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  1. Why then is the sky over my house in Brittany filled every day with Ryanair and Easyjet planes heading for Spain ?
  2. The website appears to be still offering sailings on Monday and Tuesday............😟
  3. I guess it had to happen; The day after the announcement of the reconfinement of part of the United Kingdom, France is suspending for 48 hours "all passenger travel, including that related to the transport of goods, by road, air, sea or rail from the United Kingdom", "starting this Sunday 20 December at midnight", announces Matignon.
  4. Translated from today's France Info Risk of fine or criminal prosecution In addition to meat and milk, all meat and milk products are concerned, such as pâté, sausage, butter or yoghurt. However, exceptions are made for powdered milk and baby food, honey, snails and special pet food required for medical reasons, in limited quantities (up to 2 kilograms per person). I can't imagine that 2kg of snails and honey would make a good substitute for Cabin boy's Cheddar cheese and Branston
  5. Another Ouest France story about Galicia, I think this link works, fingers crossed https://www.ouest-france.fr/mer/reportage-a-bord-du-galicia-le-navire-hyperconnecte-de-la-brittany-ferries-7085195
  6. Coronavirus travel updates and advice Last updated: 5 October 15:30 CET As this is the most recent advice, I hope someone at BF will explain how the new French lockdown might affect ferries.
  7. How is this going to work then ? The ferry arrives in Ouistreham at 9.30 pm. The 9pm -6am curfew has now been extended to include Calvados which is the Department for Ouistreham. Could the sailing times be changed or will an Attestation form keep the Gendarmes at bay ?
  8. 9C in our case is a request to be parked near to a lift. Stairs and Asthma don't go well together. It usually works that the loaders seeing the 9C sticker leave you enough space to open the door to get out ! In present times there has been plenty of space, but deck 5 on Bretagne was sometimes a struggle. At times we've had to stand and wait for a lane to drive off before the passenger door could be opened wide enough to get it.
  9. Faced with getting up at 4am for our Toussaint trip I decided to amend the booking to an overnight crossing. With a 9C ticket you can't do that online. Three Cheers for Customer Service, the phone barely had time to ring before a helpful lady answered and sorted the change over in a matter of seconds ! Great service in difficult times, thank you BF.
  10. Afterthought. At 6.30 am the Border Force at Plymouth seemed understaffed. There was no checking of car boots or looking in vans that I saw. There did however appear to be a "naughty step" in a lane off to the right where three vehicles had been sent, possibly as they didn't have Passenger Locator forms. Moving them out of the exit queue should have been a good idea but didn't seem to make much sense when the Border Force officer then had to leave the control box to go and talk to them - resulting in an empty box and no other vehicles able to leave. There was a token Customs man watching cars
  11. With Bretagne laid up we headed to Roscoff for our latest return crossing. Red Bus noted as we drove past ! Not a very busy crossing, cars, camper vans and a couple of Dartmouth Crab Company lorries and one from Falfish. Collecting or delivering ? Deck 3, allocated a blue sticker but it was meaningless. Free for all with people getting out of the cars as soon as they parked resulting in a crowd for stairs or lift. Encouragingly there was a security man on the car deck reminding those who had forgotten to wear a mask. Disappointingly one of the BF crew was more interested in a
  12. Flooding risk indeed. Prochaines grandes marées Septembre 2020 : du jeudi 17 septembre au lundi 21 septembre. Les Grandes Marées, the seasonal exceptional high tides. https://saint-malo-info.fr/grandes-marees/ In the good old days when there was a ferry sailing from St Malo 😢 the arrival time varied because of them, I think. Colin could confirm.
  13. They are very good, Three medical suppliers we use ( I say we, I'm just the driver!) for the private work have Optipro in stock, I think they're a Canadian manufacturer and also produce sterile wipes, respirators etc etc. They're well regarded. Inspired by the previous conversations shown above, I've bought myself a box of these. Swiftly delivered to Brittany by Amazon via La Poste. The pack they come in bears 3 addresses, Leeds, Germany, and manufactured in China. The packing note doesn't quite look Canadian ! As long as they conform, t
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