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  1. As my old friend Doctor Wikipedia reminds us, this is a current version of the centuries old European Folk Tale, updated as "Chicken Little, Henny Penny or Chicken Little" about a chicken who thinks the sky is falling in and the world is coming to an end; widely used as an example of a mistaken belief that disaster is imminent. It'll be all right on the night, as Capitalism generally trumps Politics. So I'm piling in to the current 20% early booking discount for Spring 2019 holidays with BF, as are lots of our friends, in the confident assumption that we'll get there.
  2. Yeah- I've now tried the Beta website on a laptop (my comment above referred to a smartphone) and it's not much better- I agree all your comments above and the fast auto-scrolling series of pointless wallpaper pics of random bits of France and Spain at the top of the screen made me seasick (maybe their idea of a VR joke?) . The worry is that when good managers hand over marketing to the geeks to modernise for the sake of it (or for an imagined younger demographic who they mistakenly think can't cope with reading and need big images and big fonts?) the rest of the business tends to suffer-
  3. Maybe it's just me, but the 1st time I tried it today, with a Holiday and Ferry booking for our usual hotel in Potes, Cantabria, I couldn't get the location field to recognise either the town or region; it kept auto-filling somewhere in France with POT... buried in the address. I tried Spain, but after pressing Search, it defaulted to France? Now I know BF are aFrench company.... but? And why do geeks call "Beta" sites Beta? I assume they/ve not read George Orwell, but why the Greek word for B? Cos it's not as good as Alpha (A)?
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