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  1. Here in Irish Republic things have got a little stricter with almost a lock-down for but essential workers. The Prime Minister did cause a bit of a panic in his Saturday evening address. Folks are supposed to exercise within 2 Km of home, but people thought this meant shopping as well and there was a rush to the shops. I'm over the magic age of 70 and thus am supposed to be cocooning, i.e. stay indoors for at least 14 days and abide by 10 pages of rules. Not even supposed to eat with my wife, and not share bathrooms or beds - some hopes
  2. You do wonder about some supermarkets and their responsibility fir its' customers. Watched a Sainsbury store on TV last night showing it opening early for the oldies. Queues outside before opening and very crowded once inside. No attempts to separate people at all, snd the pensioners didn't seem to bother either. A couple of “at risk” ladies interviewed said they'd shopped so they dudn't have to come out again - may be too late.
  3. For people with issues about staying indoors there's nothing to stop those with their own transport going for a drive as well as walking. We intend to do this here in the Irish Republic, as we're self isolating, as requested by the government, after returning from France on Monday. Good job we have a daughter nearby as home delivery of groceries is hopeless. We tried to register for Tesco's oldies scheme, but no chance of getting through on phone line, and even if we did succeed the first delivery would have been the beginning of April.
  4. Hf-uk asked about my other three cancellations on PA in the last year. One was weather and two were engine problems. Eventually got back to Ireland yesterday after changing bookings again, when following Mr Macron's announcement Saturday our holiday accommodation was closed on Sunday. So using the web (office not yet open) we got ourselves back via Caen - Portsmouth and Pembroke - Rosslare. BF refunded our previous booking but I'm out of pocket on the UK/Ireland route. Might ask BF for contribution later. The French and Spanish governments reactions were caused by Madrid and Paris citizens who took school closures as an excuse for an extra holiday. We saw this in Sables d'Olonne on Saturday when loads of Parisians were crowding restaurants etc. Now with everything shut they're going home.
  5. Luckily we noticed straightaway and rang to organise our return to Ireland, but Plymouth office can only get us to UK (which we hoped to avoid). Now have to wait until Monday for Cork office to open to arrange land bridge hopefully at their expense. No explanation as to coronavirus rationale. This will be our fourth PA cancellation in less than twelve months.
  6. Sailed Plymouth - Roscoff on Friday evening, and residing on holiday in Sables D'Olonne. Everywhere we've been has been business as usual. Haven't seen a face-mask and supermarkets are fully stocked. Even managed to buy medicinal alcohol (70%) from well stocked shelf. More worrying was the unit of fully armed french soldiers who welcomed us aboard Armarique on the car deck and in reception. Also in attendance as we disembarked.
  7. Gareth, as someone who lives in the hinterland of Rosslare, known over here as the sunny South East, I'd like to point out that there is plenty of beautiful and cultural sites and things to do in this part of Ireland. Plus the the M11 finishes only 30Km short of Rosslare which means Dublin and the rest of Leinster is less than 2 hours away. I could go on, go on, go on
  8. I agree with Gareth's comments. Plus any traffic from Cork can get to Rosslare 30 minutes quicker now that the New Ross bypass & bridge opens tomorrow Friday.
  9. A similar system to that proposed by BF already operates out of a depot close to the A9 near Perpignan (La Boulou), which takes freight to Paris and beyond. Not sure how much it is used as there always seems to be spare wagons by the main road. Also the equivalent of 50 lorries a day of fruit & veg are loaded on carriages at Perpignan for transport to Rungis (the big Paris wholesale market). Needless to say lorry drivers have protested despite the reduced carbon footprint
  10. Enjoyed reading all the contributions on this, and feeling rather jealous, as moving to Ireland meant losing Club Voyage membership (doesn't work on Cork-Roscoff. Still enjoy trips on Pont Aven.
  11. Usually enjoy La Flora meals, and last year the starter, dessert & cheese buffets were as good as ever. But the Pont Aven fish course was sturgeon and it was dry and overcooked (reckon it was a job lot from the guys in France producing caviar)
  12. On our two trips on the Connemara last year (Roscoff to Cork) I don't remember seeing any cyclists on board, unlike our crossing on Pont Aven.
  13. If I remember correctly the gadget was filmed by Countryfile at Southampton.
  14. IF do cancel more often in bad weather than Stena on this southern route. Also Stena crew with local Irish personnel (we know some of the catering staff). During winter months certain areas of Inishmore are closed which can make it a bit cramped on busy times like Christmas.
  15. Here in the Emerald Isle it's Galway oysters
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