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  1. Thanks Gareth! Hopefully it’ll be Plymouth on a purely selfish basis as we have dogs and live in Somerset. The new ferries are superb, but they do take a bit longer and one of our Springers isn’t that fond of seeing on the boat!
  2. How will the introduction of the Salamanca affect sailing routes? Will the Cap Finistere be based in Plymouth next year? Or will the Salamanca be moved there? Thanks.
  3. Cheers Gareth! 😀😀 We have used BF for 31 years and are now BF Club Members. I much prefer the old site for many reasons. My wife and I have been wondering if there will be Dog Cabins in future Plymouth-Spain voyages from Summer 2020 onwards. Maybe the CAP F will be redeployed??
  4. This is my first post on the site! On the old BF website, there were always 2 sailings per year (one at the end of March and one in November) from Bilbao to Plymouth on the Cap Finistiere. Does anybody know if these sailings will be repeated again? They are not included on the new BF website. Thankyou.
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