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  1. Excuse my ignorance but what is a PEC ? Talking of acronyms, any ideas on SPS on the new sign for arrivals at St Malo ? There were 2 Customs Men waiting by the gates after the passports, all cars were stopped but I didn't see anyone searched.
  2. I guessed that, AND that you would know him ! But what is your theory on the Pilots apparently coming onboard ?
  3. St Malo to Portsmouth 27 July - Armorique First crossing for us this year from St Malo. Check in was slow due to some people not having the right paperwork. I heard that BF in the terminal building helpfully printed out a completed Passenger Locator form for someone unable to download it from their phone. The cleaners coming off the Armorique outnumbered passengers going on and It was crew change day too. There were just 15 vehicles and a motorcycle including a Polish registered Land Rover and a van from the St Malo Yachts Broker. Someone said there were only 28 passengers on board. Everyone was parked on deck 3 and as for freight I only saw 6 artics and one trailer. The “Club plus” cabin was a pleasant surprise, with space, a big window, table, chairs, fruit bowl, TV and mini bar. The self service restaurant was good for a late breakfast and a full choice of dishes for a meal later. One thing was near normal - Commandant Hervé de Kergariou was driving. With so few passengers we asked if a visit to the bridge was possible but was told at times of Covid it couldn’t happen without an appointment. I think the crew from St Malo Yachts Brokers, M. Mataczynski ? had their request to see Hervé granted ! Has Pierre the Bear been furloughed ? I noticed Potty the Pirate now stalks deck 7 of the Armorique. About an hour out from Portsmouth a Pilot boat came alongside at high speed, odd as Kergariou must be one of BF’s most experienced Captains. Perhaps he isn’t familiar with Armorique ? It was pilots, not pirates ! At Portsmouth Border Force said they didn’t need to see our wad of paperwork it as scanning the passport showed them all the forms had been filled out as required. Fifteen minutes after driving off the ship we were driving out of the port. It was good to be travelling and we'll be going back on board again in three weeks time. We both had our check calls this morning, mine from someone in Derby, the “script” now warns we will receive a house call as well as the telephone calls ! https://youtu.be/W_UjPitoris
  4. From my experience they just ask your year of birth.
  5. The results from the Saturday midday tests were back by early the same evening. Next stage is to book day 2 and 8 tests because the UK rate France as an Amber+ country. Being double vaccinated and having the NHS certificate to prove it counts for nothing if you are returning from France. The UK have taken exactly the opposite view to that of the French Government. Arriving here in Brittany we did not have to quarantine because were double vaccinated, returning to England we have to buy an expensive package of tests and self isolate.
  6. PCR test in Carhaix taken today. The clinic was very busy but our pre-booked appointments happened on time. Only one nostril swabbed, so I hope they got it right. Actually, it was my right nostril ! Cost for two of us was 99.18€ paid by Visa credit card.
  7. I think it was about 45 euros in Carhaix but costs change. For the double tests, which you take yourself, on day 2 and 8 at home we have used a company called Nationwide Pathology. https://nwp-online.co.uk First time it was £185 but by May that had come down to £159. It now seems even less. They seem efficient and prompt, but I'm sure other BFEs have used cheaper. We will use them on our return next week. Avoid Corporate Travel Management (CTM), they took my money but never gave me the number for the Passenger Locator Form. They were uncontactable by phone and didn't respond to emails. I had to get my bank to get my money back and buy from another provider. I was only away from my garden here for two months but it has reverted to nature, if you have been away since September, good luck !
  8. https://www.eurofins-biologie-medicale.com/fr/nos-laboratoires/carhaix?utm_source=gmb Near the centre of Carhaix, we have used them 3 times. Book online through the Doctolib link on the website. Tests are carried out Monday to Saturday during the lunch hour 12-2pm Results came back (email) the same evening or following morning. Reservation in advance is essential as it seems they have limited availabilty. Pay with credit card at time of test.
  9. email update received this afternoon, but how long it will last is anyone's guess Update from GOV.UK for: France travel advice Change made: Updated information on testing and vaccination requirements (Entry requirements) Time updated: 3:57pm, 17 July 2021 Travellers who are fully vaccinated do not need an essential reason to travel to France and do not need to self-isolate on arrival. From 18 July, fully vaccinated adults no longer need to present evidence of a negative test result before travel. Fully vaccinated travellers will need to present the following documents: a completed ‘sworn statement’ (déclaration sur l’honneur) form self-certifying they are not suffering from symptoms associated with coronavirus and have not been in contact with confirmed cases in the preceding fortnight. This can be found on the French government’s website proof of vaccination status
  10. MSM 5 July 14.45 Back on board again, Commandant Valois on the bridge, and a smooth crossing. A daytime sailing with around 60+ cars, a mini digger on a trailer, 2 camper vans and one French motorcyclist. A BF lady was on the car deck keeping an eye on things. The colour coding on tickets and cars seems to have been abandoned. and I never received the usual, “We are looking forward to welcome you on board soon “ advance email from BF. Back to cabin 9004 which unlike the last crossing in May was now all ship shape if a little cold, the mattress had been changed, the TV remote control worked and the macaroons were there ! The self service restaurant wasn’t busy but seemed well stocked for so few passengers, payment by contactless card and a helpful lady on the till carried madame’s tray to a table. Triangular rolls at lunch time seem to have changed to round ones by the evening, magic ! The call to return to the vehicles was based on which deck you were parked on. With everyone on deck 5 it was a potential free for all, but with hardly any motorists there were no crowds. We were called ahead of the freight drivers. The 72 hour PCR negative test results from Boots @ £85 each and the NHS ‘Vaccination Certificate” showing 2 Astra-Zenicas were all that was asked for at Ouistreham. Passport stamped, but I don’t think the Douanier noticed my newly issued Long Stay Visa. After a comfortable crossing we headed off towards a closed motorway a torrential downpour with zero visibility and a storm with the highest recorded winds since 1969 (according to Meteo-France) but it was good to be heading back to Brittany. The return is scheduled from St Malo late July on Armorique.......watch this space !
  11. Les touristes étrangers devront payer les tests Covid-19 à partir du 7 juillet en France Foreign tourists will have to pay for Covid-19 tests from 7 July in France That's from next Wednesday https://www.lemonde.fr/planete/article/2021/06/30/les-touristes-etrangers-devront-payer-les-tests-covid-19-a-partir-du-7-juillet-en-france_6086425_3244.html
  12. From the website First sailing *Armorique replacing Bretagne (20 July St Malo - Portsmouth at 10:30 up to and including 12 September Portsmouth - St Malo at 20:15 Pont-Aven. still operating...... Roscoff/Plymouth/Roscoff
  13. France 3 Bretagne reports today, Three cases of Delta variant confirmed in Rennes The Delta variant is reported in Rennes. Three cases have been detected in the Villejean-Kennedy district. The regional health agency has indicated that it is taking the necessary measures to limit its spread.
  14. Yes me too ! It worked very well. Impossible to get through by telephone. It seems odd that phone lines are open for such a short time ( 9am-6pm) when so many bookings are affected, many like mine can not be amended online. But logging in to my account and Live Chat provided a solution.
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