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  1. We came back to Cork last weekend and there we two queues for customs. The lady customs person stopped the odd vehicle but waved many through. We were stuck in slower stream where customs bloke was questioning every car. Luckily he wandered off to get one car & trailer to the inspection bay and told queue to wait. However as queue back up to immigration their officer walked up and waved us all on. In a previous year, with a car and trailer, the conversation with customs went like this:- “Where have you been?” “France” “Any wine?” “Yes but we're not over our limit” “What's the limit?” “90 litres” “Good man. Off you go”
  2. On the same subject, does anyone remember the phone number for BF office in Cork as they were very helpful previously and answered promptly. I know there's an office in central Cork but I thought there was one in Ringaskiddy.
  3. At check-in at Roscoff last Friday evening for sailing to Cork, our check-in didn't take any longer than usual. Handed over ticket, vac certificate and passport plus BF lady wanted sight of our receipts for Passenger Locator Form. Suspect that some passengers didn't have phones or forms ready. French immigration took longer (only two agents on duty for 200+ cars) Despite everybody arriving early for check-in it took forever to load PA and we left nearly an hour late. Present timetable means PA doesn't dock from Plymouth until 1930 with scheduled departure to Cork at 2200 or 2215 - a very tight turnaround. We got on at 2145 and some cabins still not ready.
  4. Yes apologies for that. BF didn't query it but obviously knew what I meant. Seems this year's timetable doesn't allow early boarding as previous years which is a shame as Friday is my birthday and we were looking forward to a meal in La Flora, but not getting aboard until gone 2100 is a bit late.
  5. French website has no sailing updates for Irish crossings at all. Pointed this out to BF on Twitter and got a thank you with promise of it being remedied. We'll see.
  6. The only time we booked a 2 berth, I think on Bretagne, it was bunk beds. Being of a certain age, neither of us felt able to clamber up to the top bunk, so we pulled the mattress down and I slept on the floor. And as for those cabins below the vehicle decks - forget it.
  7. Back to the orginal subject. We were on the Cork-Roscoff sailing two weeks ago and reservations for La Flora were being taken. Quite a queue with the Commodore steward first in line with their bookings. Obviously no buffets but good choice on two or three course menus. Quality wasn't bad but our main course beef was a little overdone. Yes it appears only one sitting but did have choice of start time. Very busy on our trip and social distancing was standard french one metre.
  8. Epsilon must have resolved the issue as she's listed to do her usual one weekend sailing to Cherbourg; hence the “no sailing” note on the Holyhead service.
  9. Interesting observation here in Pyrenees Orientales. We went shopping on Friday afternoon to Auchan in Perpignan, one of three shopping centres where you have to have your covid pass OK'd to enter the mall. The whole centre and supermarket areas were a lot quieter than usual, with lots of space between customers and no queues at checkout. Even the car park was the quietest we seen fir years at this time of year. Is this down to poor uptake by the French for the vaccine? Has anyone else seen similar?
  10. Sorry but buffet counters in La Flora restaurant are empty at present but 2/3 course menu was very good we ee travelled on PA a week or so ago.
  11. Didn't go down too well a week ago, as we left Cork, when the announcement was made that “time aboard PA was British time”. Did hear a few Irish grumbles.
  12. Had a good trip on PA (Cork-Roscoff) last Saturday. Very busy at Cork because PA late docking because of bow door problems at Roscoff on previous evening plus medical emergency (lady had a fall). Because unloading traffic taking up loading lanes plus Customs etc working those queues, we had to sit in more queues before check-in booths. However to speed things up check-in personal ran up and down the queues checking documents and issuing boarding cards, cabin keys and the like. Loading PA was done on time, when arrivals out the way. From what we could see Deck 4 must have been fairly full as last few cars and us with trailer were put on Deck 3 with half a dozen lorries. Despite warning that check-in would close one and a half hours before sailing the last few cars arrived within minutes of departure and got on. About 30% of cars onboard were foreign; mostly french plus dutch and german and most seemed to be tourists. PA seemed as full as a normal Saturday crossing. We queued for reservation for La Flora restaurant and come dinner time social distancing there was quite minimal with few tables spare. Food was very good. Obviously no buffets but good choice and only complaint was our main course beef was slightly overcooked. Next morning tge usual announcements that both restaurants were open quickly followed by “get out of your cabins” with staff hammering on doors within seconds. Being on Deck 3 we were off in first tranche at border control which was quite slow as passports, health declaration forms, and covid Q codes all checked. As British citizens living in Ireland we expected our passports to be stamped but they weren't. Does this mean we can outstay the 90 days? With the boat being quite full it must have taken a couple of hours or so to process all the vehicles. On our journey down through France to Argeles we saw no UK cars at all and none in first few days here. Hope this is of use to members. .
  13. PA was very late arriving in Cork on Saturday for our sailing to Roscoff. We got away on time but PA was unloading at Cork until 1430. Via Twitter heard that bow doors wouldn't open previous evening in Roscoff so PA was reversed and cars etc had to reverse on and off. Does anyone have better info? Will write-up or voyage report at later date. Bow doors OK for our crossing
  14. Don't know about NHS QR code added to Tous Anti Covid, but we've successfully scanned our Irish HSE QR codes into it. And yes the french app, as loaded on our phones, is all in english. Also means we can activate Track & Trace when we arrive in France.
  15. Ignore my comments above, as I've just read all the inputs on the other forum.
  16. Can't find much in the french media about the beta variant, except for somewhat higher levels of this variant in France's overseas territories. Do members living in France know any more? Just hope the Irish Government don't get wind of UK's reaction and BF continue Irish services as we're due out on 7 August.
  17. Don't bank on smaller car having small doors. We've a Fiat 500 whose doors are far wider than those on the Renault Scenic we use for long distance.
  18. Funnily enough tried that system in Cornwall a few years ago, much to my wife's amusement - was a complete waste of time; when pump started the contents of hosepipe was reasonably warm but that was it.
  19. Daughter and wife got their certs via email yesterday and son-in-law got his by post. Hope mine arrives before 7 August as we're now booked on PA that day. Can't wait.
  20. With regard to smart meters, we're awaiting one to be fitted here in Irish Republic. With solar panels, batteries, etc. fitted and working we do export at times to the grid. Once smart meter fitted it will record export, and in the near future we will be paid for it, up to 30% of our total output. Anything like that in UK?
  21. In BF's CEO's message (updated yesterday) there is a link to a deal BF have set up with Randox for covid testing. Any use?
  22. Anybody got experience of Zappi (intelligent home charging unit for EVs) made by Myenergi. Can be used with solar power or programmed to use off-peak,etc.?
  23. Nice to see PA back on the route. Any idea how many folk were on the return trip? Once we get our EU Digital Covid Cert we'll be looking to book our first away voyage in early August.
  24. Whilst sizing up August possibilities on Cork-Roscoff found that Armorique is off this route until mid September, but not mentioned in CEO's message. Just hope PA isn't taken off as well.
  25. The amount if testing of G7 personnel seems to rule out the conference as main source of recent Cornish covid outbreaks; the main blame is focused on young folk in hospitality. The sooner they get this age group vaccinated the better.
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