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  1. Buzzbee

    Government charter

    I'm surprised that Arklow Shipping was even tentatively involved given that they have no RoRo experience. Irish Ferries might have been a better partner as they appear to have a spare ship since the arrival of WBY.
  2. Buzzbee

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet to Cyprus

    Apologies. Oscar Wilde is registered in the Bahamas. It's Ulysses that's registered in Cyprus.
  3. Buzzbee

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet to Cyprus

    P&O aren't the only operator attracted to Cyprus. Irish Ferries have registered W.B. Yeats there, and Oscar Wilde was already there. The practice is attracting trade union attention. Following RMT's protest at Holyhead earlier today, the trade union SIPTU is planning on protesting Irish Ferries in Dublin Port later this evening. SIPTU, along with RMT, say that the use of the Cypriot flag allows operators to avoid minimum wage legislation that applies in Ireland and the United Kingdom.
  4. Buzzbee

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet to Cyprus

    Most likely down to tax reasons. For example, it may be possible for crew to be paid free of income tax with a CY registered vessel. As an aside, Ulysses and W.B. Yeats are both registered in Cyprus even though Irish Ferries, and it's parent, Irish Continental Group are registered in Ireland.
  5. Fwiw, it would appear that WBY is making a maiden sailing (freight only) this coming Sunday from Dublin to Holyhead. https://afloat.ie/port-news/ferry-news/item/41479-w-b-yeats-to-make-maiden-voyage-freight-only-on-sunday
  6. So Mrs Buzzbee arrived home yesterday advising that her bus had passed WBY, and how on earth did the captain manage to fit it in so tightly? So Buzzbee set off earlier today to have a look. And here are two pictures of WBY tied up on Dublin's River Liffey, just down from the 3 Arena..
  7. Buzzbee

    Brexit effect on BF

    I suspect that the forthcoming situation regarding the use of UK driving licenses in Ireland will be regularised as part of the emergency, "No Deal Brexit", legislation currently being prepared by the Irish government. Thousands of Northern Ireland/UK drivers cross the border daily and with 300,000 UK nationals living in Ireland it is probable that many are driving on their UK license. Expect this aspect to be sorted out by 29 March or shortly after.
  8. Gareth's above analysis is superb. With a few tweaks it could easily be an editorial in a national broadsheet.
  9. It's not great news for Rosslare either. Irish hauliers were quick out the gate yesterday, questioning the logic. They make the following points: 1) Rosslare-Roscoff is 4 hours shorter than Dublin-Cherbourg. 2) Dublin Port is congested as it is. 3) The motorway infrastructure leading to Dublin Port, and in particular the M50, is congested. 4) And why would you abandon a direct route to continental Europe with Brexit around the corner?
  10. Suspect that Cabin-boy's daughter has sounder judgement and is less naive than the politicians at the more extreme ends of both sides of the Brexit spectrum.
  11. Think she starts Holyhead-Dublin in March before moving to Dublin-Cherbourg in the summer.
  12. For me here are some more takeaways from the report. 1) 12 people injured, 10 passengers, 2 crew. 2) 59 cars, vans, caravans were on board. And 59 cars, vans, and caravans were damaged. In other words, every single car was damaged. Plus the majority of the freight units. 3) "During turn three in Barnstaple Bay, the vessel heeled from port to approximately 33° to starboard through amplitude of approximately 45° in 12 seconds. It was at the end of this roll, whilst heeled to approximately 33°, that the cargo shift occurred". In my opinion, this was nearly a far worse tragedy in that it appears that Epsilon wasn't far off capsizing.
  13. "The senior Master stated that he has never been put under any pressure by The Company to prosecute a sailing." Personally, I have difficulty believing the above statement, (which is contained in the MCIB's report) for the following reasons: 1) Nine hours before the scheduled departure from Cherbourg the night-time duty master was of the view that conditions were not suitable for sailing. 2) References in the report to the stale "Nowcasting" weather forecasts. ( I would be looking at multiple weather forecasts when faced with a storm). It's nearly as if the Senior Master is saying, "oh, the weather forecast was out of date, that's a shame". 3) The decision to leave Cherbourg in the first place. 4) The decision to round Land's End instead of seeking shelter along the south coast of Devon and/or Cornwall. My belief is that the Senior Master was determined to get Epsilon to Dublin on schedule and the most obvious reason for such determination would be pressure from company management.
  14. Hmmm, Arlene Foster doesn't have a seat in Parliament because she didn't run in the Westminster election. She is supposed to be First Minister of Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland assembly, which hasn't sat since January 2017. The real organ grinder is Nigel Dodds who is the DUP's leader in the House of Commons. It's some irony. The DUP is hopping mad because Northern Ireland is being treated differently to the rest of the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the SNP (Nicola Sturgeon) is hopping mad because Northern Ireland is getting a better deal than Scotland. You couldn't make it up.
  15. 1st choice: C 2nd choice: A 3rd choice: B