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  1. We're catering for eight at Christmas dinner and herself undecided what to order (goose, turkey, two ducks, etc.). I suggested a quail each so no arguments about who gets breast and who gets a leg.
  2. All a bit galling for all us poor souls in Ireland - no CV membership so no discount. When queried with BF they say CV only possible on UK routes, yet they offer CV membership to French residents and on Irish routes. Have complained before but no joy.
  3. You're right and no CV membership allowed for us in the Emerald Isle
  4. La Flora was open for dinner and breakfast on Irish routes
  5. Remain very jealous of you folks in UK as, despite asking at least once a year, BF won't offer CV membership on Irish routes.
  6. Not only is ATM onboard PA offering a poor rate of exchange but generally all prices are poor value, e.g. breakfast in La Flora is €18.75 or £15. Britline charges €1 per month but annual fee for a debit card is expensive (without checking I think it's €50
  7. Not sure how we would fare if we had in excess of the UK limits but had to return to Ireland via the landbridge. We had to take this route in pre-Brexit days when PA had engine problems.
  8. We came back to Cork last weekend and there we two queues for customs. The lady customs person stopped the odd vehicle but waved many through. We were stuck in slower stream where customs bloke was questioning every car. Luckily he wandered off to get one car & trailer to the inspection bay and told queue to wait. However as queue back up to immigration their officer walked up and waved us all on. In a previous year, with a car and trailer, the conversation with customs went like this:- “Where have you been?” “France” “Any wine?” “Yes but we're not over our limit” “What's the limit?” “90 litres” “Good man. Off you go”
  9. On the same subject, does anyone remember the phone number for BF office in Cork as they were very helpful previously and answered promptly. I know there's an office in central Cork but I thought there was one in Ringaskiddy.
  10. At check-in at Roscoff last Friday evening for sailing to Cork, our check-in didn't take any longer than usual. Handed over ticket, vac certificate and passport plus BF lady wanted sight of our receipts for Passenger Locator Form. Suspect that some passengers didn't have phones or forms ready. French immigration took longer (only two agents on duty for 200+ cars) Despite everybody arriving early for check-in it took forever to load PA and we left nearly an hour late. Present timetable means PA doesn't dock from Plymouth until 1930 with scheduled departure to Cork at 2200 or 2215 - a very tight turnaround. We got on at 2145 and some cabins still not ready.
  11. Yes apologies for that. BF didn't query it but obviously knew what I meant. Seems this year's timetable doesn't allow early boarding as previous years which is a shame as Friday is my birthday and we were looking forward to a meal in La Flora, but not getting aboard until gone 2100 is a bit late.
  12. French website has no sailing updates for Irish crossings at all. Pointed this out to BF on Twitter and got a thank you with promise of it being remedied. We'll see.
  13. The only time we booked a 2 berth, I think on Bretagne, it was bunk beds. Being of a certain age, neither of us felt able to clamber up to the top bunk, so we pulled the mattress down and I slept on the floor. And as for those cabins below the vehicle decks - forget it.
  14. Back to the orginal subject. We were on the Cork-Roscoff sailing two weeks ago and reservations for La Flora were being taken. Quite a queue with the Commodore steward first in line with their bookings. Obviously no buffets but good choice on two or three course menus. Quality wasn't bad but our main course beef was a little overdone. Yes it appears only one sitting but did have choice of start time. Very busy on our trip and social distancing was standard french one metre.
  15. Epsilon must have resolved the issue as she's listed to do her usual one weekend sailing to Cherbourg; hence the “no sailing” note on the Holyhead service.
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