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  1. Hearsay, a lorry fell on its side on the Normandie's crossing yesterday. Might explain why it was so late ? Fact or fiction, anyone heard of this ?
  2. The new website is awful, why don't those in charge at "Brittany Towers" see that ? Earlier today I spotted a "Live chat" button to click on the booking page, its no longer there, have they gone home or changed their minds ? No proper timetables, and moving the cursor across the page to get where you want to look opens no end of irrelevant options, its clearly not working. I am still waiting for a reply to my email to Customer Services on 16 August, which was website related. BF are not what they used to be. Despite all those moans, I think travelling on the Bretagne is always a pleasure, despite the cabins showing their age. I make around a dozen return trips a year and find the staff of both crews are always welcoming and they present a "happy ship". It appears oldies like me make up the majority of the passengers,so why do the management not understand, "If it ain't broke don't fix it ".
  3. Not sure where this should be posted, but........ A lorry broke down on the ramp when driving off Bretagne in St Malo this morning. It led to a very long delay for everyone and especially those trapped on Deck 5. An elderly lady in a neighbouring car developed a claustrophobic panic attack. For very valid reasons explained to me later. Her husband managed to help her out of the tiny gap the door would open and walked her over to a window to try to calm her, without much success. Three cheers for the Brittany Ferries lady crew member who by chance appeared in the right place at the right time. She immediately took control of the situation and reassured the now breathless lady that help was at hand. She straightaway took her down to the opened door and fresh air and daylight, now cleared of the broken down truck, and waited with her until her husband collected her as he drove off. This was an excellent response from a calm and efficient member of the crew. Well done BF !
  4. What a hopeless website, BF put the message up twice, not me. I never got as far as choosing a cabin this time. I do hope Joëlle Croc Sales and Customer Experience Director is aware. She has never responded to emails unlike Mike Bevens, but that was before Paris based management consultancy Quaternaire took the helm.
  5. Got as far as having chosen 2 crossings a commodore cabin a cheapy one back and then ........... Kind regards, Joëlle Croc Sales and Customer Experience Director
  6. Don't you just love the new website, No timetables showing for St Malo beyond May, but site unresponsive so you can only see October ! Trying to book, however. attempt 1 attempt 2 I do hope the Sales and Customer Experience Director is on the case because more and more often these days the Experience is not good.
  7. Automated responses are here now and always have been. My query in August this year has gone unanswered. The time Customer Services expected to respond within has slipped from 3 days to 10 days and now 28 ! In "the good old days" Mike Bevens would reply within hours, day or night.
  8. BZH29

    25% off but be quick!!

    Thank you Neil, I will probably try that. Saw something similar last week on Ryanair, first looked on French site for flights from Brest then checked UK website and the price had doubled !
  9. BZH29

    25% off but be quick!!

    Special offer = Fake News ! If you are a Club Voyage member its cheaper to book that way. Fact ! I went halfway through the booking process and then remembered this "special offer" so I began again on the "flash sale" page, it was more expensive.( As Paully said earlier not available in conjunction with any other offer ). So I went back and started again to make my booking. Guess what ? The price had gone up. BF computer systems recognised I had visited 5 minutes earlier and upped the price of a St Malo crossing from £155 to £175. Grrrrr ! or greed on BF's part. Fortunately Mrs BZH has a computer too so we were able to book at the lower price.
  10. Marking time and waiting for the Bretagne to depart on Thursday, Baie de Seine arriving just before sunset. Bit of paint needed on the bow ? Another pleasant voyage on the Bretagne, the new Bretagne book bought from Le Kiosque !
  11. Somebody should tell him there's a Bounty on his head.
  12. Viewed from Bretagne last night, Water pouring from two places. Don't know if they are relevant.
  13. BZH29


    Does anyone else find the Bretagne's Les Abers lunchtime menus difficult reading ? At dinner there are 2 menus displayed, simple, but its a Pick and Mix offering for lunch with individual prices for starter and main, starter and dessert, main and dessert, main and a glass of wine and the Cheeses are shown in bold. I'm not being a grumpy old man, honestly, and its good to be offered a choice, but my brain hurts with so many options.
  14. Three passengers, 3 cabin keys. Each handed over to the named passenger as they were handed out of the window of the check in booth. None of them came close to a mobile phone. St Malo staff have been a bit indifferent on our last few trips. Handing in the booking ticket with the 9C request clearly visible, boarding pass and cabin keys and that was it,We had to point out the "park near lift request " and ask why the young man didn't offer the required sticker. Yesterday's check in was quite slow while one woman was incessantly chatting about what sounded like "Hospital Ships" ! to someone behind her, none of the tickets would open the cabin door. Perhaps there was an error in programming them ?. I've made 112+ trips so I should know how to use them . It hadn't happened before. When the replacement keys worked and the macaroons came into view all was forgiven !!!
  15. I have to agree with you about the noise, your photo captures it ! We had a breakfast by the 8th deck cafe and the man with the angle grinder immediately overhead made it feel worse than a visit to the dentist with drilling, grinding and clunks when bits fell off ! With hindsight the staff nearest the door at Les Abers seemed a little tense, perhaps they had witnessed the terrible deed that you could smell and it must have threatened business, the restaurant wasn't very full. FortunatelyI missed the mark on the carpet and enjoyed a good lunch. Didn't consider it sea sick weather, it looked rough but the ride wasn't.
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