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  1. With France being on Ireland's list of countries requiring hotel quarantine, I haven't been able to work out the logistics of getting arrivals at Rosslare & Cork to the hotels, which all seem to centre on Dublin Airport. Arrival by plane at Dublin is straightforward as you're escorted to hotel buses by the military. But if you arrive by ferry in car/van what happens?
  2. I'd like to add Dublin to the list of naff ports. It's reached by a very boring toll tunnel after which it's like driving through Avonmouth in the UK. Once on the ferry the view across the Liffey includes the foaming outfall of the sewage works and two redundant chimneys that some in Ireland want to spend several million euros on their restoration.
  3. In Ireland vaccination very slow and blamed on poor delivery from AstraZeneca. This has lead to several changes in vaccination programme, plus Government have changed their minds on who gets jabs first. Also poor logistics have caused cancelled vaccination sessions. Haven't seen so much about poor AZ deliveries elsewhere in EU, so wonder if Ireland being short-changed (Irish Times has speculated). Now Scandinavia has reported several adverse reactions to AZ vaccine so Irish Government has suspended AZ jabs. Lots of speculation that this is a ploy to cover up other issues with delivery,
  4. Getting more and more worried about situation in France which had more than 30,000 new cases today. The trend is slowly rising. Has Macron got a real grip on this. Could be that this summer we're allowed out of Ireland but can't go to France.
  5. We had a BF flexi booking for Cork-Roscoff and Cherbourg-Rosslare in April and were thinking of cancelling and amending to later in the year. However BF beat us to it and have cancelled all bookings until 17 May, even though sailings are still in the timetables (freight I assume). Have been offered free amendment, voucher, or full refund.
  6. Bit of a shambles here in the Irish Republic. Government blaming delivery problems from AstraZeneca, but logistics all over the place. Some doctors getting vaccines but no syringes or visa versa. Our surgery received just 35 doses, whilst a doctors in Kerry got ten times what they ordered and are vaccinating the entire village. Also the order of vaccination keeps changing to reflect deliveries, some groups being pushed up the order, and certain occupations trying to push in. Can't see us escaping to France before June/July at the earliest and the campsite's annual bill arrived today.
  7. Could Free Port mean reviving Plymouth Airport, or have they built houses on it?
  8. With regard to Brighton Marina, I only remember the foot passenger fast craft to Dieppe. Made a nice day out, especially on Saturdays as it arrived just in time for Dieppe market.
  9. Basically it says mire than 8000 lorries have arrived in Cherbourg in the last month. Ferry arrivals have double plus other ports are gearing up for more traffic. Try cutting & pasting into Google Translate - it's improved quite a bit these days.
  10. Have been following this route for some time. Interesting that the vessel went to N Africa for Christmas & New Year.
  11. Correction. N25 testing station didn't open on time, but maybe Monday. Government and Wexford CC a bit slow, despite knowing France's likely requirements some time ago. Have not seen much feedback from freight drivers about the testing or direct ferry crossings. Anyone else heard anything?
  12. Third test centre for Irish hauliers actually set up on N25 halfway between New Ross and Rosslare. Also lorry drivers in Western Ireland can drive in their cars to Shannon or Cork airports for testing before joining their HGVs
  13. France now demanding negative Covid 19 tests for all freight drivers arriving from Ireland, so today new testing facilities set up at Blue Car Park @ Dublin Airport (for Dublin Port) and Gorey Services on M11 (for Rosslare). The tests are the simple ones with result in the hour. Extra test centre to be set up at Rosslare itself. Wonder if car passengers will go through these later in the year?
  14. You'd be surprised how much Irish fish & fish products are exported to France. We've seen Irish crabs, oysters, even mussels in french supermarkets as far south as Perpignan.
  15. Sometimes the cruise ships do a trip from Weymouth to Southampton. Aurora did this yesterday. Is this to refuel or restock?
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