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    Portugal route?

    This is Plymouths time to shine…
  2. PGTV

    Portugal route?

    Local news (south west) just had another article (twice in a row) and interviewed the manager of Brittany Ferries. The following has been quoted “our main call centre in Plymouth had been inundated with calls since the announcement with customers trying to book the ferry to Portugal” ”we will release details next week” ”we have a team of people working on this project - and if it can be done, it will be going ahead”.
  3. PGTV

    Portugal route?

    I think Armorique does not sail Tuesday and Wednesday between Plymouth and Roscoff - so she could take on the French sailing for PA? Plymouth will be quite happy taking the CF for the Santander route, and PA for Porto. thou Plymouth is that “extra couple hours by car/train” - being a more western port, makes the journey to Spain and Portugal by ship that bit quicker.
  4. PGTV

    Portugal route?

    The article was just on local BBC Spotlight Apparently BF will be announcing the news “shortly”, with services starting at end of May. crossings will take 30hrs (from Plymouth) Either they are speculating or they know something.
  5. PGTV

    Portugal route?

    From a Plymouth point of view - this would be great for the city to offer this. always a bit of rivalry between Plymouth and Portsmouth.
  6. That’s a long drive - how long does it take by car from your location to portsmouth terminal
  7. I see that BF (on Twitter) are pushing themselves on media outlets, newspapers etc saying that travelling by ferry is safer/better than plane. Does anyone know if BF will be limiting the numbers (of passengers) on their ships?
  8. Thursdays were always double ships? Pont arrived from Spain and docked in Plym around 3-4pm - she then departed Ply to Ross at 8:45pm armorique departed Roscoff around 3pm and docked at Plymouth for 9pm. So they passed each other in the Sound. Armorique remained docked overnight at Plym for Friday 8am daytime crossing to Roscoff, while Pont sailed overnight to Roscoff. Because of the earlier departure from Plymouth (8:45pm), she sailed west towards Cornwall at a slow speed, before crossing the channel around midnight. Pont arrives at Roscoff at around 7am, but moves out of
  9. June it is by the looks of it - wouldn’t bet on it thou
  10. Might be just me - but I find the coffee from the £ 1.00 vending machine onboard the Armorique better than the £ 3.50 one from the cafe onboard? There is a bitter chocolate coffee (think it is), I purchased by mistake, took a few sips and thought ewww, but actually turned out really nice. It’s the one I go for now. i avoid the tea pots in the self service thou - I mistakenly opened the lid on one. Yes, you can get 2-3 cups worth, but gee, it was black inside! Don’t think they are cleaned properly completely useless facts - but someone might find it interesting
  11. Toblerone…. it’s the only thing I see people buying (Armorique Plym to Ross). I’m yet to do this myself.
  12. According to C4 News. France will be a “Amber” country when international travel resume mid May. So on top of the test/jab, you still need a 10 day quarantine. if this is correct - that’s me out for the moment.
  13. If going abroad is difficult this year - wonder if BF would consider doing “mini cruises”. So board on in the uk early evening, meal onboard, overnight stay inside a cabin, sail around, breakfast, lunch and dock back within the uk either the following evening, or a day or two later. So similar to the Xmas cruises they do. Im scrapping the barrow here - but the urge of propping up the bar on a ship is starting to get to me...
  14. Wouldn’t mind trying St Malo and a trip to Rennes one day. Only seen Rennes via google cam, reminds me a bit of Paris, but without the rough bits - and that metal counterfeit Blackpool tower thing they have...
  15. I do not understand why the need for a complicated lab covid test to go abroad (might understand for Brazil or India). Yet to go into a supermarket I do not need a test Is the government saying that I have more of a risk picking up covid from a holiday home in the middle of the french countryside, where the only person I might see is the farmer who waves from his tractor - than me picking up some bits at Tesco at 5pm on a Friday evening? i think a basic NHS style test a day or two before you go will be fine. Or even do one at the terminal. The rest is just an over the top reaction.
  16. To get these tests is just absurd im going to a detached house in farmland, so no risk here. I’m hardly going to bring back a new version of covid called the “carhaix-variant”
  17. Perhaps some special offers could lure bums on berths summer 2019 they had 7 days for £ 199 (plym to Roscoff) - and that was in August. 4 day special was quite good too - leave fri am, and return tues afternoon crossing. However, unless numbers go down with our friends in Europe - travelling will be difficult.
  18. If I had that pool - I be buying one of these.... Hours of fun
  19. Nothing to do with the Pont. But saw this video on YouTube. such a waste to scrap this one - but the only reason was because of covid. It was cheaper to scrap it then to keep it. enjoy the video
  20. Re Plymouth to roscoff Friday day crossing (arr 19:45) I did a google search this morning of all the supermaches between roscoff and morlaix. all of them (Lidl, LeClerc, Giant, netto, Super-U) closes between 19:00 to 19:30. the ferry arrives at 19:45, so once unloaded, go through passport etc, at best 20:30. although I can have a meal on board, once I arrive at my destination- unpack, will be around midnight. Bound to want something to eat, plus wanting breakfast in the morning - so the question is what can I bring with me now we have brexit no diary or meat? Bu
  21. Seems strange to release the new timetables - but leave some of it off. shame Friday day cross is still leaving later than before. 8am to arrive at 2-3pm was ideal. Now it’s arriving at 8pm. Add two-three hours to arrive at the house will mean arriving at dark - Try finding the stop cock in a middle of a field pitch black. plus supermarkets would be closed come 8pm, and you can’t take food with you anymore due to Brexit?
  22. Only showing Plymouth to roscoff as two sailings a week for 2022? Surely a mistake
  23. I think I speak for all when I say the worse port is Dover. 1970s British architecture at its best. Clumsy road lay out, and the town centre is just grim. Nothing worse than saying “welcome to Britain”
  24. I know Plymouth has its faults - as does every city. But on a sunny blue sky day - you just cannot beat it. Sea views in one direction, or Dartmoor views in the opposite. The only let down is the road and rail situation is not good. Saying that thou, it’s better than roscoff. Did I read recently that they got rid of the railway line at roscoff? as a foot passenger - it is not easy to get out of roscoff. 6am waiting for a bus, or paying for a taxi is not ideal. So based on this, being a foot passenger to Plymouth is so much better. Even plymouth city bus is actually very good. t
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