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  1. Cork to Roscoff. Yes outer decks were open but no seating available. Also no form filling as we were from Ireland. However not sure if any of NI registered cars' occupants needed them but nothing mentioned onboard.
  2. Travel Cork to Roscoff last Saturday on PA. All cars put on port side of Deck 3 and allowed upstairs in small groups. No public seating available inside or out on deck, except Self Service (but not staggered seatings probably because too few passengers). Flora shut and few in bar. We dined in our cabin. Asked to vacate cabin 20 minutes before docking, but no crowds gathered as car deck open. All crew wearing facemasks even deck hands. In France few shops are making masks obligatory and only half the people we saw were wearing them properly. Campsites here in Argeles are busy but not full. Whilst nightclubs remain closed most campsites are having discos until midnight.
  3. Can I confirm that Fine Whine's emporium is the red bus outfit.
  4. We'll be onboard on Saturday all being well for Cork-Roscoff and will report back on conditions aboard unless someone is on an earlier sailing.
  5. Shame Mr Varadkar couldn't match up with BF's timetable but we'll chance it by catching 4 July sailing from Cork. We're leaving County Wexford (only 216 cases of Covid and few deaths) for Pyrenees Orientales (277 cases of Covid & 34 deaths with nothing new for over a month). Main risk is big influx from Paris. Will report back.
  6. Try contacting via Twitter, using the Direct Message function for security, if quoting any personal information. They do appear to answer these. Phone lines aren't functioning as most of BF staff are still working from home.
  7. With yesterday's news from the Irish Government extending non-essential travel advice for a further 3 weeks, we're expecting an email from BF cancelling our sailing from Cork on 4 July.
  8. No matter when the ferries start sailing, our problem here in Ireland is the government. They have yet to rescind their advice against non-essential travel despite the rest of the EU opening borders on Monday. To travel against Irish Government advice would invalidate any travel insurance.
  9. Irish Ferries' website confirms WB Yeats taking over french route from Epsilon on Tuesday. Interesting to note that unlike BF reclining seats are available to book, and all 4 berth cabins with one occupant are fully booked (assume freight drivers). Well pleased with the article in Saturday's Irish Times in which Guardia confirm that we can cross county boundaries to reach the ports. I had always thought we could but my wife had doubts. Now vindicated. On starting blocks to book Pont Aven from Cork at the end of the month
  10. It's all well and good that WB Yeats is sailing to France from Tuesday but as yet the french haven't opened up their borders to tourists, so Dubliners won't be arriving in their hordes as yet. One joy from the present crisis is that WB Yeats won't be overrun by gangs of school kids like last year.
  11. After the Spanish tourism minister announced that the french/spanish border would open on 22 June, the Spanish PM, two hours later, said no, the border won't open until 1 July
  12. More to the point is the fact thatva lot of ferries have stopped taking foot passengers (BF have certainly said no foots or cyclists
  13. Nice to see Eurostar protecting the customer. As Martin Lewis said, yesterday, on Jeremy Vine show (BBC R2) if the consumer cancels the deal they automatically lose all their rights to refunds, vouchers, etc. We have flights booked with Ryanair in late July, but don't fancy being squeezed in on a plane. We know we'll get no refund and don't want to amend to later date, so we'll lose the money. However might to the Hunter Davies trick of checking in but not turning up so Mr O'Leary can't resell the seats.
  14. Got an email from BF on Friday. At the end it thanks me for my support in “these dark times” (I accepted a credit note without arguing), and offering a “rebooking discount” of 15% using a special link on the email and using the credit note. Can be used on any route this year and next but must book by 31 July 2020. Anybody else seen this? Plus, overnight, Irish Ferries have changed the date of qualifying bookings for free amendments/refunds from 29 June to 12 July. We had a sailing on 1 July and IF have twice advanced the “balance due” date as the virus situation developed. Now we can amend or cancel without a fee or penalty.
  15. If anyone in the UK wished to use France or Spain ferries via Ireland make sure you book your Irish Sea crossing (i.e. the landbridge) via BF as they get quite large discounts from Stena and Irish Ferries.
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