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  1. JayKay

    Hotel Kyriad

    St Malo Kyria is excellent. We stayed there mid-July and it ticked all the boxes. Pretty easy to get to/from downtown St Malo as well.
  2. What was the crossing duration for the Portsmouth - Lisbon route run by P&O?
  3. I wonder if there is any demand for a weekly service from North England to France or even Spain? Perhaps Hull to St Malo/Caen or Hull to Santander/Bilbao which would obviously be a longer transit. Living in North England it can take a good part of the day to get to Portsmouth or Plymouth. While cruising down the M1/M5 I often wonder how many others are doing exactly the same . Have spoken to BF Customer Services about this and (quite rightly) they say my message has been passed to the appropriate department for their consideration.
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