering seeing that there are no ferries taking passengers between Ireland and France /Spain at the moment, plus Ireland's 14 day quarantine I believe applies to passengers from the UK regardless of the Common Travel Area (one way only Ireland to UK ). Irish Ferries is taking passengers between Cherbourg and Dublin. However, on arrival in Dublin passengers are supposed to quarantine for 14 days. The port authorities would probably take a dim view of a Cherbourg-Dublin-Holyhead itinerary but there may not be much they can do about it. Passengers travelling onwards to Northern Ireland are being allowed to pass through Dublin Port and Dublin Airport, so why not the rest of the United Kingdom?
  11. Another insight into the new normal may be found from Irish Ferries which has continued to take passengers between Cherbourg and Dublin and it's UK/Ireland routes. . The below quotes are from the IF website, the main highlights are: Cinemas, bars, lounges closed. Face masks in the Cherbourg port area. Documentary evidence of essential travel. "The master of the ship announces our policy of social distancing at the onset of all sailings. To facilitate social distancing, onboard cinemas, bars and Club Class lounge services have been closed. We are following all published advice and guidance, including, for example, increasing the frequency of our onboard cleaning routines, giving special attention to common touch points. We are displaying HSE notices regarding COVID-19 and making hand sanitiser dispensers available. Ventilation and air conditioning systems on board our ships use 100% fresh air." "Travellers arriving into France will need to complete a form detailing their justification for travel, supported by relevant documentation. This need to be presented for verification at check-in in Dublin Port. These documents are likely to be inspected on arrival in Cherbourg and when in transit in France, so there may be associated delays on disembarkation at Cherbourg. If travelling for professional/business reasons, an additional form needs to be completed by the employer." "French Authorities now require passengers to wear a face mask / face covering when moving around the port area at Cherbourg. This does not have to be a medical mask. Please have a face mask / face covering with you when travelling."
  12. It could well be that the opposite is true. Cheeky weekends away won't be feasible if you have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival, and 14 days on return. However, a "big lavish international holiday" to somewhere like the Virgin Islands (British, of course) could be structured to include quarantine time as part of the itinerary.
  13. Apologies. I misunderstood. Yes, passengers arriving into the UK from Gibraltar should be treated the same as those from the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey etc. and not have to quarantine.
  14. Not really. There aren't any direct flights between Gibraltar and France.
  15. Indeed. And a similar concerns are being raised in Ireland. Throughout Covid-19 Irish Ferries have continued to accept passengers on UK-Ireland and France-Ireland routes. On arrival in Ireland incoming passengers, regardless of nationality, are supposed to self isolate for 14 days, and provide contact details for follow-up calls from the health authorities. Between about a quarter and a third of incoming passengers are declining to provide contact details. Many are believed to be transiting through Ireland to Northern Ireland. Legislation may be needed to strengthen the rules.
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