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  1. Sorry you feel this whole thing is a disgrace. I thought BF enthusiasts would be pleased that we have gone for it and launched our new website. Our old website and more importantly the software technology behind it was pushing 20 years. It needed to go, businesses that stand still and don't invest in new technologies tend to fail. We knew before launching our new website there will be problems. I do not know your background, but I am sure anyone in the web industry will tell you that there is no such thing as a clean website launch, especially of this magnitude. No matter what, there will always be teething problems. We felt, after thousands of successful bookings on the BETA website and after numerous fixes, we were ready to take the plunge. Brittany Ferries asked for feedback and have had a lot of it. Some of it we agreed with, some of it we didn't, none of it was ignored. Some changes have already taken place as a result of feedback received and is even documented in this forum thread. Some feedback will be used much further down the road once all major teething problems (functionality problems in particular) are resolved. Since some of the feedback require a lot of work, it is not worth holding up the entire project. Then there is feedback we disagree with, we can't possibly please everybody but it was and still is appreciated all the same. All in all, I actually consider this a successful website launch. Yes, there are teething problems, some of them relatively big and will need addressing as soon as possible. But all in all, across board, it's gone well and is better than when the website first entered BETA in September.
  2. That's really kind of you. Thank you. 😃
  3. Hello Stu, I am sorry, I took my eye off this forum for a while so this answer is really late. At times we do decide to limit the traffic to the Beta website. We can do this by simply removing the links to it from our old/current website although the website is still active. We do this when we want to implement major changes and/or there is a critical issue with it.
  4. Yes, I like the sound of this, something I will be bringing up when the website is fully live and there is discussion for future development. It might look a bit busy towards the end of the booking process but I like your thinking. If we do go anywhere with this I won't claim credit, I promise.
  5. Actually I found of what you have said in this and your previous post on this thread very constructive. One of the main reasons of inviting customers to try our beta website is to receive feedback and find out if there is anything wrong with it. Opinions are also welcome, we might not agree but they are welcome all the same. If enough people share their opinion the more likely we will make a change. One major benefit from collecting all this feedback is that we first found out about the fundamental issue you have identified trying to book a return trip (someone else beat you to it last week). I hope you will believe me when I say most people do not experience this issue but we have established the cause and it is very high on our priorities to fix as soon as possible. It might have even been fixed this morning with the deployment of a patch (I have not checked yet). With regards to making an adjustment to the booking you could use the browser back button to go back a page (one step) at a time. It should also remember whatever was selected or entered unless you go back further and need to resubmit the step. For example if you enter the passenger details on step 4 and submit the step, if while on step 5 you use the browser back button it will remember what you entered on step 4 and you can make changes. If however while on step 5 you want to change the cabin you chose on step 3, you will go back to step 4 then again to step 3 and it will remember which cabin you chose which you can change. When submitting step 3 for the second time however any details previously entered on step 4 is forgotten. In the summary panel, usually found on the right hand side of your screen (not if you are using a small screen) there is a link saying 'change sailing' which to be honest just takes you back to step 1 and forgets everything you have entered. If at the very end of the booking you wanted to use a different payment card there is also a 'change payment' card button which will take the user back to step 5 and works well. Maybe these buttons are being missed, perhaps we should do something to make them stand out a little more. Examples attached. I admit this still is not an ideal 'back function'. I will for the second time in this thread hide behind the excuse that there are some technical limitations we face with our in-house booking software which makes more advanced session management rather difficult and as such it is unlikely this will improve anytime soon.
  6. A month ago? It's only been available to try for less than 3 weeks. Have had mixed feedback about the cabins step. A lot of negativity towards the amount of scrolling, shall have to look at that. I am aware of this issue with missing the return. Thankfully this is only on specific device/browser combinations (still a huge issue to be fixed though). I work for the BF web team and I look at these posts if that is what you mean?
  7. Good feedback, thank you. We use the term beta because that is after the alpha version which is usually hidden from public view (ours was). If you're interested, read on for how it typically works. In developing just about anything there is an alpha version which is 'usually' at early stage development and is not ready to share outside of the teams involved developing it. After this is usually the 'closed beta' stage which is for when the website/game/app or whatever it is is ready to share with people outside of the development teams but only a select number and/or specific set of people, for this we invited a some Club Voyage members to look at it in our office and then colleagues throughout the business. Because there are only a few people viewing the site we didn't have to worry about things like performance or suffer too much embarrassment when things did not work. Following this is 'open beta' which is the stage we are at now and where we sort of open the flood gates and invite anyone to have a look - this means the project is nearing completion but feedback from a wider audience is critical as is stress testing.
