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  1. I can't get onto the BF website to ask this question as they are only taking queries from people with booking references. I think it is reasonable to ask BF to suspend membership for Club Voyage members who clearly cannot travel for some time. At the moment the only choice is not to renew membership when it becomes due ( end of April in our case) BUt, if we do that, we will have to pay to rejoin when normal service begins. A suspended membership would mean that, as soon as we can book again, we will be asked to pay our membership fee first, but no more. Do you think there is any chance of this happening or can anyone see any reason why this would not work ?
  2. Take a blanket or extra clothes in the vehicle with you, even a hot drink in a flask. Our experiences- many- in winter are that you get very cold while waiting. We always seem to be the last to board.
  3. I wondered about this as well. We usually travel on the Spanish routes and our CV membership is for Spain. We have only ever shown our cabin key to get discounts and have never had the cooked breakfast so did not know that this too comes free with CV membership...if it indeed does. A nice touch is 2 free breakfasts if you do the Sunday night to Tuesday morning sailing to Bilbao. Mind, you do have to be up early to enjoy the Tuesday one.
  4. Cassie

    Pont Cabins

    Check that is not a bunk bed layout. We always book an outside 2 berth cabin and usually travel on the Cap. Our first year on the Pont Aven we were allocated a tiny two berth bunk bed layout which we thought was a mistake and meant to be a single cabin but were told that all Pont outside 2 berths were like this. We had a ghastly night as it was so rough we could not safely get up or down the ladder to the top bunk. After that, if it had to be the Pont we booked a 4 berth outside cabin, which was fine.
  5. We were on the Sunday to Tuesday crossing this week. To our surprise the Cap did not put in at Roscoff for a crew change. We were not sure quite why - something to do with Le Havre which we must have misunderstood. On Monday afternoon the full crew did an emergency exercise so guess they had not been on very much longer than Monday morning anyway. Pleasant calm crossing though a bit lumpy on Tuesday late afternoon but we enjoyed the extended crossing very much and found it more relaxing than the normal 24 hours. Getting up at 5.30 am for breakfast and off the boat at 8.15 am was not as bad as I feared either.
  6. Strangely enough, while neither my husband or I have actually been sea sick, we neither of us want to eat anything except for a chunk of really, really strong cheese. I’ve got a nicely aged bit of cheddar ready for Sunday/ Monday and will add a packet of crystallised ginger to the stash. What I find a real strain is simply trying to relax when you’re being thrown all over the place. However hungry I don’t think I could manage to sit and eat in the restaurant or a lounge.
  7. Thank you Finewhine. Much more reassuring than others I’ve looked at. We’ve had several really grim crossings but the very worst, in August, was on the Pont Aven when, having spent the first part of the night terrified that the upper bunk would come crashing down on me and kill me I spent the second half wishing it would be quick and put me out of my misery.
  8. Thanks everyone. I’m not sure about the drink- which will mean having to get up in the night- but I’ve just double checked we have enough Stugeron and am weaning myself off half-hourly checks on the shipping forecast.
  9. We’re on next Sunday’s 2 nighter to Bilbao with Cap Finisterre. The wind forecasts have been reasonable up to now but all of a sudden Portsmouth / Roscoff have escalated to 40 + mph on Sunday night / Monday morning. Please someone say something reassuring. I can’t bear the thought of another overland trek to Spain.
  10. If you can run to the reasonable amount extra then go for a cabin on deck 10, off the reading lounge. We did this a couple of years back and it was well worth it and a cut above our usual 2 berth outside cabin on the Cap F. I don’t think it was a vast amount extra or we would not have done it. I can’t find my old boat booklet but I am sure the deck plan linked in another post is not the same as the one we had. In the old plan the lifeboats were shown and the first cabin we were allocated had one directly outside the window and we were moved to one with an unrestricted view, off the lounge.
  11. No, not the ground floor. The photos show adverts for World Marché cafe with a range of international hot food and snacks. See the ferry / cruise terminal websites. Definitely on the mezzanine, next to the corner Costa.
  12. Must be quite tricky to schedule so as not to mix boarding cruise passengers and ferry passengers- assuming the ships dock in the same place. That does explain the multi-storey car park. I’ve often thought it seems overkill for the relatively few ferry passengers who do a short Spanish cruise or French day trip. The photos of the board advertising the World Marché cafe ( on Cruise terminal website) show it providing hot dishes and snacks from around the world. I’m surprised at Costa being able to do that. They even bring their croissant, chilled, in plastic wrapping.
  13. True, but it does produce a lot of condensation and we like to be ready to move quickly as loading varies. We’ve usually spent the night at Port Solent and come down early to the terminal after breakfast to avoid traffic. If we arrive for a daytime crossing it’s usually from home and we don’t use the terminal. One thing that we did find at Costa was porridge: in a plastic pot but with fresh hot milk from the machine, and actually not bad. It was only there once and never since.
  14. Oh I don’t know ! It’s warm and comfy on the mezzanine floor on bleak December mornings. Good views of the motorhome and progress of queues . Good loos and free wifi too. Shame that the only food and drink is Costa.
  15. Why not indeed. Perhaps the World Marché will be open next time we go. As I said, we have never seen any suggestion or sign that there is anything other than Costa and we have explored the mezzanine floor and been there in early mornings, lunchtimes, late at night and afternoons.
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