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  1. Doubt it will be the Audacia, bearing in mind it is know owned by a Chinese firm I believe, although Panamese flagged. And it also travels regurlarly between South Korea and China.
  2. I think that's the last two correct Tony at least! You correctly predicted the charter vessel for BF.
  3. Much of Plymouth port requires some form of investment. The terminal is functional, but not much more then that. The linkspan isn't in great nick either, and does require investment for the Long-Term I'd expect. Plymouth hasn't been invested in properly for a number of years, a shame. The layout of the port isn't ideal, and the queueing system before embarkation has changed in recent years and has helped, but there is little to no easy resolution to the current issues with disembarking.
  4. Would it perhaps be possible to do a St Malo-Plymouth sailing, followed by a Plym-Santander sailing, before a Plymouth-St Malo return? Not sure about the logistics involved here. Obviously this would reguire a second vessel supporting.
  5. I think one of the Pont Aven or the Bretagne will be replaced with a new ferry in the coming years, and the other will require a bit of money to do a little more than TLC. There isn't currently a lot to be chatered which would be suitable, so at the moment it's likely to be slim pickings.
  6. Plymouth? Surely you mean Portsmouth? Or did the announcer genuinely announce Plymouth? I also don't know how cars can be boarded upon the wrong ferry.
  7. According to the same thread, he ate it also. Sorry to play devil's advocate, but would does "fam" mean?
  8. Surely he means Connemara rather than Galicia? And Kerry will almost certainly be a thing of the past in 2022, at least in terms of BF.
  9. I think the second bit here is important. I am certain the French will equally get into trouble for failure to identify these individuals French side, and I am hopeful a swift investigation is undertook to understand what happened in this instance. I have always found the French to be among the most professional and will take every step to ensure all procedures are followed.
  10. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/two-men-picked-up-police-3223205 Particurlarly concerning news emerged yesterday evening/this morning.
  11. They will be almost 15 metres to long for Plymouth. Yes, they can rotate Santander and Bilbao, but it'll have to be through Portsmouth.
  12. Wouldn't an E-Flexor be too big for Plymouth?
  13. I always wondered, if a ferry like the Visborg, would be suitable to replace the Bretagne? Any thoughts? I mean in terms of the interior of the ship.
  14. Likely to be a case of wait and see then. Are we expecting a more substantial re-fit on Bretagne this year? Bearing in mind her last one was January 2017.
  15. Have we any idea yet, on where, Pont Aven's engine repairs are likely to be undertook? Brest?
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