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  1. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/brexit-protesters-intend-disrupt-brittany-2671789 Weird one this. Seems a tad pointless, because if the sailing is delayed by 1 hour, it'll be made up. Unconvinced on what Brexiteers intend on getting out of this.
  2. Could BF ever use Aberdeen Docks? Or have they used them possibly?
  3. MichaelBF

    BF Refits 2018-19

    No new logo? I assume it'll not get done because it remains DFDS' ferry.
  4. MichaelBF

    BF Refits 2018-19

    No Suprise on BDS.
  5. MichaelBF


    Perhaps not width then, sure someone once said there were restrictions for something. He works in the Operations department in Portsmouth - he's had some inside knowledge in the past. Although I am sceptical. It would be a waste to use Honfleur on Plymouth routes - someone mentioned Normandie on another thread, although I doubt there be any changes yet.
  6. Cannot see Armorique moving primarily off Plymouth-Roscoff for the forseeable future. Not entirely sure whether Normandie can dock in Plymouth either way.
  7. MichaelBF


    Spoke to a mate a few weeks ago, who reckons that there is a possibility that Honfleur could work Plym-Ros at quieter times, due to it being able to dock in Plymouth easily. I thought CF, Armorique, Bretagne and Pont Aven were the only ships wide enough to fit into Plymouth, but could be wrong.
  8. MichaelBF


    Someone said to me PA would remain the Flagship. Armorique and Honfluer are similar ships.
  9. That is what I expect. Link span works won't be cheap, anyone wanna give a guess of the cost? Recent Crew Changes have either happened in Brest or using the gangway.
  10. I see my Car. Armorique full is a little frustrating but there is ample room.
  11. Good to see the Roscoff linkspan has been fixed. Armorique now has an opportunity to practice berthing in Roscoff following here work on the Portsmouth routes, and with the new linkspan that has been installed; ahead of the beginning of her almost daily call ins into Roscoff.
  12. I like Armorique. Always clean and tidy which is nice. No real mechanical issues. Few fly-by-wire control issues recently, and her landmark bump with the Linkspan at Roscoff.
  13. If she isn't ready before June 10th, what happens? Armorique cannot cover because of Plym-Ros.
  14. MichaelBF

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Are all the ships, who are being refitted soon, having the new livery applied?
  15. No Sailings listed for Plymouth to Roscoff in 2019. Has a decision been made on sailing into Roscoff in December? Or have I missed something?
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