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  1. MichaelBF

    Roscoff Linkspan

    Does work continue to be apace to fix the linkspan at Roscoff port? Following her collision with the Armorique.
  2. MichaelBF

    Brexit effect on BF

    It'll be interesting what happens with Plymouth. It has been speculated, possibly wrongly, that there is likely to be an increase of sailings from Plymouth to Roscoff but it'll need help from another ship surely. Armorique is a troop carrier but is a very good ship, and this could possibly cope with the increased number of sailings. But Plymouth is an odd port and I am sure I have read in the past only a few ships can dock into Plymouth; Bretagne, Armorique and Pont Aven. I think they are going to need assistant from another ship to cope with the increased amount of sailings.