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  1. There will be a ferry which is available for a short-term charter somewhere, probably as much to do with logistics than anything. Have BF in the past chartered a ferry for the Short-Term as cover?
  2. An Alternative nevertheless, regardless of whether it is economy or normal.
  3. Suppose it depends when it's new engine is fitted. Didn't some speculate it would happen sooner rather than later, and then they would almost certainly sort something out. In the winter, I am not sure it would be necessary.
  4. Excellent, was that the one that had a bumb in Barcelona? Or am I think something else.
  5. Put Armorique on Cork, and Moby Tommy on Plymouth to Roscoff?
  6. What are the viable alternatives if Pont Aven is out of action for longer? Unprecedented situation though.
  7. BF may have to choose reliability or quality of service. Tough Decision to make.
  8. I wonder whether they might consider swapping Armorique onto Cork-Roscoff a little more semi-permanently over the summer, with Pont Aven taking on the Plymouth Roscoff sailings.
  9. That'll be about it, I expect.
  10. That answers the previous question of whether she was unable to, or just preferred not to go Bow into Roscoff.
  11. MichaelBF

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Apologies. Confused St Malo with Caen a little. Armorique could cover that during January, but in February it is likely to be required for Plymouth-Roscoff, albeit more sporadically.
  12. MichaelBF

    BF Refits 2018-19

    What has NEX served Plymouth, out of interest?
  13. MichaelBF

    BF Refits 2018-19

    The timetables will be interesting. I think Armorique will predominately be doing Portsmouth-St Malo routes, so what they do with Plymouth I don't know? What Ship could be put on Plymouth-Roscoff in the new year, suppose it'll be beneficial they do few rotations of that route during the winter.
  14. But with E-Flexers serving Spain, will it still be required for that route? Galcia and Salamanca, in addition to CF and the economy ferries.
  15. Quite Right. I hadn't seen the posts. My apologies.
  16. Armorique sailings Plymouth-Roscoff have now been cancelled, suggesting that Roscoff-Cork will take priority over Plymouth-Roscoff. Armorique would be unable to accommodate Cork-Roscoff sailings, when they are full, in the Summer, not entirely sure what BF would do in that circumstance (but I fully expect Pont Aven to be back by then).
  17. Pont Aven to Plymouth I think is possible, following the arrival of the e-flexers. What happens with Armorique will be interesting! Perfect for Plymouth-Roscoff but incredibly versatile vessel, I wonder if she might get shifted up to a Portsmouth route more permanently.
  18. Might well of been following the "bump". I remember wondering why they didn't just re-berth the ship, when I was onboard during the accident, and I assumed the linkspan couldn't accommodate it. Roscoff Linkspan is now a different configuration to it previously, according to a chap I spoke to onboard when I went over at Easter. I still expect it'll be the traditional bow door into Plymouth and stern into Roscoff. Although, stern into Plymouth is far from uncommon, as mentioned.
  19. Sailing from Plymouth-Roscoff on the 16th May, has now been cancelled.
  20. Very underrated vessel I think.
  21. Armorique set to cover these sailings. Surely doesn't have many ports left to of completed all of them?
  22. Thirded. Would make sense, alongside Armorique. CF, just, fits in Plymouth. Neither Salamanca nor Galicia is going to fit, unless work is carried out.
  23. Fair play. Forgot Connemara only had a stern door.
  24. Thank You. What magnificant photos, helped by the wonderful weather. Another ship which berths Stern door into Roscoff. Armorique and Cap Finistere (I think) berth stern door in, Pont Aven berths Bow door in, and I think that is the exception. Any possible reason why most ships prefer to dock Stern into Roscoff. Having recently returned from Roscoff, I see that now the linkspan has been replaced it is only connected to the ship once, unlike "pre-bump", where the ship was attached twice to the linkspan.
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