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  1. Watched the exchanges with interest, eachn negating the previous, so the situation is......?
  2. It's just a massive pain, last time we didn't reach our pre booked/paid accomodation till 1.30/2.00am, and it's not this is a one off it's increasingly looking like a box set! Thanks for all the responses my mind is now more worried and less worried, Schrodinger cat style !
  3. Having trawled this thread I am up to speed on many topics but not on what I was looking for! I understand that the PA has been repaired but has a new problem that requires parts to be made and thus has returned to service on three engines necessitating a shorter route from Plymouth. I have a booking in late September and am starting to feel that this is in no way definite especially if the three engine plan doesn't work out or yet further problems arise. Would that be a fair assessment? I am heading for a fixed date and this is the only option unless I go the week before, which is probably full by now anyway! Thoughts please
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