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  1. Don't know about NHS QR code added to Tous Anti Covid, but we've successfully scanned our Irish HSE QR codes into it. And yes the french app, as loaded on our phones, is all in english. Also means we can activate Track & Trace when we arrive in France.
  2. Ignore my comments above, as I've just read all the inputs on the other forum.
  3. Can't find much in the french media about the beta variant, except for somewhat higher levels of this variant in France's overseas territories. Do members living in France know any more? Just hope the Irish Government don't get wind of UK's reaction and BF continue Irish services as we're due out on 7 August.
  4. Don't bank on smaller car having small doors. We've a Fiat 500 whose doors are far wider than those on the Renault Scenic we use for long distance.
  5. Funnily enough tried that system in Cornwall a few years ago, much to my wife's amusement - was a complete waste of time; when pump started the contents of hosepipe was reasonably warm but that was it.
  6. Daughter and wife got their certs via email yesterday and son-in-law got his by post. Hope mine arrives before 7 August as we're now booked on PA that day. Can't wait.
  7. With regard to smart meters, we're awaiting one to be fitted here in Irish Republic. With solar panels, batteries, etc. fitted and working we do export at times to the grid. Once smart meter fitted it will record export, and in the near future we will be paid for it, up to 30% of our total output. Anything like that in UK?
  8. In BF's CEO's message (updated yesterday) there is a link to a deal BF have set up with Randox for covid testing. Any use?
  9. Anybody got experience of Zappi (intelligent home charging unit for EVs) made by Myenergi. Can be used with solar power or programmed to use off-peak,etc.?
  10. Nice to see PA back on the route. Any idea how many folk were on the return trip? Once we get our EU Digital Covid Cert we'll be looking to book our first away voyage in early August.
  11. Whilst sizing up August possibilities on Cork-Roscoff found that Armorique is off this route until mid September, but not mentioned in CEO's message. Just hope PA isn't taken off as well.
  12. The amount if testing of G7 personnel seems to rule out the conference as main source of recent Cornish covid outbreaks; the main blame is focused on young folk in hospitality. The sooner they get this age group vaccinated the better.
  13. Judging by the queues as seen on BBC & ITV the newspaper reports were correct. Hope this all bodes well for Ireland-France crossings if the Irish Government ever let us out!
  14. Those rackets are a godsend against hornets and the tiger mosquitoes, but not recommended for those stink beetles which plague us in late summer; they get in to our place in Roussillon through the tiniest of cracks. Whacking them or using hoover is not a good idea as the stench lingers. Best to flick them into jar of detergent and water. Just hope we sealed all the windows when we left last October. We've even found the odd one, still alive in the car, this spring here at home.
  15. Years ago we had shares in P&O which gave good discounts. Shares became warrants (when P&O taken over) with similar discounts but routes dwindled and better offers by the company and the tunnel meant the warrants haven't been use for years.
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