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  1. Even Irish Ferries have one concession in that one return trip to France in the summer gets you a free return trip to UK, albeit with quite strict conditions.
  2. Mr T's prices agree very much with ours in 2020 from this side of the Irish Sea. About time BF offered CV membership on these crossings.
  3. To add to my comment above this quote from travelexpert.ie If you are travelling to Spain, including the Canary Islands, between the 23rd and 30th of November, you will need to produce confirmation of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival . If you are travelling to Spain, including the Canary Islands between the 30th November and 14th December you are NOT required to provide a negative PCR test (as Ireland is considered an Orange region). If Ireland remains orange/amber on the 3rd December, a negative PCR will not be required for arrivals up to the 28th of December.
  4. Can't confirm this at present but with Ireland going from red to orange, under EU travel regulations, it may mean that the covid test may not be required when travelling to Spain from RoI from end of November
  5. Not everyone are “idiots flaunting the regulations” - what about lorry drivers and other commercial interests. I also aware of a UK couple who had to return from Spain for a medical emergency but now need to return to Spain to retrieve their car from Alicante airport and ensure their property is secure, etc for the winter; this includes sealing doors and windows, otherwise they'll have a house full of cockroaches when they return in 2021
  6. Points taken. Not normally Mildrew, but missing our two weeks of Spanish autumn sunshine, and our Xmas shopping trip to UK. Can't even drive to Dublin because of Guardia checkpoints.
  7. Oooh aren't we the clever ones. I was told that sarcasm was the lowest firm of wit.
  8. Irish Ferries' WB Yeats has fixed internal ramps.
  9. Have either company indicated which vessels will be in service?
  10. Apologies for my gaff. Yes I was thinking of St Malo to Rennes. Shouldn't read these postings so early in the morning. At keasr it gave you all something to talk about.
  11. I assume the maps were produced based on HGV traffic, as I can make Rennes from Roscoff in just over an hour in a car. What speed was used as a base for the maps?
  12. The advantage of Cherbourg over St Malo is that with the former you are straight on to fast roads, avoiding the town.
  13. Recently drove through Le Boulou (south of Perpignan) where it seems the lorry via rail service to Paris is up and running again. There were fewer of the purpose built wagons in the sidings and the ones there look reconditioned and newly painted.
  14. At our time of life the top bunk is a no-no (stairs & ladders are new concept when you live in aa bungalow). Whilst I don't like the vessel, IF's W B Yeats has larger cabins than any of BF's standard cabins; I say this because in any BF en-suite I have to have one foot in the shower tray for a stand up pee.
  15. Got text message Thursday evening, while at hotel in Vierzon that our Roscoff-Cork crossing on Friday delayed from 2030 to 2300 with promise that arrival in Cork would be as planned at 0930. So time to kill but weather in Brittany was continuous heavy rain from mid afternoon. PA arrived later than planned at Roscoff at 2030 (instead of 1900) but despite crew change we were aboard by 2200. A few lorries but over 100 cars all on Deck 3. Quite a few nationalities (Dutch, Swiss, Spanish) and we speculated that some were destined for UK to avoid quarantine there). Off the dock at 2300 with waves re
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