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  1. It's hard to know. I agree with nodwad that the vehicle forecasts suggest that Vigo-Cork-Plymouth is a non runner. And how could there be enough business to support two Cork-Spain routes? Thing is though, customer preference is changing rapidly. Fears of climate change, and flight shaming, are moving some folk back towards land based travel. So ferries could be in for a big upturn in utilisation.
  2. If I rightly recall, there might have been some speculation earlier in the year about the re-introduction of duty-free allowances. So, it's now been confirmed, in the above link, that a no-deal Brexit means that duty-free will be available to sea and air travelers on routes between the UK and Ireland.
  3. Looks like a daily ferry service is being planned from Rosyth to Groningen (the Netherlands) Article link is here: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-49438191 .
  4. The nerd in me finds this a fascinating topic too. So here's another thought for folks from northern England and Scotland. What about, wait for it, drumroll, taking Seatruck's overnight service from Heysham to Dublin? Arrive in Dublin at about 1000 and then take the 1600 W.B. Yeats from Dublin to Cherbourg.
  5. The Eire-Bridge! - love it! Don't forget Cork as an onward option. Dublin Port to Ringaskiddy is a 3 hour drive. If you arrive in Dublin via Irish Ferries at 0600 you've plenty of time to make the 1100 Brittany Ferries sailing from Ringaskiddy to Santander. Motorway for most of the way, plus you'll miss the worst of the commuter traffic.
  6. In case it's of interest, today's Irish Examiner reports that the Port of Cork has successfully applied for planning permission to "increase the size of a previously permitted customs’ inspection building at Ringaskiddy from 324sq m to 648sq m, primarily in light of the uncertainty over Brexit". The article also says, "Already, a large number of HGVs from the North use ferry connections from Cork to get to Brittany in France and Santander in Spain. If a hard Brexit occurs, it is likely that increased HGV traffic will use the routes out of Cork". At the risk of stating the obvious on this forum, Cork - Brittanny and Cork - Santander are BF routes. Makes the introduction of the Connemara look very prescient.. Article link is here: https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/ringaskiddy-boosts-customs-capacity-under-brexit-plan-942234.html
  7. Wise decision, keeps Connemara away from Storm Hannah, which has Cork under an Orange weather warning for tomorrow evening.
  8. According to an article in Bloomberg cross-channel ferry bookings are up 40% since Brexit was postponed to 31 October. BF is probably seeing some of this bounce. The source quoted was Direct Ferries. The article url is: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-17/brexit-delay-spurs-u-k-booking-frenzy-for-summer-holidays-in-eu?srnd=premium-europe
  9. Yes the Glasgow school of art being a recent example. Indeed. Am reminded of Primark in Belfast. Obviously it doesn't compare to Notre Dame but it is another example of a renovation that went up in flames. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-45376563
  10. Hmmm. The following link says that foot passengers aren't accepted onto the Connemara: https://www.brittanyferries.ie/information/travelling-as-a-foot-passenger So I would query this in detail with BF. Also plus 1 on booking a taxi to meet you. Ringaskiddy is very isolated if you are on foot. On a plus note, Jury's Inn (Cork City) is well regarded, has a nice location on the river, and you can walk to all the attractions.
  11. Maybe people didn't realise the implications of choosing pizza. For example, it could be that choosing pizza for tonight binds them to only ever having pizza forever more. And now that the implication is has emerged they wish to rerun the vote, so as to leave all future options open, even though it might mean going to bed hungry tonight.
  12. Presumably, in a no-deal scenario come 12 April, on board duty free sales become an immediate possibility. Same as coming back from the Canaries or the United States whereby a duty free allowance of a litre of spirits and 200 cigarettes etc per adult passenger applies.
  13. How is jurisdiction decided in cases like this? For example, why was the Epsilon incident investigated by the MCIB? Epsilon was/is an Italian flagged ship and the incident occurred in UK territorial waters (Barnstaple Bay).
  14. Agree with Paully. There is no appetite in EU27 to require UK tourists to have visas, as long as reciprocal arrangements continue. Gibraltar? Past behaviour by Spain would suggest that periodic border closures and incursions into territorial waters by fishing and naval vessels can be expected.
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