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  1. MarineTraffic tracking would definitely indicate an issue preventing her from docking.
  2. Probably not the news BF would like to hear at the moment.
  3. Destination Gotland's MS Visborg is definitely on the wishlist for sometime soon, not sure if it'll be this seasonhowever.
  4. I think she was operating on the Nynsamin-Gdansk route, last time I checked but I could be mistaken.
  5. Hi All, One of my possible plans if we can travel this summer, fingers crossed, is to visit Montenegro, in particular Kotor and Tivat. Ideally I want to do this as economically as possible but as well retaining the sense of adventure and fun. One possble way is by flying to Bari, and getting the Jadrolinija's MF Dubrovnik to Bar. Just wondered if anyone had any experiences with Jadrolinija ferries, or even on this particular route (Bari-Bar) Edit: I see from a little research on google she was operated by BF as the Duchesse Anne. Many Thanks and Stay Safe, Michael
  6. Having since googled the Von Stackelberg, it seems as though it's the sister hotel of the Centennial Hotel I am looking at.
  7. Nothing planned for myself yet in 2020. Looking at Tallinn in February, for a couple of nights. Flights aren't cheap, but I have found a hotel which is a brand new 4-star yet still quite cheap (45£ B&B). Flights from Bristol-Tallinn (Via Amsterdam), and then possiblly returning AirBaltic to Gatwick. Will provide you a lowdown on Tallinn if I go @jonno Looking at a few things as possibility during the Summer, but want to maximise work opportunities. Definitely a few trips to Europe hopefully. Happy New Year all, Michael
  8. Interesting one this, and definitly a route I would be interested in travelling. The question remains over what vessel would be used, because the former Audacia was mentioned but this is still regurlarly operating between China and Korea. Definitly one to keep an eye on over the coming days and weeks.
  9. Funnel looks smart with the black trim and the new logo. Logo, in general, looks better I think.
  10. Logo looks better now they've done a full paint job, because previously it didn't look as good as it did elsewhere in the Fleet. I think the new funnel looks and enhances the ship a little.
  11. Barfleur most definitly needs a repaint, and I think the new livery will suit it. The funnel will be interesting, because Bretagne has left dry-dock with a black logo on the funnel, which is smart. but I wonder if this is going to be fleet wide.
  12. Smart looking ship for sure, and some nice shots of Galicia. I wonder if the BF ferries will be single loading, or dual loading like Estrid. Any ideas guys?
  13. Don't think they'll have a lot of choice. They'll try to fit it in somewhere for 2/3 days quickly to tidy up. As said above, not exactly BF standard.
  14. I would geuss a couple of logos but not much point spending much on a charter vessel if it's in reasonable nick anyway.
  15. Including Armorique? Suppose a touch up can be completed outside a dry dock.
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