  8. Unless I am mistaken, on our current/old website it is not possible to make a booking with a card which expires before the balance is due to be paid. On our new Beta website it is possible to complete the booking under these circumstances providing the customer agrees to pay the full balance early. Although I must admit we need to look at make the messaging clearer about this. I hope enthusiasts will agree however that this is a step in the right direction. In addition to this, what I would ultimately prefer is to allow the customer to pay the deposit only with the understanding that they must provide valid card details before the balance is due and if they fail to do so they risk losing their booking and their deposit. Perhaps we can add a tick box in this scenario with detailed information, and of course the usual emails which follow to remind them. These are the options which should be offered by our reservations team.
  9. Just want to thank everyone for their feedback so far. There has been some interesting insight shared as well. If there is any more appetite for it, I would like to encourage more enthusiasts to set up and try the new free account feature. For those of you which are Club Voyage members, you can log in and experience the new account features as well. It should show you your future bookings, but also allow you to shortlist holiday properties, save ferry itineraries and generally provide a better experience. This area of the new website is something we hope to grow and improve going forward. I would very much like to know what your opinions are of what we have so far and whether or not it actually works. Also, to some extent, I would like to know what you would like to see from this in future.
  10. Wow, it seems like you have put some thought behind this. You are right, my answer would initially be about pricing policy, offer availability and the holiday part of our business. To expand further could get quite technical and would involve me talking about our in-house bespoke booking software which ties in to just about everything to do with our business. In short, all of our websites (freight sites to a lesser extent) must communicate with this software and our software will respond with information the website needs in order to know what to display on your screen. Any developments to our websites therefore must work in conjunction with this software. Because of this, to facilitate the kind of website you are referring to is by no means impossible, but would be a colossal task. I realize this is a bit of a cop out answer. Your question is a really good one.
  11. Hi Gareth and thank you for your warm welcome. This website is well known to Brittany Ferries staff, it was even discussed during my training when I first joined the company as a member of the reservations team. It makes complete sense to me that we ask you enthusiasts what you think. I did pick up your point about the timetables only showing a month at a time. A very interesting point. Believe it or not a lot of our customers can never find the France - UK timetables on our current website. We wanted to try and have both the UK - France and France - UK timetable fit on one screen so our customers could not possibly miss half the timetable (even when there is a 'view Caen to Portsmouth' link on the old website page). Perhaps we can have a way to let you click on something which will display the full year - well worth us thinking about when the time is right. Yes there is some demand from for UK customers to book Cork routes and pay in sterling on our UK site, but honestly, not that much. I think most of our customers do not mind using the Irish website and pay in euros.
  12. Possibly. Assuming we are not discriminating. We can't really tell passengers they can't have them when they're available, regardless of passenger mobility. I am sure there are ways around this - but this really is just one part of the challenge, I for one would love to allow passengers to select their own cabins.
  13. As Jim has said, this is an excellent suggestion. I have found that other airlines offer the same experience. I have seen that this is also used when booking tickets to a show in the theater or the VUE cinema we have here in Plymouth. There have been a number of discussions about introducing this feature and dare I say there will probably be many more to come. It is as Jim quite rightly says a very complex task with many challenges behind the scenes. Now I think of it, one concern might be that we do not want to freely allow passengers to pick cabins that are close to specific lifts (depending on the ship). There is nothing stopping a customer booking this over the telephone but we would much rather keep these for when our reservations agents team arrangements with our disabled passengers or those with limited mobility.
  14. Hello Really good feedback, thank you. We do actually have a description for each cabin which details what is included during the booking process. What's interesting is that you might have missed this, something my colleagues and I will need to keep in mind. Perhaps we need to do more to draw your attention to it. We don't want details for all the cabins to automatically show, otherwise there would be too much scrolling (some have already commented there is too much without this). If you would like to know there is a 'Show details' button on the right hand side which I have tried to highlight in an example of a commodore cabin below. As for more pictures, we need to be careful that we do not have so many images that the page takes a long time to load, which can be especially detrimental when the website is under a heavy load. There was a stage we actually included youtube cabin videos (visible and playable if show details is clicked) but we found even this slowed the page down. Defiantly something to think about.
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