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  1. Morning Gents, just under 24 hours to go now and no sign of cancellation for our 0845 crossing to Santander. Am I being too optimistic to think that we should now be in the clear? Presumably the powers that be at BF now have a pretty good idea of what the conditions are going to be and therefore if they are okay to sail or not? Just out of interest, what kind of wave height / sea state would they go ahead and sail in? On the Marine Weather website it gives figures of 1.5 for sea state and wave height of 4.5, but I don't really know anything about what that actually means in real terms. Many th
  2. Many thanks for the responses Gents. I feel slightly reassured. I'd assumed that given the forecast there'd be no way they'd be sailing and they were just delaying the inevitable. We'll just have to hope that the forecast doesn't deteriorate any further. How long would they delay a crossing such as this before they just cancelled it instead? There doesn't seem to be much downtime in the scheduling during the summer, so I guess they can only afford a delay of a few hours at most? Another question, if I may - if they do cancel a crossing, do they cancel the return trip too or do they send the sh
  3. Hello, I'm seeking advice please. We're due to sail on Saturday's 0845 crossing from Portsmouth to Santander. Since Tuesday the weather forecast for the south coast/channel has been pretty horrendous - strong/gale winds. I'm convinced that the crossing will be cancelled but can't really do anything (change plans / look at alternatives) until it officially is. Does anyone know what the chances are of the crossing going ahead? I.e How bad does it have to be to get scrubbed? Also - with the forecast being so bad (since Tuesday) why do they leave it so late to cancel crossings? It's less than 48 h
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