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  1. I think that given the low lanemeters Blue Star 1 has, she will be a lot more useful on the Rosslare-Pembroke route. My colleagues on the Calais-Dover route are saying that it is fully packed with freight, so I would better see Isle of Inishmore and another high-capacity vessel on that service rather than a ship with huge pax facilities. They rarely go over 1200 pax on the Calais-Dover route, except at summer.
  2. https://www.irishtimes.com/business/transport-and-tourism/irish-ferries-to-operate-new-service-on-the-dover-calais-route-1.4520765 This morning, several press articles reported that Irish Ferries is about to start its own Calais Dover service in June 2021. According to this new service timing, my bet is that IF will buy or charter the ex-Calais Seaways which will cease service for DFDS the same month, to "add capacity" as stated in the article.
  3. According to Le Marin newspaper, La Mréridionale’s Pelagos has been chartered to DFDS. She would start operations on the 15/03.
  4. With these additional routes, I see less and less the possibility of this LH-Rosslare supposition ... it would give four routes from France to Ireland for BF, can’t see the logic if it happens. Looking forward to see if effectively a part of the Spain-Ireland traffic uses the new links
  5. Demand for Ireland-Eu services is still huge, given the Stena Estrid has sailed « fully booked » with 175 trucks onboard toward Cherbourg, according to RTE.ie I’m wandering how busy are the Rosslare routes right now to Cherbourg. Sorry for the off-topic part.
  6. The ship decks (for the garage, and I'm only talking about the only ship I worked in DFDS : Côte des Flandres) are usually very clean because of the upmost maintenance and care by the crew. We had a weekly "lay-up" of six hours, in the Sunday nights when the crew clean the empty decks. The ambiant moisture and close-to-perfection cleanliness of the boarded vehicles does the rest of it. And if youa re talking about the ship's passenger accommodations, a numerous team does the job so quickly during the calls, you cannot believe it.
  7. This is only about the time it takes to fill a ship with lorries and cars. If not mistaken, Spirit-class are taking a few minutes more to complete their calls. No surprising given the huge intake they have compared to a DFDS C-Class.
  8. That is so true. In June, July and August, we were loading sometimes up to 400 cars in peak weeks, and some 50/60 lorries. But during the rest of the year, it was packed with freight, and only 20/30 cars left. This new ship will be perfect because 90% of the time, we don't have more than 100 cars to board. And still refusing some trucks despite 120 lorries capacity. The challenge with Côte d'Opale will be to respect the 45-minutes turnaround time although she has 3100 lm to fill.
  9. So, by reading all these posts, I guess that Cherbourg will see its activity quite increase in 2021, hopefully enough to compensate the loss of traffic towards and from UK. I wonder with which fleet scheme we will end up once the situation will be a bit quieter the next following months. I hope BF can add more crossings to make a little more cash. Because they need it, it must be kind of very urgent for them to carefully plan what they will do with Galicia, Salamanca and Santona and their buy option. sorry, maybe off topic.
  10. Sounds really good for Cherbourg these last weeks. I hope the flows will at least provide sufficient traffic to justify one departure per day towards Ireland. Will be very intersting to see how things will work with the rail terminal and if Stena pursue their weekly rotation from Dublin (which I doubt). Unquestionably, BF made the right move, but maybe they could have done something a bit more shaky to take a bigger slice of that surging traffic towards the continent. Nevertheless, they are making big cash on Ireland-Spain route.
  11. @LHCity, of course I'd be very pleased to see a LH/IRL service I am just a bit lost over the strategy BF want to follow in these crazy times. I think we'll end up with effectively a Le Havre - Rosslare service, but from a new operator. And BF strengthening its Cherbourg-Rosslare link.
  12. Think I know what you are saying. In this case you’d admit that the huge portfolio of freight customers this operator has is the real advantage ;)
  13. I guess, @LHCity, that these maps are of non importance for now for the shipping companies wanting to open freight services, otherwise, Irish Ferries would never have closed its route from Le Havre 23 years ago. Here, you are focusing (for a few weeks time, now) on the supposed importance of the parisian market for Irish haulage. Let's remember that France itself is only 3,6% of the Irish exports, almost 10 times less than UK, Germany, and Belgium combined. I guess that these maps, are only useful to get an idea of a potential pax market. But it has no use for the freight market.
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