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  1. "But wouldn't you have preferred that 'good service' on the original crossing?" Of course, yes.
  2. After the grotty cabin experience I contacted Brittany Ferries. Customer Services have today reacted generously ! Good service results in one happy traveller. 🙂
  3. The Passenger Locator Forms have changed in their presentation between March and May this year. Each revision appears a backward step ! For example in March the answer to 'Country of Issue of passport' was unsurprisingly … United Kingdom. In May the only answer acceptable for 'Country of Issue of passport' is now… British Citizen ??? It was hard to find that and you cannot submit the form without it, I tried UK ?, England ?, Great Britain ? which were not options. There is no space allocated to include a phone number if you are not in quarantine
  4. I think on the outward crossing there were so few cars the Portsmouth security needed something to do, i.e. justify their presence. At Ouistreham, in my experience the searching has only happened since Brexit. Sort of symbolic. It wasn't hostile because they had the pick of the boot and they chose a bag of jumpers over a cool box. A suspicious mind could have suspected we were carrying cheese or saucisson, they would have been disappointed with the boxes of insulin ! I read in the Telegraph yesterday that tour operator Tui is to offer PCR tests for £20 for "Green" destinat
  5. Part 2, the return…… Mont St Michel 11.00 pm Thursday 6th May Despite there still being a curfew in place in France between 7pm and 6am there was plenty of traffic on the roads between Carhaix and Ouistreham. Arrived in good time and watched the unloading, around a dozen cars, one camper van and a Transit along with a fair amount of freight came off. A varied load for our homebound sailing, around 30 cars and 20 vans. 4 bicycles and one motorbike. Freight was a wonderful mix of a “gift wrapped” sailing boat, a combine harvester, an artic full of Artisan Broccoli, a
  6. No, not seven short blasts but the day we were travelling again. May 1st. A follow up Brittany hospital visit for Mme’s wrist broken during the last trip and we have to attend. With so much paper work required check in took a bit longer. But with everything easy to see in a display book we weren’t delayed for long. Security at Portsmouth gave the car a more thorough going over than a Volvo garage checking the engine compartment, bonnet lining and the whole of the underside with torch and mirror, but weren’t interested in us or our luggage. The Saturday lunchtime Mont Saint Mic
  7. They probably assume you are in your own safe "bubble" .........car.
  8. I wrongly assumed that as we returned to Portsmouth at 6.45am on Friday that Saturday would be day 2. So we took our DIY tests. Using something between a giant cotton bud and a mini bog brush to tickle the tonsils and travel as far up each nostril until it hurts, wasn't too bad. The swab then goes into a plastic tube with liquid, is snapped off so it will fit, clicked closed and back into a plastic box. All bearing the mark "Made in India". A prepaid plastic envelope is then sealed and the deed is done. Here's a question, if you are supposed to be in quarantine and not leav
  9. I was being sarcastic ! The lady making the live announcement to return to vehicles got confused. Public Health England are still calling each day to check we are conforming. Judging from the poor quality line with an echo and occasional difficult to understand accents I think they may originate from overseas call centres. Today for the first time we were both asked, "Can I continue in English ?" BTW. Corporate Travel Management have still not provided the Test Reference Number. Commodore Cabin or Log Cabin. Ship lap effect in the MSM cabin 9006 !
  10. Well our short visit to Brittany for Toussaint stretched to about 21 weeks and ended last Thursday. Just after our arrival Mr Macron called Confinement. We were happy to stay. Our return crossing on Mont St Michel was with ticket Version 8. Version 7 should have been on the re started Bretagne but it wasn’t to be. The paperwork needed to travel was onerous. Timings were crucial, booking Covid tests at the local laboratory that would be still valid 72 hours later went smoothly, they texted a link to the result the same evening, I downloaded and printed the certificate. Next task buy 2 C
  11. A cheap trip, I don't think so. Mme BZH tripped , fell and broke her wrist. Healthcare in Brittany has been superb. Seen within 5 minutes of arriving at Casualty. Kept in overnight. Operation the following day. Overnight stay for observation. Home visits from nurse to change bandages etc. We had booked to return to Uk on Bretagne, now switched to a Caen crossing. Surgeon wants to see her again in May. Can't stay because we will exceed the Schengen 90 day rule. Ok, we are booked to come back for the hospital appointment. Travelling in style with Commodore cabin
  12. As someone who often requests a 9C for "parking near a lift" the new timetable policy of not letting you travel despite a confirmed booking doesn't appear very customer friendly. Information for passengers with disability or reduced mobility. Occasionally, there may be times when your booking has been confirmed but, after consulting with the relevant ships/ports, we may be unable to carry you on a particular sailing due to safety limits.
