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  1. Hope they sort all the bugs out before they take away the old version still on the “.ie” site
  2. Or bring back the string quartet from Oscar Wilde. Always wondered what we had to do if they started playing “Abide with Me”
  3. Wanting to add to Fine Whine's comments above but not wishing to take up space by quoting him. Another reason Irish folk are favouring the Roscoff route is that many of them holiday on France's west coast and Roscoff is so convenient.
  4. Website not available this morning. Keep getting message “403 Forbidden”. Are they doing maintenance or adding next year's sailings. Even going by the irish website (still the old format) I tried to pull up Sailing Updates but get same message.
  5. Not sure about this new boat. On the Website for MV Michela there's talk of three dormitories with 128 beds, not something the wife and I want to try.
  6. Does rule WBY out of doing Rosslare to Pembroke if ever Inishmore is out of service? We know WBY fits Rosslare as this was first Irish port she docked at before entering service.
  7. Not entirely true, as some of us would rather travel from Cork with BF, or better still from Rosslare with either Stena or whoever pinches IF old berth there. For those of us living in SE Ireland getting to Dublin Port involves two tolls (M50 and tunnel) and then the congestion at the port itself. Catching a ferry at Dublin is a bit like driving through Avonmouth.
  8. BigDW1946

    Cabin decks

    If I remember rightly Bretagne has some cabins on deck 2. Not very pleasant and the stairs are steep. Stayed there once, but after that always checked ticket when booking and if cabin number started with a 2 we rang up and got it changed.
  9. Reported on Irish Ferry Enfhusiasts website that all certification, crew briefing, etc is complete and Stena Europe is expected to resume normal duties middle of next week.
  10. We've seen sniffer dogs at Cherbourg and Roscoff. Also didn't security on Eurotunnel used to swab door handles and steering wheels for drugs?
  11. Hope it's not a medium term layup as we're due aboard on 1 October from Roscoff to Cork
  12. It's more than 2 hours. We've timed it aboard the WBY and Dublin to come level with Rosslare is nearer 4 hours
  13. Don't forget that there is motorway all the way from Dublin past Enniscorthy, leaving only a few miles of ordinary road to Rosslare.
  14. Have just driven down through France, stopping mid way in Vierzon where the hotel offers a cheese trolley with 30+ cheeses. Always a delight to taste Livarot, Pont L'Eveque, St Nectaire, etc. Just don't tell my doctor who's cholesterol believer.
  15. Talking of Livarot cheese reminds me of the gite we stayed at several times in the late 80s. It was owned by Madam Duval whose maiden name was Fromage. The local churchyard at St Michel de Livet is full of headstones of the Fromages.
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