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  1. Just an update which might be of use to some. BF were very helpful. If I go to Reception as soon as I can once onboard, I will be given a form to fill in, my eyedrops will be safely stored, and I can collect when necessary. However, recently I have been told about this product, which gets rave reviews for reliability and seems the answer to my problem. These are pouches designed for all types of medicines which need to be kept cool for long periods, without a fridge, and one of them is designed to hold 3 bottles of eye drops for glaucoma use. They can be obtained either from Frio themselves or VAT free if eligable from the Diabetic Shop. The liner is soaked in water for a short time, towel dried and put back in the pouch with medicines. It works by evaporative cooling and seems ,from reports, to be effective in high temperatures, needing re-soaking about every 30 odd hours. https://friouk.com/
  2. I commented earlier about how much wider the Galicia vehicle ramp looked than the ghastly CF one which is a bit nerve- wracking for motorhomers. I gather, though have not had this confirmed, that several motorhomer got stuck and various bits were ripped off their underside because of the layout at the top of the ramp. Does anyone know more ? Re electric charging points for cars: we were advised that we must not use our small low wattage travel kettle on board as the CF electrics could not cope with the extra load.
  3. Does anyone have any information on whether the boat felt more stable than the Cap F would have done in similar sea conditions ?
  4. In the circumstances clearly the only choice. Coming back on that route, if the weather was at all stormy, we went down to our cabin as soon as we boarded and got ready to lie down. You get very little time between leaving the port and hitting the open sea. I guess with a new, relatively untried ship, the captain will want to take no risks at all. I hope things calm down for them soon.
  5. Still there- 21 minutes ago- on a very wet looking Port webcam. This must be very disappointing for personnel who will want everything to go smoothly.
  6. Going back to the Galicia crossing; can anyone point me in the right directiion for feedback from those who sailed on it on Thursday night ? I hope some notice was given that they intended to dock early and let passengers stay in bed until the normal time ! I can imagine the panic in our cabin if we woke up to hear the ship docking and assumed we had missed the dulcet tones of the BF wake up music and queues of angry motorists would be waiting behind our motorhome to get on their way.
  7. Thanks Ferry Man....though reading this only rubs it in that we won’t be on board ! Given the display is at 7 pm then none of the passengers waiting to board will be able to see it properly from the terminal waiting area. I wonder why they didn’t wait until the ship had sailed and put the display on when she was a suitable distance from the barge ?
  8. I’m feeling a little less disappointed after looking at Windy for Thursday and Friday. Thanks !
  9. For many years we have done the Portsmouth/Santander or Bilbao route in December return March and August return October. I can remember very few crossings when going onto the outer decks was an option and warnings were often that we moved about inside the boat at our own risk. I’m delighted to see that the Galicia has improved stability devices and look forward to the day when we don’t even take Stugeron with us.
  10. Yes, we were really looking forward to it. We were originally booked in the CF and were transferred, with our Club booking changed to Commodore. Sadly we have just cancelled the booking as winter in a locked down campsite with minimal insurance would be too much of an adventure. I hope someone braver than we are will write about the experience.
  11. We were scheduled to leave Portsmouth at 2215 next Thursday on Galicia and arrive in Santander at 0800 on Saturday. We were to have free 2 breakfasts and dinners to take into account the longer sailing time
  12. It's pleasing to see that the ramp up to the upper parking decks looks wider than the CF one. Going up that in a motorhome when the ramp is wet and slippery, you have inches of clearance and you are stopped half way up is a stressful way to start a winter away in Spain !
  13. There is a short bit that refers to the “ dog exercise area” and shows an ordinary deck with ordinary rails. We thought that these should be reinforced as I can just see dogs on leads getting under the lower rail and falling off the deck. No time to watch it again now so can’t tell you exactly where it was in the film. The Armorique was not equipped to do the long Spanish route with pets and they all had to stay in owner’s vehicles and be allowed out under supervision, a very few times during the 2 night trip. I dread to think what some vehicles were like afterwards and we saw one dog who was a trembling wreck.
  14. We ( not pet owners) commented on the Galicia's dog exercise area and wonder how many dogs will be left dangling by their leads as they go under the rather high barrier. We remember coming back from Spain on the Amorique once when the scheduled boat broke down. We stopped off at Roscoff and while there pet owners could exercise dogs on deck. A rather inquisitive German Shepherd got his head stuck in one of the whatever-you-call-the big-steel-circular-things-where -the ropes-go-into. Many thanks to all concerned with the presentation. We did enjoy it,and hope that we have more luck travelling on her next year.
  15. If we had not just cancelled our tickets for the 3rd December sailing I’d be on the phone, panic- stricken, to Brittany Ferries. Surely someone could have checked the press release accuracy even if the original was wrong.
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