  13. Yes, Thank you for sharing what happens Lapper. Some good advice there. I emailed NHS and CTM this morning but your message had more info than the NHS response and CTM have yet to reply.
  14. Following on from Lofty’s question, Is there anyone with first hand experience of the latest UK Govt rules for travelling from France to the UK ? I have searched numerous websites but get nowhere. I know we will need to provide BF with a negative Covid-19 test to travel. I know we will have to fill out the passenger locator form having done so several times previously. However it appears I now need a magic number from Corporate Travel Management to complete the Passenger Locator Form, I will receive that number when I’ve paid them a non refundable £210 for two furthe
  15. Another Ouest France story about Galicia, I think this link works, fingers crossed https://www.ouest-france.fr/mer/reportage-a-bord-du-galicia-le-navire-hyperconnecte-de-la-brittany-ferries-7085195
  16. Coronavirus travel updates and advice Last updated: 5 October 15:30 CET As this is the most recent advice, I hope someone at BF will explain how the new French lockdown might affect ferries.
  17. How is this going to work then ? The ferry arrives in Ouistreham at 9.30 pm. The 9pm -6am curfew has now been extended to include Calvados which is the Department for Ouistreham. Could the sailing times be changed or will an Attestation form keep the Gendarmes at bay ?
  18. 9C in our case is a request to be parked near to a lift. Stairs and Asthma don't go well together. It usually works that the loaders seeing the 9C sticker leave you enough space to open the door to get out ! In present times there has been plenty of space, but deck 5 on Bretagne was sometimes a struggle. At times we've had to stand and wait for a lane to drive off before the passenger door could be opened wide enough to get it.
  19. Faced with getting up at 4am for our Toussaint trip I decided to amend the booking to an overnight crossing. With a 9C ticket you can't do that online. Three Cheers for Customer Service, the phone barely had time to ring before a helpful lady answered and sorted the change over in a matter of seconds ! Great service in difficult times, thank you BF.
  20. Afterthought. At 6.30 am the Border Force at Plymouth seemed understaffed. There was no checking of car boots or looking in vans that I saw. There did however appear to be a "naughty step" in a lane off to the right where three vehicles had been sent, possibly as they didn't have Passenger Locator forms. Moving them out of the exit queue should have been a good idea but didn't seem to make much sense when the Border Force officer then had to leave the control box to go and talk to them - resulting in an empty box and no other vehicles able to leave. There was a token Customs man watching cars
  21. With Bretagne laid up we headed to Roscoff for our latest return crossing. Red Bus noted as we drove past ! Not a very busy crossing, cars, camper vans and a couple of Dartmouth Crab Company lorries and one from Falfish. Collecting or delivering ? Deck 3, allocated a blue sticker but it was meaningless. Free for all with people getting out of the cars as soon as they parked resulting in a crowd for stairs or lift. Encouragingly there was a security man on the car deck reminding those who had forgotten to wear a mask. Disappointingly one of the BF crew was more interested in a
  22. They are very good, Three medical suppliers we use ( I say we, I'm just the driver!) for the private work have Optipro in stock, I think they're a Canadian manufacturer and also produce sterile wipes, respirators etc etc. They're well regarded. Inspired by the previous conversations shown above, I've bought myself a box of these. Swiftly delivered to Brittany by Amazon via La Poste. The pack they come in bears 3 addresses, Leeds, Germany, and manufactured in China. The packing note doesn't quite look Canadian ! As long as they conform, t
  23. Mmm !, its that website again . Confusing is an understatement, but I'm led to believe the website designers think its wonderful.
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