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  1. To get these tests is just absurd im going to a detached house in farmland, so no risk here. I’m hardly going to bring back a new version of covid called the “carhaix-variant”
  2. Perhaps some special offers could lure bums on berths summer 2019 they had 7 days for £ 199 (plym to Roscoff) - and that was in August. 4 day special was quite good too - leave fri am, and return tues afternoon crossing. However, unless numbers go down with our friends in Europe - travelling will be difficult.
  3. If I had that pool - I be buying one of these.... Hours of fun
  4. Nothing to do with the Pont. But saw this video on YouTube. such a waste to scrap this one - but the only reason was because of covid. It was cheaper to scrap it then to keep it. enjoy the video
  5. Re Plymouth to roscoff Friday day crossing (arr 19:45) I did a google search this morning of all the supermaches between roscoff and morlaix. all of them (Lidl, LeClerc, Giant, netto, Super-U) closes between 19:00 to 19:30. the ferry arrives at 19:45, so once unloaded, go through passport etc, at best 20:30. although I can have a meal on board, once I arrive at my destination- unpack, will be around midnight. Bound to want something to eat, plus wanting breakfast in the morning - so the question is what can I bring with me now we have brexit no diary or meat? Bu
  6. Seems strange to release the new timetables - but leave some of it off. shame Friday day cross is still leaving later than before. 8am to arrive at 2-3pm was ideal. Now it’s arriving at 8pm. Add two-three hours to arrive at the house will mean arriving at dark - Try finding the stop cock in a middle of a field pitch black. plus supermarkets would be closed come 8pm, and you can’t take food with you anymore due to Brexit?
  7. Only showing Plymouth to roscoff as two sailings a week for 2022? Surely a mistake
  8. I think I speak for all when I say the worse port is Dover. 1970s British architecture at its best. Clumsy road lay out, and the town centre is just grim. Nothing worse than saying “welcome to Britain”
  9. I know Plymouth has its faults - as does every city. But on a sunny blue sky day - you just cannot beat it. Sea views in one direction, or Dartmoor views in the opposite. The only let down is the road and rail situation is not good. Saying that thou, it’s better than roscoff. Did I read recently that they got rid of the railway line at roscoff? as a foot passenger - it is not easy to get out of roscoff. 6am waiting for a bus, or paying for a taxi is not ideal. So based on this, being a foot passenger to Plymouth is so much better. Even plymouth city bus is actually very good. t
  10. I don’t see BF moving to Falmouth, but I do see them closing Plymouth, and just keep Portsmouth and Poole. lets face it, Plymouth tends to have a raw of a deal, we tend to be seasonal, not a favourite with truckers. We are currently the only port in the BF group without any sailings. roscoff will carry on with the links to Ireland. But going to France or Spain could be done from just Poole or Portsmouth. Out of interest, was there any thoughts or wild ideas of a route from Plymouth to Cherbourg? It’s about the same distance to roscoff (by sea) They used to be Plymouth to St Ma
  11. ABP for Plymouth is not good. Im sure you know, BF lease the site from ABP, but ABP are reluctant to spend money in Plymouth. Hence the BF building is like stepping back in time. That escalator inside the terminal building still squeaks like rampant mice. the cruise ship terminal - Plymouth council, and a whole host of tourist organisations, businesses etc are all in favour of a terminal - but ABP refused the idea as it could conflict with their other sites like Southampton new flats and hotels are being built or planned for Millbay. Again everyone wants this to happen, apart
  12. i must admit, each time I see the wording Brittany Ferries on the Herald, my heart jumps a beat. Fully expecting to read one day that BF are withdrawing from Plymouth with todays numbers of covid in France of 45k, we have to be realistic that holidays in France for summer is now a write off. So won’t be good for BF. personal view
  13. With the contacts we (company I work for) have in China - it could be done quite easily. Place your orders...
  14. Excellent - Thankyou for your help guys. Much appreciated
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