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  1. Hello experienced ferry users. I am hoping you can help with this cunundrum. Where a PCR test is required within 72 hours of entering a country, there seems to be a particular problem for longer ferry journeys: If the test requires up to 48 hours for a result, and a crossing is long (e.g 18 hours), that leaves almost no margin of error for entering a country. In this case, if the ferry was 6 hours late, then potentially passengers could be denied disembarking. The 72 hours rule works fine for most shorter flights but ferry travel (apart from the shortest cross channel routes) looks margina
  2. Anyone got any inside information on Pont Aven? According to marinetracker she is still stuck to the moorside in Brest. Would you expect her to require sea trials after a job like this? She is meant to have a full sailing on Friday! The BF website has been silent a couple of days.
  3. I am looking for some advice on this. I have a booking on the Pont Aven for late June (Cork- Roscoff) - it is not cancelled (yet) and I am worried about it. It seems to be that the June 14 return to sailing is probably just a guess. If I cancel it (and sail with Irish Ferries to Cherbourg), it seems I will get a travel voucher and lose my deposit. I would consider sailing next summer with BF...so, does it make more sense to simply amend my booking. The sailings for next year are not out yet - but could I amend my sailing date to some time in November, then amend it again once they an
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