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  1. After traveling with BF and the Pont-Aven for 10 years, my experience is that communication is always very slow and that reservation offices both in France or Ireland often not have information or do not want to tell. The strategy seems to be to wait to the very last minute before getting back to their customers. When the PA cought fire I was supposed to travel the following Saturday from Cork to Roscoff. There was quite some confusion - also understandable - but they left me clueless. As I had to go back in any case, I had to book a trip with Irish Ferries WB Yeats from Dublin to Cherbourg. Reluctantly, I must say. And the surprise, a positive one, was huge. Very good vessel, Deluxe cabins very modern and more comfortable than PA's Commodore Class (double beds, for instance and endless amenities...), very relaxed dog handling (no muzzles) - even though you can't visit Pets all the time and the pee stop is no in fresh air. I liked it. A good alternative, even though Dublin is further away from Kerry than Cork.
  2. it's official: NO Pont Aven sailings this weekend to Ireland! Just talked to Roscoff port staff AND reservations office
  3. What do you think: it is not possible to book any PA sailings until 13th May, they also do not appear in the timetables anymore. Is this just a precaution from BF or a first indication that PA is definitely not operating until 13th May?
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