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  1. I just inherited a property in France. garden untouched for over 10 years, luckily house is fine thou currently paying monthly for someone to check on the property - never met them, but pleasant enough when emailing/spoke on phone. My first question was - what the .... do I do with it. I’m only in my mid 30s. But then I think - I only live once, why not. Just need 1k a year to keep it going, if I can get over once a month during spring/summer as a retreat, and somehow holiday rent the rest to cover the costs, then I be happy. If I sell, it will always be “what if” Pe
  2. PGTV

    Drakes Island

    Nah not me. The only time I come anywhere near Drakes Island is when I’m propped up against the bar on the Armorique
  3. Don’t forget the animal rights demonstration every Friday from Plymouth on the Val. She used to carry live animals on the Friday night crossing - so these animal protestors used to block Millbay. From memory it got quite nasty as it gained more exposure from the media - hence I think BF no longer carries live animals?
  4. It’s next to the mini roundabout (where the AA vans usually park)
  5. Bit like my neighbour has a brand new car on the drive way - to look “good” - but never drives it as cannot afford the petrol to put in it. their other car is an clapped out Vauxhall Astra - says it all really...
  6. I’ve also been a victim of the heavy mob of Roscoff too Apparently two petrol strimmers, chainsaw, rope, axe, heavy duty cutters, gloves, cable ties and a can of petrol made them nervous. I couldn’t see their reason why. I was told to take the car to lane 26 (I was the only one in that lane) - then a lady came out of the building, asked me many questions, kept me waiting. Filled in forms that I had to take it with me. I was one of the last to board - down in the deck with the trucks. ironically a few weeks later - I booked in Plymouth to go over again, with the same equipment. I
  7. If you like using the chainsaw - I have a garden that hasn’t been touched since 2009. I even throw in some beers... offer is open to anyone 👍
  8. You are 100% correct (for me atleast) Tax (two lots a year). Do not speak a single word of french. The field was once grass - now it’s a forest. Septic tank that cannot accept UK bum paper. Amen to their bureaucratic system - google translate came to the rescue many times. Heaven knows how much has been spent over the years.... Yet you only live once
  9. Have I missed something? thought the Friday day crossing from 2021 departs Plymouth at 13:00 and arrives at 19:45 (French time). As a property owner also (nr Carhaix), this is a pain in the bottom as I will arrive basically in the evening. Much prefer arriving early afternoon - atleast I can turn the electric and water on in daylight. Believe me - who ever thought of putting a stop cock in the middle of a field, about a meter down a hole needs shooting. Impossible to do in the dark cant BF compromise and depart at 11am instead...
  10. Funny enough - we always thought that. Living in Plymouth is ideal, it’s literally 10 minute drive to the terminal. We arrive in the morning fresh as a daisy, while others you can see traveled through the night. They are usually fast asleep by the break water! have a coffee by around 10am, then lunch at 1pm. By which time France can just about be seen. Arrive by 3pm, and on the road by 4pm for a leisure drive of about 1hr and a bit. Turn off the main road - then the butterflies start - what has happened to the place since last visit. Only to arrive to find everything is ok, but the garden
  11. Poullaouen - so just down the road between Huelgoat and Carhaix
  12. All sounds familiar, especially red bus place. More of a Lidl and le clerc Carhaix shopper personally. unfortunately I inherited a house in France nr Carhaix. My parents bought it for retirement, sadly both never made retirement age. The house was long term empty due to ill health - the garden is a forest/jungle. So no idea where to start. It’s a mess. My first visit was September 2018, went with a petrol strimmer. And within 20 minutes it stopped working. I dismantled the throttle (don’t ask) - only to end up with a bag of bits. Manage to repair it - six months later. So ended up wi
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