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  1. I think this is a children's programme. Some interesting behind the scenes filming onboard Armorique at Roscoff (Rosko) Some nice filming but I haven't a clue what they are talking about.
  2. Don't belong to Facebook or Twitter but the booking I've just made shows a hefty discount. No mention of it being 40% but it flagged up that my CV membership expires before the journey, presume I will get a reminder to renew or end up with a bill for an extra ÂŁ175.60 if I don't !
  3. Where did you see that David ? I've signed in to my CV account and can find no mention of it on the website.
  4. Completing the form online and filing it is the most important part. You need the Covid test booking number in order to complete it. The Border Force in their cabin on arrival at Portsmouth told us they don't need to see the paper copy as it is linked to your passport and they can see it on their computer. We've been told that twice. Last trip I only printed out page 1 to show the BF check in person at St Malo, Portsmouth Border Force didn't even look at it.
  5. Our November crossing has been switched, email arrived today: From 8th November 2021 until 8th February 2022, our Portsmouth - St Malo service will be operated by the Armorique whilst the Pont-Aven is taken into dry dock for routine maintenance work. Whilst the Armorique does not have an à la carte restaurant, passengers can still enjoy a superb choice of menu in our self-service restaurant, as well as hot and cold snacks from the café. Please click here to find out more about the facilities onboard. If you have booked a cabin, you will be transferred to the same type or the closest match available; details can be found on your ticket. Please also check your ticket for details of your sailing times as some crossings have undergone time changes as a result of the tides.
  6. We have used Nationwide Pathology four times since March. The American style website has become more complicated each time but prices have dropped significantly. Posted our Day 2 tests late on Friday and results were back this afternoon (Saturday) The testing tube used to be in a polystyrene case to protect it on its postal journey, but this time there was no casing and it arrived in a flimsy envelope the postie managed to rip to pieces. In their favour though, they send the kits out promptly and results come back quickly. They are better than Corporate Travel Management who took ÂŁ210 from me and never sent a number for the Passenger Locator Form. My bank got the money back for me eventually. Money for old rope indeed, when tests are no longer required they will surely feel the pinch.
  7. They could incorporate it into the treasure hunt as Where's Wally or rather Where's Willy ? Getting silly now ! Its not that scary a picture but I dare not post it.
  8. How do you complain about a willy ? No Cabin Boy I wasn't asking you 🙂 Its scratched in to the plastic so it won't wash away. We reported the unflushable loo and Information desk came to see what was wrong, it mysteriously sorted itself. No vacuum or no water ? I have sent an email to "feedback" and offered them a photo of the naive art !, the smell was more difficult to attach to the email.
  9. That's possible but on the outward crossing in August Armorique's cabin 8326 has an un flushable loo. Sailing was cancelled on 13th September due to "technical issue" Anyone know what that was ?
  10. What was supposed to be our long awaited reunion with the Bretagne on Tuesday didn’t happen instead we had to travel on the Armorique. We were expecting to travel back from our Toussaint trip on the Pont Aven, but that too looks as though it will change to the Armorique. On Tuesday evening’s sailing both vehicle and passenger numbers must have been almost back to normal. Not the best of starts at St Malo when the check in lady decided, despite a queue and displaying a green light, to shut up shop. 4 upset cyclists were able to push in to one of the other lines but motorists (me included) had to make a U turn and join the back of another queue, it took about 20 minutes to get through but passport control was just a look at the vaccination certificate and a stamp on the passport. No customs checks on the car just head for lane 8. Loading was quick and easy. Deck 5 was packed with 6 lanes of cars and vans filling up one side of the ship and 2 full lanes facing the other way. There were cars down on deck 3 also. Anyone easily offended should steer clear of cabin 8304. Some artistic passenger from a previous crossing has scratched a picture of a set of male genitals into the plastic porthole surround !. The bathroom became extremely smelly with a gurgling sound from behind the toilet cistern and loud running water noises from the shower plug hole.. Crew change day and Commandant François Le Breton was in charge. (what an appropriate name for BF) “A new boy” said one of the loading crew when I asked who was on the bridge. Restaurant was busy with slow moving queues and no safe social distancing but food good. Commenting on the large number of passengers the cashier in the self service said the crew were relieved things were getting back to normal . Enfin ! he said. No signs of Potty Pirate for entertainment, instead a lady promising to sing your cares away ! Her voice carried from decks 6 to 8. A smooth crossing. Breakfast gathered from the self service restaurant had croissants and pain au chocolat far superior to the stuff we had delivered to our Club Plus cabin on the outward journey. After all the announcements requesting passengers to “observe safe social distancing at this time of global pandemic” it seems counter productive and mean to turn everyone out of the cabins a full half hour before docking. It took around 25 minutes to drive off and twenty minutes to get past Border Force, plenty of lanes open and only passports had to be shown. “We can see your Passenger Locator form as it’s linked to your passport” they said. Back into the mad morning rush hour, but at least there aren’t so many tailgaters here ! I seem recall someone on the forum recently saying their cabin was changed due to flooding ? Was that aboard Armorique ? It seems to have serious plumbing issues.
  11. Not yet been informed but our mid November Pont Aven, St Malo to Portsmouth crossing now shows on the timetable as Amorique. There goes our posh cabin with balcony ! But what is happening to PA ? Lots more work for the overworked Customer Services team too having to change all those bookings. Things are not looking good for BF.
