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  1. Returning a hire vehicle I'd just used to the company in France after a cross-channel trip, I discovered that the part of the trip on the water was not insured by the company ("you can drive to Belarus, you can drive in England, but you can't go over the water to get there"). I recall a very rough crossing many years ago in which vehicles on the car deck were damaged by a coach shifting. I was wondering whether the ferry company's insurance would pay out anything in this scenario. (In the meantime, I felt justified in chickening out of the St Malo-Portsmouth leg on the night of Storm Dennis and taking the long way round via the Tunnel. Although the hire guy was unclear as to whether insurance was void under the water...).
  2. A few other people out there besides me seem to think there's something funny about bypassing normal procurement procedures here:
  3. Thanks for the correction on the various Bamfords and my apologies for not fully checking my sources. I am still disturbed by the short-circuiting of usual procurement procedures to award contracts. Even if Seaborne gets no money unless it actually performs the services post-no-deal-Brexit, this is not the case for the other two companies as the recent clarification states. Under what provisions is this public money being released? == (Does anyone really think relaxation of rules governing how the state hands out taxpayers' money to contractors would be a positive effect of Brexit?)
  4. Hello, long-time ferry user, first-time poster, drawn to this site by this discussion. In answer to hhvferry's post, Anthony Bamford of JCB does have a brother called Mark. I'm also intrigued about the legality of awarding contracts of this magnitude without going through proper procurement procedures, surely illegal under, um, EU regulations?
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