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  1. I am a little bit confused upon where AF Michela fits into all of this. Have I missed something, because I can't find it on any of the timetables?
  2. I expect they will be done in both Le Havre and Caen, in case of industrial action or weather. Might perhaps do Roscoff in case of weather causes a division into Roscoff. Berthing Trials I doubt will be undertook in Plymouth.
  3. I'd be of interest also, if someone knows.
  4. No real suprises overall. I see Armorique is hanging around in Plymouth throughout December, unlike last year, this is good to see.
  5. The best announcement I have heard on a ferry; was could all school children head towards their cabins/seats immediately. 30 minutes later not one of them in site. They don't half know how to sort the school children out, quickly and effectively.
  6. I can't see BF using FSG in the future. Where are the E-Flexors being built?
  7. Looks like Brittany Ferries are keeping an open mind for the time being. No Deal seems an increased possibility this time, so I expect these services are likely to be required. Could the problems on Pont Aven influence BF's decision whether to agree to No Deal plans Tony?
  8. I tend to prefer ships with what I describe as a "closed stern", like Pont Aven or Bretagne. I'll admit W B Yeats stern is growing on me, but I find the stern of Armorique and Honfleur makes it look incomplete and a little weird. Just my opinion, and probably not relevant.
  9. My mistake I meant for the Holyhead route.
  10. It seems as though the consensus on here is that W B Yeats isn't suitable for the Cherbourg sailing, but perhaps is for the Rosslare sailing. Are the Irish Ferries unaware of this existing situation or are they perhaps thinking it is the best out of an unsuitable bunch for the Cherbourg sailing? Would like to hear people's thoughts.
  11. Bretagne isn't the only vessel in the fleet in need of a "deep clean". Barfleur and Normandie, as well as parts of Pont Aven need a deep clean as soon as possible. This is probably unlikely. Still love Bretagne, somewhat irreplaceable I think. Just got some kind of charm, which is unlikely to be reproduced for years to come, particularly with E-Flexors being seen as the preferred option for the time being.
  12. I think the decision is likely to come down to money. Would BF be able to sanction the building of a new purpose built ferry for St Helier, knowing that they can limit there losses by ensuring that passengers have a better overall experience onboard, but taking longer, and charging more for the services. If BF feel they are more likely to maintain current profits from the express services, rather than funding a new ferry with improved onboard facilities through charging more, they are likely to maintain the existing services. That's what I feel that it will boil down to at the end of the day. Hope that makes sense.
  13. There will be a ferry which is available for a short-term charter somewhere, probably as much to do with logistics than anything. Have BF in the past chartered a ferry for the Short-Term as cover?
  14. An Alternative nevertheless, regardless of whether it is economy or normal.
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