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  1. If you can run to the reasonable amount extra then go for a cabin on deck 10, off the reading lounge. We did this a couple of years back and it was well worth it and a cut above our usual 2 berth outside cabin on the Cap F. I don’t think it was a vast amount extra or we would not have done it. I can’t find my old boat booklet but I am sure the deck plan linked in another post is not the same as the one we had. In the old plan the lifeboats were shown and the first cabin we were allocated had one directly outside the window and we were moved to one with an unrestricted view, off the lounge.
  2. No, not the ground floor. The photos show adverts for World Marché cafe with a range of international hot food and snacks. See the ferry / cruise terminal websites. Definitely on the mezzanine, next to the corner Costa.
  3. Must be quite tricky to schedule so as not to mix boarding cruise passengers and ferry passengers- assuming the ships dock in the same place. That does explain the multi-storey car park. I’ve often thought it seems overkill for the relatively few ferry passengers who do a short Spanish cruise or French day trip. The photos of the board advertising the World Marché cafe ( on Cruise terminal website) show it providing hot dishes and snacks from around the world. I’m surprised at Costa being able to do that. They even bring their croissant, chilled, in plastic wrapping.
  4. True, but it does produce a lot of condensation and we like to be ready to move quickly as loading varies. We’ve usually spent the night at Port Solent and come down early to the terminal after breakfast to avoid traffic. If we arrive for a daytime crossing it’s usually from home and we don’t use the terminal. One thing that we did find at Costa was porridge: in a plastic pot but with fresh hot milk from the machine, and actually not bad. It was only there once and never since.
  5. Oh I don’t know ! It’s warm and comfy on the mezzanine floor on bleak December mornings. Good views of the motorhome and progress of queues . Good loos and free wifi too. Shame that the only food and drink is Costa.
  6. Why not indeed. Perhaps the World Marché will be open next time we go. As I said, we have never seen any suggestion or sign that there is anything other than Costa and we have explored the mezzanine floor and been there in early mornings, lunchtimes, late at night and afternoons.
  7. I didn’t even realise that cruise ships went from there. Are there many ? Considering how many ferries use the terminal it would be a economic to open the cafe. I’ ll look out for it next time. According to the Portsmouth port website it’s called World Marché and serves fresh meals, snacks and drinks. I’m afraid we are not Costa lovers: sugary cakes, poor coffee and no meals. At 6 am on a bitter winter morning there is nothing that appeals.
  8. According to the BF website the terminal at Portsmouth has a "Bar/cafe: open daily 0600-22.30 " and a Costa open at the same times. We've been using the terminal for many years now, usually in winter, spring and autumn but at least 6 times per year and have never seen a Bar/Cafe in operation. Costa yes, and pretty unappealing it is, but never anywhere else. Can anyone tell me what we are missing and where it is ?
  9. What about a cream tea- something which neither the French nor the Spanish would serve ?
  10. I have a very small silver folding fruit knife which lives in my hand bag. Very useful for impromptu picnics. It has been picked up by security scans in every European check and I have been asked to leave it at reception but it was missed by both the Houses of Parliament and at Heathrow airport.
  11. I guess this neatly illustrates the difference between the Pont Aven as a ferry and as a mini-cruise ship.
  12. But I like my French meals en route. I can and do eat Spanish food while I am in Spain. I don’t particularly want it on the way as well.
  13. When travelling to and from Morocco via Ceuta almost invariably your vehicle steering wheel and door handles are scanned for explosives or drugs. Nowhere else on the vehicle is checked. The logical conclusion is that if you are smuggling either of these items get your passenger to handle them and make sure, having done so, they don’t touch either door handles or steering wheel. It wouldn’t be sensible to ask the checkers about this but I do wonder.
  14. When last we were checked, in our motorhome at Portsmouth, the engine compartment, under bed area and bathroom were all opened. Clearly the searcher was looking for stowaways. We said we were surprised that anyone would choose to stow away on the Portsmouth to Caen route but were told that “a large number of people want to leave to join terrorist organisations abroad.”.
  15. Anyone up to no good should travel by motorhome. We do so regularly and are checked occasionally. Have we got any knives ? Take your pick: from steak to carving to Swiss Army. No problem. Quick look under the seats and in lockers, usually heavily packed so impossible to pick out individual items. No problem. And so on. One thing we have never been asked is if we have switched off our gas supply. We always do but I know of many who prefer keeping their bacon frozen to caring about possible safety issues. BF tell me it is not necessary to remind people at check-in or via the overhead port video screens or even ask them directly because the small print in T&C and the back of the hanging boarding cards says it must be turned off. That’s OK then !
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