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  1. Yes it was FSG that built her. She has only been in service since February 2015.
  2. It's just under 450 miles and how long it takes depends on the day of the week and traffic conditions. We last drove it in 2018 on the Saturday after the Scottish schools finished for the summer and left home at 7am; we had breakfast at Tebay services and were at Gunwharf Quay before 5pm having had a few stops on the way for coffee, chips and ice cream. Normally we drive down on a Thursday and we hit the rush hour traffic joining the M3 from the A34 around 5pm.
  3. I have been saying for weeks that the whole foreign travel return has been focussed on air travel. I dislike flying at the best of times but right now I have no desire to get on a plane. I live just off the M74, around 15 miles from Glasgow and I would much rather load up the car and drive to Portsmouth for a ferry on our way to our camping holiday instead of flying to Nantes with hand luggage and then picking up a hire car.
  4. Friends were in France on holiday with us a few years ago and she was 32 weeks pregnant so BF wouldn't carry her. They ended up using DFDS and returned on the night crossing which leaves DIeppe at midnight and arrives in Newhaven at 4am. We had crossed back on NEX and stayed overnight in Oxfordshire. They came off their ferry and got as far as Slough before the driver had to stop for a sleep. We saw their car at two different motorway services on the M6 and finally caught up with them at Abington services on the M74 and they had had a grim crossing in terms of the ferry time.
  5. Yet again the assumptions in the rules are that everyone travelling abroad rocks up at an airport and travels in a metal tube.
  6. The count in Scotland doesn't start until Friday and it'll be Saturday or possibly Sunday before the results are all in.
  7. We discovered that whisky is cheaper in French supermarkets than it is here in Scotland so we used to stock up.
  8. It looks like we can bring most things back from France. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/personal-food-plant-and-animal-product-imports#what-you-can-bring-from-eu-countries.
  9. I live about 15 miles south of Glasgow and we have holidayed in the Vendee since 2010 but before that we holidayed in Brittany and Normandy. As a child we holidayed in Brittany and the Vendee and we enjoyed the overnight crossings both ways between Portsmouth and St Malo, and although the road networks weren't what they are now, the drive from Scotland to Portsmouth was easily done after breakfast (lunch would have been sandwiches but I don't remember what we did for an evening meal). I don't remember either how we ate on the journey home but I remember driving on both sides of the Chan
  10. She has just submitted her final piece for her 3rd year tonight and will return to class in September 2022 for her final year having not had an in-person class since Feb 2020 because the lecturers were on strike just before the initial UK lockdown. The UK is now out of Erasmus and the replacement is the Turing Scheme; she's waiting to find out whether she will get funding or whether she will need to apply for a student loan via SAAS to see her through the year. She doesn't know where she is going but she wants to work with high school rather than primary school age children; her plan is
  11. She's studying French and is going out to work as an assistante so she will probably be in a private let.
  12. BF used to hand out GB stickers at Portsmouth check-in if you asked for one. I have one on my roofbox and when I changed my car (I haven't used the roofbox on this car) and was using a magnetic one, I asked for another in case I lost the magnetic one.
  13. Thanks for posting this. My daughter is due to move to France in the autumn for an academic year and she is a keen cook so this will be very useful for her.
  14. I had an appointment letter to take with me and my date of birth was asked for to check with the computerised NHS records. All that proves though is that I was sent an appointment.
  15. I agree. The UK should be operating as one over this; Scotland, England and Wales are (on the whole) an island.
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