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  1. My new affiliation with Brittany Ferries has been my first and I fear last. I liken it to Ryan Air on the high seas. If I don't get compensation for my stopover expenses in Roscoff last weekend then that will be confirmed. Lets hope a decent ship is allocated on the Ireland - Spain route by Irish Ferries with whom I have never had any major problems in over 20 years - just saying.
  2. We were informed at 12.30 the sailing tonight was cancelled. I guess compensation is excluded somewhere in the small print so that is the start and the end of the holiday ruined and the extra costs will be a reminder. They dont answer the phone which is rather Ryan Air'ish as in a crisis just shut up shop. We have dogs in kennels and now have a hotel to add with an early start in the morning with a whole day on a ferry not of our choosing.
  3. Thanks Gareth it would be nice to get aboard for the first time.
  4. So we are booked on the planned return from Roscoff back to Cork this Friday pm so is this still able to happen as we have not been told otherwise?
  5. 21.40 and we on board but were among the first.
  6. I have just joined up as I am on my first trip fro Cork to Roscoff on Pont Aven. Sadly that trip is now in some disarray as the fire has taken us onto the Amorique so no relaxing restaurant but a mad dash to the self service along with everyone else as the delayed departure time is now much later at 21.30. I have been using the Ir**h Ferries enthusiasts forum as I was on regular trips on Innishmore and Ulysees but those days are over as we will be using the Cork to France route more now. My claim to fame would be my last trip on the W B Yeats when it was on its maiden voyage on UK run. I was the first to use the Club lounge with only 4 of us in the whole place. It was really good quality all round - very impressed and well worth the extra for those facilities. Our new ticket suggests the PontAven will be used on the return on 17th May but going by you guys that may not actually happen. No reduction for the lesser facilities but hey ho. I may have gone for a better cabin had I known we will likely spend more time in it than planned. I will be keeping an eye on news here.
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