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  1. "Planned maintenance" of the website seems unlikely at a time when BF are keen to sell all the tickets they can. Surely overnight would be the time for that ? I remember a CEO's message recently saying the site's security had been compromised and it was taken down then. Perhaps he will tell us of a cyber attack in his next message !
  2. What is going on ? Manage Your Booking , I just tried to cancel a Flexi booking for 5 July, bought after misinformation received from the Customer Services Manager. Website says I will lose 100% of what I paid. I don't proceed with that and instead amend to a later date. I use a Customer Service Voucher for £34.50 as part payment. I only received £28.00 for my £34.50 voucher ???. I don't have and don't want a Twitter account. I want to talk to a human being or get a reply from Customer Services. A reply from them in Gareth Bewley's predicted 45 days is not much use for a crossing in 10 days time. Incidentally I was quoted £177 for a Commodore cabin at the end of October. Brittany Ferries have lost the plot.
  3. "We're ready to sail again, and hope you are too." so said Gareth Bewley, Customer Services Manager, in a cheerful email to me last week. FAKE NEWS ! Last week he confirmed my sailing, today I read the Bretagne will not be back in service until 17th July. If the Customer Services Manager doesn't know what's going on what hope is there for Brittany Ferries ? . With the Dear Leader's update coming 21 hours late I now know I should not have spent £521 with BF yesterday. Makes me the BF ! I await with interest an accurate update from the Enhanced Flexibility department !
  4. Well the website has just accepted bookings for 3 crossings from me for July, August and September. Obviously the website doesn't read the CEO's updates (when he publishes them). Where is that update, due 4 hours ago ? I was under the impression we had to check-in 90 minutes before departure, the tickets all say it is 45 minutes, as they always have. I wonder what else on the super new website has not been updated ?
  5. Mr Macron is in London today delivering a Legion d'Honneur medal to the city for the help given to Charles de Gaulle during WW2. I wonder if a medal will sweeten Boris ? and perhaps Emmanuel will come back with a relaxation on the "Quarantaine" , we can hope !
  6. Interview with Jean-Marc Roué in French press today; https://www.letelegramme.fr/economie/nous-nous-battons-pour-sauver-l-emploi-a-brittany-ferries-video-17-06-2020-12567790.php Perhaps Ed can tell us if he has more to say than the Dear Leader. It looks as though it will be a very basic, confined to cabins service starting in July.
  7. I still find the website a nightmare to navigate. Give it time. How long ? The way the timetables are displayed is confusing. The Print this Page link doesn't print the whole timetable, just one month plus another superfluous page. New Livery was it necessary ?, new timetable was it necessary ? A BF aeroplane for the "Dear Leader". Wish the money had been spent on people to answer phones instead.
  8. Guildford itself doesn't actually have an Aldi, its in nearby Burpham ! Perhaps they got the idea from how we were coping in Brittany
  9. Coronavirus: Channel Island freight firm collapses https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-jersey-52181908
  10. Meanwhile in April's Club Voyage newsletter; In recent days, we’ve received many messages of thanks and understanding from members, which have helped enormously. It makes a huge difference to our teams, who are currently working tirelessly to finalise credit note refunds for the full value of original bookings. We’ve extended your Club Voyage membership by 2 months. The extension has been applied to your membership automatically so it’s all taken care of for you. The travel vouchers you’ve recently received are all now valid for two years. This is the case even if the voucher you have received shows validity for one year. And, can you believe it ?....... .BOOK NOW FOR 40% OFF Stay well, stay safe and we hope to see you on board in the near futureKind regards,Joëlle CrocSales and Customer Experience Director
  11. From personal experience Mike Bevens did care about the quality and service the restaurants offered. When I had occasion to complain, he investigated and responded personally and promptly by email. I am sure it was Mike who was saying his farewells to every single member of staff, both front of house and kitchen in Le Flora one late December at breakfast time just before he left. In his time he was a good point of contact at BF. Much missed.
  12. Club Voyage Newsletter – January 2020. ................... arrived yesterday and featured the following....... One of the many benefits of your Club Voyage membership is the saving you receive on dining on board; including 10% off a minimum spend of £15 in the restaurants and that fantastic allowance of £8.50 per person off breakfast when you travel overnight in a cabin*. But did you know that you can also enjoy your buffet or continental petit déjeuner in the à la carte restaurant? Whereas you could expect to pay £10.60 for this delectable start to your day, with your membership you can enjoy it for absolutely free! However I think the cooked breakfast still costs a couple of pounds more ?
  13. Gardian, If you are referring to the Pont Aven, I'm not surprised, especially as it was a Christmas time crossing. Our experiences in Le Flora over the festive season have never been good. Long waits to be served, buffet going un replenished, right down to there not being enough milk jugs to go round at breakfast time. If you are referring to Bretagne and Les Abers, I'm surprised. However last night, 16.1.20 Les Abers was late opening at dinner time and two customers who had dared to enter at the advertised opening time of 18.15 were asked to leave temporarily as the staff "weren't ready". We dined self service but checked the notice to see what time breakfast would be served - 06.15 it said. By this morning when we arrived there, on time, 06.15 along with some other passengers, it had been changed to 07.15. Grrrr ! The ship was quite empty, only deck 3 was in use for all vehicles, it made parking pleasant for a change ! Low passenger numbers and a sailing just after Storm Brendan had abated resulted in a relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant crossing. Breakfast was as good as ever.
  14. BZH29

    Sky tv

    Only slightly off topic ! There was limited TV on Bretagne Sunday with a message the TNT card had expired. Sky Tv would have been available though. Even further off topic.... the shop La Vitrine looked as though it had been paid a visit by the Gilets Jaune, no stock on any shelves and junk on the floor. Obviously 55 days out of service in Gdansk and Le Havre wasn't long enough to restock it ?
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