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  1. When will we get a ship plan for Galicia?. I would love to know where my allocated cabins 0901 and 0905 are located
  2. At last the answer on testing we have all been waiting for. FineWhine didn't know he has a warehouse full of covid test kits!!!
  3. Maybe Nigel is as confused as I am about some of the content and opinions on this site, which doesn't always seem consistent with a site entitled bfenthusiasts. Perhaps I don't understand the fundemental intent of this site. The only good thing about twitter and social media in general, is the retained right not to have to listen.
  4. Now I am not suggesting we flout international or UK law even in a 'specific and limited' way, but I do wonder what resources and facilities customs at Plymouth, Portsmouth and Poole will have available to ensure we 'law breakers are caught red (white or rose) - handed
  5. Sound advice in Scotland then I live in Wales. Welsh government advice is always observe social distancing wash your hands regularly if you meet another household, outside your extended household, stay outdoors work from home if you can Masks dismissed on the basis of the 'science', which as we have seen in these posts is open to liberal interpretation, and can be made to fit personal opinion. No masks in enclosed spaces, just meet in the open, perhaps Tesco will set up stalls in the car park. Visited Morriston Hospital (West Wales Major Incident Unit) recently
  6. Queations, questions, question? Why do surgeons bother to wear masks? Perhaps to minimise risk of infection during operations Why do surgeons keep a sensible distance from an open wound? Perhaps to minimise risk of infection Why surgeons wash their hands frequently, and especially if they touch their hair or skin Perhaps to minimise risk of infection Why are medical staff trained in advanced hygiene Perhaps so they adopt good hygenic practice and to minimise the risk of infection. Do you see where I am going with this? Anything to minimise the risk
  7. Arnaud, I really hope this works out for you. My personal experience with Brittany Ferries is that they will help if they can. Do keep talking to them. If you are still in difficulty, try again on this site, there are a quite a few experienced BF Enthusiasts who may be in a position to help and influence BF
  8. GFB

    Entry Documentation

    Thanks Jim, busy printing it all
  9. GFB

    Entry Documentation

    Hi All. Does anybody have any idea if there are any additional entry documentation needed for France, especially if we have to voluntarily quarantine. Looked on the FCO and French websites, and still no wiser. Hoping that quarantine will be lifted though
  10. On the subject of whether things will change. Personally I would like to more see public information on personal hygiene, and ways to avoid infection of any kind. Even before Covid, I have always been amazed at the lack of simple hygiene in individuals who thought perfectly acceptable to come to work with flu or a stinking cold and infect everyone else, not taking even the simplest of precautions such stay away, wash hands or at least cough/sneeze into a handky. Personally I always walk in the opposite direction, and hold my breath if I hear someone cough or sneeze in work, supermarket or even
  11. I seem to have posted a reply which has not passed oderation, and has been deleted. The essence of my comment was that I believe we need to give BF a break, be supportive of their attempts to navigate their business through a problem not of their making
  12. We have a house in Cotes d'Armor, and were planning every other month there this year. Best laid plans eh?, with March and May cancelled already. Still hopeful for July and September, but would like to hear from anyone currently resident or semi resident in France about the reception we might get if we arrive when there are still some restrictions, social distancing etc. We have very good neighbours and have always been made welcome, so we would not like to compromise those good relations by turning up too soon. Any thoughts gratefully received
  13. Try Hancocks Half Hour - The Cold - on You Tube. It brightened my day no end.
  14. What is Armorique doing between the 10th and 19th November. Just curious
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