  12. Arriving there around 6pm for the 6.45pm check in, all traffic was sent off the D 137 but not much of a queue at all. Only one roundabout a bit slow with people doubling back towards St Servan. The queues were much worse and with no social distancing either for the self service restaurant on board ! Thanks for your local knowledge.
  13. Thanks Colin, We'll try the first suggestion which was the way we used to use. I guess everyone will be doing the same but not all heading for the Armorique ! That leads onto the big dual carriage way that passes the Kyriad hotel (useful for early sailings) and on to the hippodrome ?
  14. Received a text from BF warning of roadworks around Pont Madeleine on the approach to Saint Malo. We are travelling tomorrow. If I'm arriving from the general direction of Dinan, does anyone out there know if this bridge renovation is causing diversions or long delays ? Thanks in advance for any info.
  15. Confirmed by BF. As a PS to my earlier post, I found an answerphone message from BF. Very pleasant, very sympathetic. Apologising for phone calls not being answered because of the volume being generated by the new website. Why launch a new website that is incomplete ?, so many functions unavailable. Captions appear where pictures should be etc etc Qualtrics, who appear to be the creators are the same outfit that have produced that awful jumping screen BF "How did we do" survey.
  16. Credit where credit is due, I sent an email to "existing bookings" and have already received a reply with the new ticket. Well done BF !
  17. Nice idea, but.... Having spent an hour and a half on hold to BFUK over the past two days, I tried St Malo, got an answerphone message with their opening hours and then it hangs up ! Can't amend online and no Live Chat. Why are they so busy ? Too few staff ? Is the new website generating too many calls ? I'd rather get an engaged tone than pay to listen to 90 minutes of muzac.
  18. I don't see how +or- 4 days can be considered a timetable.
  19. The new website is unusable, a nightmare. What is happening BF ? How can something so customer unfriendly go live ?
  20. A word of caution. Its obviously high season. Eurofins in Carhaix had no appointments available this Saturday for PCR tests. They sold out more than a week in advance Nothing available at their other local labs either. I believe BF accept a certificate for a lateral flow / antigen test, but that isn’t good enough for the hospital appointment in Carhaix that Mme BZH has on Tuesday. Eurofins suggested we find a local nurse to carry out the test but that sounded too chancy so we are driving the 55km to Chateaulin. Incidentally you have to show your Double Vaccination certificate with the QR and have it scanned just to get through the door at the hospital. If you need a PCR, book early !
  21. You mean Pierre the Bear wears a costume ? Oh no ! I believed in him just like Father Christmas. Shame on you Ed. What about the Ferrynauts ? BF expecting 7 year olds to have a smartphone and download the app ?. Does that mean poor Mum or Dad after buying junior a smart phone then have to buy Premium Wi-Fi too ? . I'll stick with Potty the Pirate, he's free !
  22. Seeing as we are off topic, can I tell my story. Our Brittany home is close to where 2 American B17 bombers were shot down in 1944. The Grandmother of Mme BZH hid one of the pilots during his escape back to the UK. We have researched this piece of history and hosted visits from the family of some of those aircrew. At the scene of one of the forced landings near Poullaouen we were pointing out a tree still standing despite being clipped by B17 “Slo Time Sally” to the daughter of one of the gunners on the plane. Unbelievably two Rafales from Landivisiau screamed directly overhead at just a few hundred feet. See what we organised for your visit, I joked, “No, my Dad fixed that", said Susan. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/4173
  23. Much prefer the buffet in Les Abers ! But reckon we got off lightly, one poor chap was re packing his car, piece by piece, he was loading the toddler's bicycle as we drove out. The douaniers had then pounced on another car only just inside the gates to the port.
  24. Armorique to St Malo 18th August. BF must be heartened to see so many people travelling again but I was disheartened by some of the passengers’ attitudes. “They think its all over” seemed to be many people’s reaction to the Covid crisis. Wednesday night’s crossing was busy. At least 10 cyclists, 6 motorbikes, cars galore and campervans. Deck 5 was needed along with deck 3. There were lots of children so I guess Potty the Pirate drew a good crowd. Social distancing did not exist though, the lifts were a free for all, at one stage BF were recommending only 1 family per lift, now it was how many can we get in. They (BF) have abandoned the safeguarding policy. Which is a great pity after being so careful for so long. Despite the floor markings in the self serve restaurant it felt as if there were people in your back pocket. A last minute cancellation meant we could to upgrade to a Club Plus Cabin which I’d calculated would avoid the crowds at breakfast, The state of the tide meant an earlier than usual arrival at 6.50am British time. The Commandant, Olivier Raimbeaux knew that and we docked even a little earlier, but many of the “front of house” staff weren’t geared to that. Breakfast arrived at 6.15 and the first of three requests to vacate the cabin followed 5 minutes later ! All those people milling around for so long and not yet allowed back to the car decks doesn’t seem sensible. I pressed on with a miserable breakfast. A large croissant , a round roll and a pat of butter best before 8 days ago ! So keen to get us out of our cabin, the man who'd delivered the breakfast tray was back trying to snatch my half drunk cup of coffee from my hand. A truce was agreed, he could have the tray and bread basket, I did get to finish my one cup of coffee ! Despite the early docking, unloading started about the usual time and it took around 40 minutes to clear passport control even with 4 boxes open, much longer for some. Passports and vaccination certificates all that were required. Paper certificates made life easier for the Douaniers as the smart phones that were being handed up to the window had either faded or moved on to photos of the grandchildren by the time they were looked at. Several times I saw phones being reset to the correct page and handed over again ! Good to be sailing again but I felt safer when people were more scared and respectful towards others.
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