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  1. Of all the journeys in rough seas we have been on the cap finistere and normandie have been our most comfortable. The most uncomfortable we had was on Pont Aven last July when we had a cabin towards the front, although it wasn’t rough there was a fairly big swell as we went down from Plymouth and it was very uncomfortable for a good few hours, a lot of people were cleary struggling as the outside desks at the rear were very busy!!
  2. I am sure people on here have seen but there is a fireworks display planned for Galicia arrival into Portsmouth tomorrow evening as she docks: https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/qhm/portsmouth/local-notices/lntm/2020/2058-pyro-display-flathouse-quay this is nice to see the effort and well done to all at BF and PIP
  3. We have children just coming up for secondary school but our holiday preference has always been gites in France or casa in Spain with a bf crossing. However we are struggling with this now as even when you pay too price the accommodation is extremely basic, hardly any even have WiFi that is useable, even though we love the ferry to Santander or st malo when you have a family you can’t get away with no internet for any length of time. I am a loyal user of bf and holidays but they need to get the owners of the accommodation to up their games to keep relevant in this new world, once this Covid th
  4. Well in my household I have a 10 year old boy whose transport interest is ferries!! For him it’s a big deal to miss it’s first arrival - I have no idea where this interest has come from, we were booked to go to see the Kerry in the October half term before it goes out of service via Dublin on wb yeats but that’s been ruined by Covid too!!
  5. Is there any indication when it might be back in Pompey after tomorrow- I have an extremely miffed 10 year old who is going to miss the first arrival due to school!!
  6. Yep he loves the ships and we are just planning our next couple of holidays - just waiting for the virus stuff to settle down and then sort some travel plans out!! It’s handy living so close to all the ports so he gets to see most of the comings and goings!
  7. He managed to balance the Connemara on his head too!! Thanks for all the info and as for the funnel I think it doesn’t look so bad when you are on the ship itself!!
  8. My son wanted to see the Pont Aven come in and we hung around for the Connemara too. The Pont Aven even gave a blast of the horn as he waved from the round tower.
  9. Many thanks for that, that will be us on the round tower at 1800 on Monday then 😂
  10. Does anyone know when the Pont Aven is due into Portsmouth before it returns to service on Tuesday evening? I’ve a 10 year old who wants to see it as we are due on it for our summer break (if we get one!!)
  11. Came down to Southsea for an early walk and watched a few arrivals and departures on a lovely winters day! Last year when the Connemara went last when we were on the beach near Santander the noise that comes from the back and it was noticeable again today - is this the propellers at the rear or some other mechanical sound?
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