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  1. I notice that the line between Roscoff and Morlaix was closed at Easter. Is this permanent ?
  2. I wonder if I might piggy-back this discussion with a query of my own re passport control post-Brexit. I'm Welsh, as are our children, and my wife is French. For over 25 years, we've travelled in a car, going through the EU channel. If/When Brexit occurs, how will passport control deal with cars which contain both EU and non-EU nationals ? . I presume the situation occurs now, but not to anywhere near the same extent.
  3. In September 1982, a group of us sailed from Plymouth to Roscoff in September. We'd arrived from Wales by bus in the evening, and promptly settled down for a few drinks(The sailing was the following morning). We'd intended to sleep in the terminal, but when we arrived late at night, we were turned away by an armed soldier who said that the ferry port was military property, and that it was closed until the following morning. We then had to sleep in a car park, rather off putting for the regular customers who turned up, made their excuses, and left. It was a time when a lot of ships were returni
  4. Thank you. Our house is on the Tregor peninsula. Orange in Lannion swore that the 4-g 'flybox' they gave us was ideal, but it was 1998 line-speed, and a local IT shop told us that we should never, ever have been sold the contract.
  5. Thank you all for the replies. As regards paying for data whilst there - that's what we did for 6 or so years - but how do we do so now ? Which provider ?
  6. For a number of years, we've used an Orange 'Decouverte' service for a month whilst at a second home in Brittany. This year, the service was discontinued, and the short-term service they offered instead was both expensive and hugely inferior. I'm afraid we don't hold 'Orange' in high esteem. Can anybody suggest an alternative for periods of between 10 days and 25 days, please ? . It must be a service which satisfies laptops as well as mobile phones.
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