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  1. Does anyone know when sailings to Spain for Winter 2022/2023 will be available to book?
  2. I think British law now states you need UK with your licence plate & Spanish law states we need to display another sticker with GB somewhere on the car. For this reason I have a UK sticker with a Union Jack flag to replace the EU part of my number patent& I have a magnetic GB sticker to put on the back somewhere.
  3. Has anyone experienced any issues with the new ‘Animal Health Certificate’ when arriving in Spain. We are hoping to go out on ‘Galicia’ at the end of August with our two small dogs & just wondered whether it is all straight forward on arrival at Santander?
  4. So can someone confirm that May 2020 bookings from Portsmouth to Spain on CF with pet cabins will not be available to book till October....I don’t want to miss out as the pet cabins go so so quickly?
  5. The website is showing May 2020 for bookings but they are all blocked off.....doesn’t that mean all sailings in May are full already?
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