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  1. Recently drove through Le Boulou (south of Perpignan) where it seems the lorry via rail service to Paris is up and running again. There were fewer of the purpose built wagons in the sidings and the ones there look reconditioned and newly painted.
  2. At our time of life the top bunk is a no-no (stairs & ladders are new concept when you live in aa bungalow). Whilst I don't like the vessel, IF's W B Yeats has larger cabins than any of BF's standard cabins; I say this because in any BF en-suite I have to have one foot in the shower tray for a stand up pee.
  3. Got text message Thursday evening, while at hotel in Vierzon that our Roscoff-Cork crossing on Friday delayed from 2030 to 2300 with promise that arrival in Cork would be as planned at 0930. So time to kill but weather in Brittany was continuous heavy rain from mid afternoon. PA arrived later than planned at Roscoff at 2030 (instead of 1900) but despite crew change we were aboard by 2200. A few lorries but over 100 cars all on Deck 3. Quite a few nationalities (Dutch, Swiss, Spanish) and we speculated that some were destined for UK to avoid quarantine there). Off the dock at 2300 with waves re
  4. News item says she's going to be freight only, but an experimental booking allowed for car & trailer. However cabin choice a bit sparse.
  5. I agree with Nick. There is no proof that foreign travel is a major cause of infection and if it was then there would be lockdowns on travel to & from countries, not just “advice”. Irish medical “experts” tried to blame foreign travel some time ago until evidence showed it was responsible for less than 2% of infections and they haven't mentioned it since.
  6. Irish Government announced new 6 month plan today with levels 1-5 with 1 being the lowest levels. Whole country on level 2 despite Dublin area having massive increases in covid cases; they're having a few more restrictions, eg their pubs won't open on 21/9 like rest of republic. interesting note here on the Med, near Perpignan. Whilst France has social distancing at 1 metre, on the beaches the rule is 3 metres even in the water. Most folks are abiding by face-mask rules in shops,etc but some restaurants look a bit crowded.
  7. Nowhere near as generous as the old “EU paid“ rules with 90 litres of wine, 110 litres of beer, etc. However those in Northern Ireland can land those quantities at Dublin, Cork, or Rosslare and drive across the border with no hassle. It would also work for those living in Northern UK if they take an extra ferry crossing.
  8. My daughter has just taken grandson to uni in London from irish Republic and bar for hotels and the university, she was shocked by the lack of social distancing and mask wearing in supermarkets etc, compared to our bit of south east Ireland.
  9. If the UK anything like Ireland then “travel abroad” counts for less than 3% of all Covid cases. It's stupid behaviour of those mentioned above in this forum whose lack of standard precautions is causing these increases in cases.
  10. For us not in the know what is Ropax?
  11. I forget who was asking about why any new quarantine restrictions come into force at 0400. It's because the government believes there are no planes/flights in the air at that time. Obviously didn't take ferries into account.
  12. Fingers crossed she completes all her sailings for this route until the end of October, snd that we'll see and end to the virus Issues by next year so we can all enjoy La Flora restaurant once again (but not the sturgeon)
  13. CEO didn't mention that he'd already chopped Roscoff-Rosslare service for September/October. Hope PA keeps sailing to Cork otherwise it's IF or Stena to get us home.
  14. The gripe with the Rosslare-Roscoff sailings is that there has been no mention in our CEO's updates; in fact he last said that Irish routes were OK.
  15. Who turns their phone off to charge it? Does anyone have the information as to how many follow-ups have been done. In Ireland they've only phoned 10% of incomers and only 50% of those actually answered the phone.
  16. Not sure if this is correct forum but Kerry's sailings Roscoff - Rosslare have disappeared after 1 September. This was not mentioned in CEO's recent pronouncement. Any ideas?
  17. Judging by recent weather, it's caused by the torrential rain washing the colour out of the shamrock In the hills behind Cork.
  18. We found the food on the Connemara to be good quality and the staff were always very helpful (even carried trays to table for customers when crossing a bit choppy. Our only complaint was that there was never any chips on offer. On the other hand wine was very reasonably priced.
  19. Border Control have no powers to stop anyone leaving the country. When you return you will need to advice them where you will quarantining for the next 14 days so they can check up if needs be. I don't know how well UK follow up on quarantining people, but here in Ireland it not been handled very well; recent reports quoted in the papers said of 60,000 people arriving at Dublin Airport only 4,000 were followed up by phone and of those only 2,000 answered their phones. We've been quarantining for a fortnight after returning from France and nobody has contacted us despite filling in all the
  20. Blaming foreign travel, in the latest months, is a non starter. The Irish Government tried to use this excuse and its' own data proved it wrong. Less than 2% of all cases in the Republic can be attributed to foreign travel and despite all these flights arriving from the good old US of A.
  21. Obviously security at Roscoff ain't what it was. When we've come back from there we've seen them crawl all over the lorries, camper vans and caravans.
  22. With regard to infrastructure required (e.g. wagons etc.) , for Perpignan-Rugis route the wagons and loading facilities already exist at Le Boulou, south of Perpignan, from a previous venture.
  23. Arrived in Dublin yesterday aboard WB Yeats from Cherbourg. Covid precautions were in evidence for most of the trip, except end of sailing when we were thrown out of the cabins 30 mins before car decks available (told to assemble in the brasserie!). And as usual the ferry docked well past 1100 instead of 1045 - is it ever on time?. Checkin at Cherbourg was very slow, even with only 50+ vehicles onboard, because instead of handing covid disclaimer forms in the queue each car had to fill them in at the window. On the plus side and to allow passengers to spend as much time in cabins, IF offered a
  24. Been told that if you can blow a match out wearing the mask it's no good. That from a registered carer.
  25. BigDW1946

    2021 Timetables

    Perhaps the offer of two sailings per week Cork to Roscoff replaces any Roscoff offerings from Rosslare. Shame as a 30 min drive to Rosslare is preferable to two & a half hours to Cork.
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