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  1. French mayors are reported as saying that France's approach to vaccination is “very amateur”. Unlike many other European countries France hasn't seen a sudden increase following the “UK variant”; it seems to be plateauing around the 20,000 cases a day. Not sure why this is, as hospitalisations are on the increase.
  2. Good to see this route going ahead, but timetable on ie website only shows this coming Monday's departure or is the route destined to be freight only at this stage?
  3. Does anyone have any information as to how Irish Republic Customs are handling this issue with regards to meat & dairy in personal goods brought over from the UK. Could mean no Compton Bassett Stilton and proper black pudding from Waitrose when we next pop over to England (whenever that will be).
  4. Have Irish Ferries seen the error of their ways having previously said that the landbridge was stiil the way to go? This weekend see WB Yeats and Epsilon on the Dublin-Cherbourg route - does anyone have the lowdown on this U-tiurn? Also watched Boris appearing before parliamentary committee yesterday; he insisted that UK - Ireland/N. Ireland traffic was running smoothly. This is not what We're seeing in the Irish media. Some hauliers also complaining of being bounced off DFDS ferries from France by vital medical supplies.
  5. Excuse me if I've picked the wrong forum, but I think it's food related. Does anyone know what all the short wheel-based Polish registered vans carry? Everywhere we've been in France, Spain, etc we seem to encounter them on non motorway roads, avoiding tolls.
  6. These rules are going to hurt some folks we know. One couple swear by Costco black pudding & bacon. Another family take enough frozen meat & milk (?) to last them a fortnight or so. As we'll be coming to France from Ireland we can see an interesting money-spinner delivering Irish meat & dairy to our famished UK friends.
  7. Stena also cut back sailings on Holyhead - Dublin over this weekend. A total of 12 return sailings on Irish Sea over 5 days. Seems last week they transported just four artics on four sailings. Mostly down to Brexit paperwork and reluctance of hauliers to risk being turned back.
  8. Looks like WB Yeats is off to France again on Friday. A haulier was quoted in the Irish Times earlier in the week that he couldn't get a booking on the Epsilon so looks like IF have responded
  9. Interesting to note this week that Irish Ferries boss was still promoting the UK landbridge as the most suitable route for hauliers from the northern half of Ireland (shorter sea crossings less prone to cancellations, etc.) However just spotted that from mid week WB Yeats swaps routes with Epsilon. Irish Ferries must have noticed that all ferries leaving Rosslare for France are fully booked.
  10. A Happy New Year to BFE personnel and all contributors. Today's the day that Rosslare Europort actually lives up to its' name as extra sailings direct to France start up. Unfortunately the covid lockdown means I can't get down to Rosslare (only 40 minutes away); only essential journeys and 5Km limit for taking exercise and guardia have rolling checkpoints.
  11. We're a but jealous of you all in UK, as Irish Government are so worried about litigation, in the event of side effects, that rollout of Pfizer vaccine is very slow, plus we're supposed to read two 10 page documents before we get the jab. To add to our misery, EU regulators won't approve the Oxford vaccine until the end of January at the earliest. Wonder if we could leg it to Wales and sign on at the nearest medical centre. Happy New Year
  12. Season's Greeting to all. Let's hope all those drivers stranded in Kent get some sort of Christmas when they finally get home. Looking forward to a busy 2021 in Rosslare. Booked for France in April - fingers crossed.
  13. Worth remembering that these rules are not based on which passport you hold but which country you're coming from. So plan your trip via the Republic of Ireland and you're in to EU. As mentioned elsewhere this is all down to Covid 19 and will resolve itself in the New Year.
  14. Marine Traffic says Foreteller is headed for Falmouth but current position is mid way between Pembroke and Rosslare - is she popping into the latter for a berthing trial?
  15. BF appear to be enforcing the rules as someone was complaining on Twitter, that their father, moving to Spain, with all his worldly goods, was turned away as he'd not had the test. BF was getting the blame. Do some people not read the news?
  16. Think there are several factors at play here. There is the exchange rate £ to € and BF seem to use one that favours them (we always pay in pounds even on Irish routes). Plus 30 August is Bank Holiday Monday which is a popular week to away before kids go back to school.
  17. Never mind whether Le Havre can handle the trade - can Dublin cope with extra sailings? The port's CEO was moaning to a parliamentary committee yesterday that to avoid congestion at the port he's trying to get current ferry operators to stagger their arrivals but they won't budge.
  18. Even Irish Ferries have one concession in that one return trip to France in the summer gets you a free return trip to UK, albeit with quite strict conditions.
  19. Mr T's prices agree very much with ours in 2020 from this side of the Irish Sea. About time BF offered CV membership on these crossings.
  20. To add to my comment above this quote from travelexpert.ie If you are travelling to Spain, including the Canary Islands, between the 23rd and 30th of November, you will need to produce confirmation of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival . If you are travelling to Spain, including the Canary Islands between the 30th November and 14th December you are NOT required to provide a negative PCR test (as Ireland is considered an Orange region). If Ireland remains orange/amber on the 3rd December, a negative PCR will not be required for arrivals up to the 28th of December.
  21. Can't confirm this at present but with Ireland going from red to orange, under EU travel regulations, it may mean that the covid test may not be required when travelling to Spain from RoI from end of November
  22. Not everyone are “idiots flaunting the regulations” - what about lorry drivers and other commercial interests. I also aware of a UK couple who had to return from Spain for a medical emergency but now need to return to Spain to retrieve their car from Alicante airport and ensure their property is secure, etc for the winter; this includes sealing doors and windows, otherwise they'll have a house full of cockroaches when they return in 2021
  23. Points taken. Not normally Mildrew, but missing our two weeks of Spanish autumn sunshine, and our Xmas shopping trip to UK. Can't even drive to Dublin because of Guardia checkpoints.
  24. Oooh aren't we the clever ones. I was told that sarcasm was the lowest firm of wit.
  25. Irish Ferries' WB Yeats has fixed internal ramps.
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