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  1. As this thread is titled New BF Website, how can the powers that be accept on the live sailing updates page... 1) the wrong (old) logo and 2) the Pont Aven still shown at Brest days after she left there ? I know the live map is frequently rubbished here and quite rightly. Did anyone spot Armorique on her visit to Falaise the other day doing 1,896 knots ?
  2. She's usually found in a Commodore cabin.
  3. Mrs Macron ? no, I don't know any Brigittes. I was just commenting on Chef's contribution to the Great Breton Bake Off.
  4. Can confirm that. Arrived in St Malo this morning on Bretagne. my 112th crossing, Round rolls in La Baule self service last night, torpedo rolls in Les Abers at breakfast this morning. But, somewhere aboard the Bretagne there is a pastry chef working wonders ! As well as the usual bread and croissants and chocolate cake there were madeleines, apple sponge cake, Breton Far with prunes and mini crepes with Nutella ! Has anyone asked officially where the triangular rolls have gone ? Do you think they have been phased out because BF's Management Consultants have banned them ? I will try to get an answer on the return crossing. 😊
  5. Well with nothing better to do I have just added up my crossings since 2013. I have the dates for One Hundred and Eleven BF crossings, an odd number because one trip started at Newhaven. Its actually more than that because before 2013 reservations were made from a different computer on a different email address. Feels like those at BF Towers have stopped counting, think the 100th might have been celebrated with a cabin with no soap and a dodgy light.😊.
  6. New website, new logo, what a waste of money. Just got my Welcome Aboard email, I had look at what they have to say about Bretagne, all the pictures and the video are still showing the old logo. The menus for Les Abers which used to be available on the old site are not now. The French site shows menus, but they are out of date. Many features of the new website are not nearly as good as I recall on the previous one. The timetables, the booking procedure, so many things are worse. The fortune spent with management consultants to re brand BF for the future offers nothing to the thousands of unhappy Pont Aven customers. Whatever happened to the Honfleur ? I know the shipyard was in trouble but as in the song ...."Why are we waiting ?" What a great pity someone at the top thought to change things that worked perfectly well.
  7. Oh I forgot, there was some wonderful apple sponge alongside all the usual cake and madeleine offerings at Bretagne breakfast today. An adventurous chef ?
  8. Breakfast on Bretagne this morning, small round rolls with a marking resembling hot cross buns ! Torpedo shapes available too but no triangles sadly. And yes, as in previous comments the raspberry tart has been dumbed down. New menu in Les Abers a welcome update. Off topic but , Will BF repaint my BF watch with the new logo ? 😀
  9. Good Customer Service. Just now, Sunday night at 9.15pm in France, customer service phoned me in response to an email. There was no 9C parking available for the booking I'd made online. They phoned and emailed me yesterday to tell me that. I sent them an email with an alternative crossing and said I'd phone when the office was open Monday, but blow me down, they beat me to it ! A very helpful young lady confirmed my revised booking and said a refund would go back to the card I'd paid with. You can't get better than that ! She said they are so busy with rebooking Pont Aven customers it was easier to phone me tonight rather than wait until tomorrow. Bravo Customer Service.
  10. Roscoff yesterday. https://www.letelegramme.fr/bretagne/roscoff-19-migrants-interpelles-dans-la-remorque-d-un-camion-01-05-2019-12272831.php
  11. BZH29

    New Look Revealed

    Oh its good to be travelling on the Bretagne again ! If it arrives at St Malo in the morning why does it have to leave the berth before loading for the evening sailing ? Anyway it afforded good views of the new logos on funnel and side as it re-docked, but driving onboard last night WHAT’S THAT ??? the old logo and typeface are still there over the stern door, did somebody forget that one ?
  12. Think you may be correct with Commandant Le Josne (Lejaune), Colin. I recall being given a "Welcome on board newsletter " at the Portsmouth check in booth around that time. The idea only lasted a couple of months and they were always exactly the same, with the same message from Le Josne and a picture of him. Once on board were discovered it was Hervé. de Kergariou on the bridge ! I will see if I have a copy, I seem to remember a round smiling face !
  13. BZH29

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Nice pictures of the Bretagne. "(bar the dodgy paintjob)". I spoke too soon earlier. Pictures 1, 2 and 3 clearly show only the panel for the new logo was the bit repainted. What a pity !
  14. BZH29

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Thanks for the explanation of the Warm and Lyrical typeface and Logo, Tony. I still don't see it as an improvement though. Looks like they found enough white paint to do a proper job on the Bretagne after all and that snatched picture in Le Havre did only show work in progress.
  15. I've yet to see the "ear ring" impaired persons referred to in the safety announcement, and wonder why its always down to the passengers to turn off the car alarms and not the driver !
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