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  1. To be honest, I still believe it is premature for anyone to travel this Summer no matter what the data might suggest. Many countries are now entering the third wave of the pandemic and no one knows what virus variants may emerge that could potentially be vaccine resistant. I am really missing my trips back to France on Brittany Ferries - a country which I regard as my second home. However, with the best will in the world, anyone going this Summer is taking a massive role of the dice and more likely than not, may encounter further changes to quarantine/testing rules etc that may prove costly. Whatever political games may be going on in different countries, it does not change the reality of a virus that we are still learning about. Be they ferry companies or airlines-all these businesses want to do is survive and now there is no question that they can only do so with extensive government funding.
  2. Not sure if administrative issues which we all know happen in France too is a justification for ramping up things to this extent.Being French as well as British, I know how much we love a blockade and direct action. If it coincides with Napoleon's commemoration so much the better but we must not forget he lost!
  3. As a lifelong BF fan and regular user of their services, we must never forget that in the main it is not the French who patronise BF ferries but the Brits (including Daily Mail readers!). The success of the UK's vaccination programme is therefore great news for BF as they will shortly find that we individualistic island dwellers will once again want to travel abroad in our masses. It is quite understandable that foreign governments are keen to undermine the efficacy of our vaccination programme as they need to manage domestic dissent. However,long after French government aid has dried up for BF, it will be we Brits who save the sinking ship and keep French seamen in their jobs. We in return can then get back to enjoying the stylish gallic experience we so miss on other forms of travel.
  4. I am no expert on freight driver facilities but it does seem a little retrograde to rely on such communal facilities in 2020. Although I don't mind the exterior of the Galicia, my sense is that the minimalist interior is as much about money as it is a reflection of Iberian/Scandinavian design
  5. I recall when P&O Portsmouth gave up running the Le Havre route all those years ago, Brittany Ferries tentatively explored the possibility of taking on the route with the ferries (Pride of Portsmouth and Pride of Let Havre). One of the main sticking points was the fact that the French unions would not work alongside non French crew. I am part French and I have to admire the fact that the French now run many of the utility companies in the UK yet we run previous little in France because the French will not allow it. If the UK government or anyone else thinks the French unions will tolerate British seamen on their ships then they need a reality check. Let's just accept that we are investing our Brexit contingency money in a good ferry firm that serves great food and leave it at that. Any British Denver of fair play etc.is not what it's all about!!
  6. Chris L

    New Look Revealed

    Thanks a lot. Believe it or not I have actually been a doormat member for years using an old email address so it is good to be back. In those days, I travelled back and forth to France every two weeks by ferry. Now we live in Devon, we just head over every six months or so.
  7. Chris L

    New Look Revealed

    Although I understand your point, this is an enthusiasts site for Brittany Ferries so I personally think it is an appropriate forum for expressing our views on something that is actually quite significant. Corporate identity is fundamental to a business brand and if you get it wrong, your business can often suffer too. There does seem to be a degree of consensus that the new logo is perhaps less appealing than many would have hoped for and certainly the concern that it is not uniformly flattering to the current fleet is worth a discussion amongst those who care about the company. I sense the strength of feeling is purely linked to the fact that corporate identity is an emotive topic.
  8. Chris L

    New Look Revealed

    Not sure that I find the livery more modern but I accept it may work better on some ships than others.To me it is a throw back the 80s but I guess others may perceive it differently. Either way, we love travelling on Brittany Ferries!
  9. Chris L

    New Look Revealed

    I have to agree with everyone's comments here regarding the new logo on the Bretagne. It simply makes the ship look like a throw back to the 1980s. Overall, I think the new logo sadly does not work and certainly does not make the fleet look more modern. As British Airways has showed over the years, changes in corporate identity can be a hit and miss affair especially when you have something like the existing Brittany Ferries design which has always struck me as being very good. Although I accept it takes time to adapt to any change, my main fear is that the impact the new logo is having is the reverse of what was intended. Instead of refreshing the fleet with a dynamic livery, for me at least it is less than flattering to the current fleet.
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