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  1. We wondered whether it had anything to do with it being made in Greece where, in summer, the chances of keeping it below 25 deg C without a fridge are slight. The above seem more likely explanations though. When I was give a month’s supply at the hospital in September I was told to get it home as soon as possible and put it in the fridge.....! What an excellent forum this is: ferries and eye drops, travel times and breakfast buns.
  2. You’re absolutely right. I’ve just looked at the instructions in the new box ( green flash) which I got from my pharmacy and started last night and it says it must be stored, in the dark, below 25 deg C but not necessarily in the fridge. The box I was given at the hospital- same formulation that I could see but different packaging, definitely said store in fridge both open and unopened. I’d assumed the different packaging was simply because it was a different supplier. Thank you all. It seems I have been worrying needlessly.
  3. Thank you. I’ll do that. I didn’t know there was a non- fridge version. I was given the original box ( fridge type) by the eye hospital and they sent the prescription through to my surgery for the same thing. It would be a huge help to have a version that didn’t need refrigerating.
  4. Thanks Khaines. We have one of these but don't take it with us in the motorhome ( where we have a fridge which will be turned off on the voyage ) and it would be a bit of a nuisance in a confined space over winter. I think they must be keeping the car decks on BF ships much warmer than they used to. Years ago things that we put in the freezer were still frozen when we arrived and our frozen first night meal, in the body of the fridge, was often still fairly solid. We've noticed of late that the fridge gets quite warm and we have not put anything in the frezzer compartment. Hence, I'm not
  5. Thank you all. I don't want to phone BF as they have enough on at the moment and our sailing is not ( DV) until December. I did want to be able to rest easy that there was a solution to this however and I can now do that. Thanks again
  6. I’ve recently been prescribed eye drops that must be kept in a fridge. We’re booked for a 36 hour crossing and I will have 3 months supply with me and need access once during the crossing. Does anyone know if Brittany Ferries make any provision for this ?
  7. Just to clarify: we are BF Club Voyage members and were notified of the sailing cancellation a long time before others on the aire were told. We had booked direct with BF. We did not have much time for collective speculation as to why this was so but we thought it might be something to do with being CV members. Certainly it could not have been alphabetical surname order as we are right at the other end of the alphabet.
  8. We were at the Santander marina aire. We got a text from BF late afternoon ( Club Voyage members ?) but no- one else on the aire got any notification until some time later, by which time we had told everyone else and we had all arranged onward travel and ferries from different French ports via BF, who, for us anyway, were very helpful and clear. Not their fault as there were apparently 2 frontal systems coming from opposite directions and due to meet somewhere on our projected route. One unfortunate couple had, by mistake, gone to the dockside in Bilbao, looked at their tickets and realis
  9. Snap ! We phoned the insurance people next day to ask them to extend our insurance as we would be home later than expected and they reminded us to claim for campsite fees, toll charges and fuel. Red Pennant perchance ? We’ve always found them absolutely first rate.
  10. At the beginning of March 2019 our Santander to Portsmouth ferry was cancelled altogether in the late afternoon before an early sailing. There were no more sailings from Spain until early April. BF booked us a passage from Caen ( our choice of port) ,with cabin, refunded the difference between fares and gave us a compensation payment of 150 pounds. Our insurance company, who were also very efficient and helpful, paid for fuel to Caen, road tolls and 5 nights campsite fees ( we were in a motorhome). We were tokd not to rush- the weather was appalling- as the ferry ticket was open and
  11. Thank you David. I was a bit confused as I thought it had to go to a specific Jane and there seem to be at least 2 using Brittany Ferries as an address. I’ll give it a go on Monday.
  12. We’ve just had our amended bookings for December 2020, changed from Pont Aven to Galicia. Outward journey is in cabin number 7113 but return is given as 0733. Either this is right in the bilges or a mistake. I can’t find any deck plans of the Galicia to check and attempts to phone or e- mail seem to get no-where. I am concerned we might grt onboard next March to find we have no cabin !
  13. I’ve just joined Twitter. Please will someone tell me how to contact the all- powerful Jane ?
  14. If a) the onboard free wifi is good enough and b) we go at all given the current changing situation, then I will post a menu and full critique on the evening of 4th December. Don’t get your hopes up too high. I’m trying not to.
  15. Thanks David but we’re not on Twitter ( though might join if can’t get there any way else. !)
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