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  1. Hi Millard Thanks Sorry I said a month ago I looked at the BETA website but on checking it was actually on 21 September. I'm trying to be constructive but I am finding supporting what I see a little difficult. Apart from the problem I'm having trying to book a return trip (although the sailing is selected) you perhaps have an opportunity to fix some fundamentals, eg if you are near the end of a booking and need to make an adjustment then you have to come out of the process and start all over. Cannot there be a back function?
  2. I read an explanation in the CB News when I was there recently and the Gov paper. Pushing us to vets in November (I'm travelling 13 April with a pet) but vets no nothing at the moment. Even if you have the blood tests done our existing paperwork will be unsuitable. This has come about because senior civil servants have always believed it wouldn't happen and/or they could negotiate a deal
  3. I tried this site a month ago. Who are they kidding. Themselves I think. As you are booking after entry the page scrolls to the top so you have to scroll down to get to next field. The page to choose cabins is a major, major step backwards as it requires constant scrolling. The existing site all options available on screen to make choosing easier. I still cant get my PC to provide return options when booking despite choosing the return option at the outset. Does anybody from BF look at these?
  4. Hi, New to this forum. I just tried the BETA site on my PC and tried to make a dummy booking.I think the spacing out means there is not enough if on the screen and as selections were made the background therefore moved a lot to align. I tried to book a return trip and although it took all details it did not display any return options and went straight to payment. Its not for me yet as I think it needs more thought and testing.
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