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  1. A few other people out there besides me seem to think there's something funny about bypassing normal procurement procedures here:
  2. Thanks for the correction on the various Bamfords and my apologies for not fully checking my sources. I am still disturbed by the short-circuiting of usual procurement procedures to award contracts. Even if Seaborne gets no money unless it actually performs the services post-no-deal-Brexit, this is not the case for the other two companies as the recent clarification states. Under what provisions is this public money being released? == (Does anyone really think relaxation of rules governing how the state hands out taxpayers' money to contractors would be a positive effect of Brexit?)
  3. Hello, long-time ferry user, first-time poster, drawn to this site by this discussion. In answer to hhvferry's post, Anthony Bamford of JCB does have a brother called Mark. I'm also intrigued about the legality of awarding contracts of this magnitude without going through proper procurement procedures, surely illegal under, um, EU regulations?
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