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  1. Taking this down tangent boulevard. Can anyone help with how do we decide which day 2 lateral flow test provider to choose. I was going to use Randox until its app demanded a scan of my passport. I am a bit twitchy about the data security implications
  2. I should have been clearer. My point was about the visa arrangements when entering a Schengen country, in my case France. I was hoping to benefit from other members experiences so far, whilst keeping apolitical.
  3. I thought it would be helpful to start a thread on our experiences of navigating the 90/180 day rule, and particularly any issues at French border control. For example, has anyone had any problems if forced to overstay a couple of days. Our plans to visit our house in France every other month, have become more complicated, and needed fiddling around with a Schengen calculator app on my phone. I have used an app called Schengen calculator free for planning next year. It remains to be seen if it is accurate enough to prevent inadvertent overstays.
  4. Yep, when the government realise we aren't united either, we will have W Wales or C Cymru S Scotland A Alba NI Northern Island and E England
  5. Can anyone advise on long term parking at Portsmouth. A friend of ours wants to join us in France for a week, coming over as a foot passenger, leaving the car at Portsmouth. Is the long term parking at Portsmouth safe and secure. Thanks in anticipation
  6. Even more confusing, I could arrive in England, note my sons address on the locator form, book a cheap day 2 test, and then find I could not stay with my son (for any reasonable excuse). According the Welsh Assembly's website I could return to Wales without having to amend my locator form. As IanN says there is no border... Of course I won't do that, as I have obeyed the letter of the law up to now, even though the law is an ass
  7. Weather here in Cotes d'Armor also very good. Just enjoyed Moules (at 3.80 euros/kilo) and Frites with a glass of Sauvigon. Returning on Thursday, pending a lateral flow test in Pontrieux on Tuesday and a day 2 PCR test in Wales, assuming Markie (Drakeford) baby hasn't closed the mythical Welsh border. Total testing cost £188. On balance just about worth it to avoid the infectious crowds at various festivals in the UK. And to think, we were banned from our grandaughters sports day on covid safey grounds. Hey ho mine is not to reason why.
  8. My sailing on Armorique Portsmouth-St Malo for 19th September has been cancelled with the following comment: "The Armorique will not be sailing on the Plymouth-Roscoff service as the ship will continue operating the Portsmouth-St.Malo route until 31st October 2021. Whilst I appreciate that any cancellation will cause inconvenience and disappointment, I hope this message brings some clarity to your travel plans. For those still wishing to travel on the Roscoff service, the Pont-Aven is sailing on Tuesdays and Fridays to Roscoff, and Wednesdays and Sundays from Roscoff until 31st October 2021. When trying to amend the booking to a date in October Portsmouth to St Mao, the system is showing the route operating with Bretagne Explanation anyone??
  9. Hi, The bridge was open when we came through on Friday. No sign of any residual roadworks. Have a good trip
  10. And we didn't bring our usual supply of Tesco Greek Yoghurt. We did bring our redundant Randox pre departure test kits in the hope we can convince UK border control that these will serve as 2 day tests. I am not confident.
  11. We travelled Portsmouth to St Malo on Armorique overnight on the 22nd July. Queues at Portsmouth were moderate, not as many as we expected, Checking in seemed normal, with only the extra check of our printed vaccination certificate. Boarding was quick with most cars on the lower deck, again an indication of low travel numbers. Despite the low numbers, people seemed intent on queuing on the stairs with no social distancing. It beggars belief that many people believe the pandemic all over and can revert to previous crowding behaviours. (that's for another thread). We waited by our car until the lemmings cleared. Armorique, as always was a pleasure. The channel was flat calm. Disembarking at St Malo was interesting, with 4 lanes moving off as soon as the ramp was secured. It would have been quick for us, but we were stuck behind 3 cars in front of us with no one in them. Clearly some people don't listen to announcements, or needed to finish their triangular breakfast roll. So we were at the end of a long queue to the border control booths. Pre-brexit, we usually were waved through at St Maol, but the extra check of vaccination certificates did add a shortish delay (an extra couple of minutes). Passports stamped and certificates checked again by a very friendly, smiley border guard and we were off. Without the 3 dull idiots in front of us we estimate we could have been cleared in under 30 minutes. They opened an extra lane to alleviate the queue. There were no customs checks, green or red channels that we could see. I hope this helps. Overall the experience was not as bad as we feared, and we have had worse pre-brexit and pre-pandemic
  12. When will we get a ship plan for Galicia?. I would love to know where my allocated cabins 0901 and 0905 are located
  13. Maybe Nigel is as confused as I am about some of the content and opinions on this site, which doesn't always seem consistent with a site entitled bfenthusiasts. Perhaps I don't understand the fundemental intent of this site. The only good thing about twitter and social media in general, is the retained right not to have to listen.
  14. Now I am not suggesting we flout international or UK law even in a 'specific and limited' way, but I do wonder what resources and facilities customs at Plymouth, Portsmouth and Poole will have available to ensure we 'law breakers are caught red (white or rose) - handed
  15. Sound advice in Scotland then I live in Wales. Welsh government advice is always observe social distancing wash your hands regularly if you meet another household, outside your extended household, stay outdoors work from home if you can Masks dismissed on the basis of the 'science', which as we have seen in these posts is open to liberal interpretation, and can be made to fit personal opinion. No masks in enclosed spaces, just meet in the open, perhaps Tesco will set up stalls in the car park. Visited Morriston Hospital (West Wales Major Incident Unit) recently and was staggered that nobody was wearing masks inside the building, and I mean nobody!! We take the same precautions as you, and are also very rural. We have felt safer in Cotes d'Armor. Wales may be OK now, but we need more preventative action.
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