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  1. Interested to know where you get your updates from as Brittany don’t seem to publish them anymore and the positional map has gone as well. We were booked on the Santander crossing to UK on Sunday but decided to defer for a week after looking at the likely crossing weather. It looks like we made the right decision, fingers crossed for next weekend.
  2. You can print it out from the Brittany Ferries website. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/coronavirus/faqs There is a link to the printable pdf.
  3. I’ve read through the latest press release but it’s left me unsure as to what is still running? Is the Pont Aven still going to be doing it’s scheduled run between Portsmouth and Santander in September? We’re hoping we won’t be receiving a your trip is cancelled email.
  4. Just wondering why the Cap schedule in November/December Santander to Portsmouth is 2.5 hours longer than it’s normal timings? It goes back to its normal 24hrs at the end of December. Yvonne
  5. We're booked on the Cap Finistere for this Saturday sailing at 20.30. The weather is looking as though it could be quite rough depending on what the low does over the next few days. We are considering moving our booking to the Baie de Seine crossing next Wednesday and just wondered what that ship is like especially if the sea is rough. The weather is looking ok for next week so far but don't want to rearrange and then find ourselves worse off. We normally travel on the Post Aven and generally have been very lucky with our crossings but the last few have not been good so we're trying to avoid
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