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  1. I am booked on Bretagne at the end of June. I haven't been on her since 2007 and was really looking forward to that trip. I'm not hopeful that we get to France this year though.
  2. The number of recorded cases in Scotland today stands at 1059 but Scotland's CMO estimates that the actual number of cases could be as high as 65,000 because many will show such mild symptoms. My husband and I have both been under the weather this week and we could well be amongst that 65,000 (we are both working from home and I haven't been out since Monday).
  3. We have a booking on Bretagne for the end of June. At the moment the first three nights of our holiday are cancelled because the campsite isn't opening until the 4th night of the holiday but I suspect that the remainder of the holiday may well be cancelled too. Thankfully we booked our ferry crossings with the holiday company rather than with BF and I only paid a £50 deposit for the package.
  4. I have just seen this report about PIP and its importance at the moment. Right in the middle of it is this paragraph: "Mr Sellers said the port would normally see two million ferry passengers travelling through each year, but this had completely stopped after the final repatriation sailings last week and he predicted there would be no passenger sailings for up to six months." https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/port-busier-than-ever-with-food-and-medical-supplies-coming-into-uk/25/03/?fbclid=IwAR0A-eWQPks2nyEZf_4lgTsCHSfyKJ-9Gxj24E94mdhzfGrFH2RcTkHi-ek
  5. My garden waste bin is almost full and my fear is that the council suspends uplifts. They had already closed the waste sites.
  6. We moved house 6 weeks ago and our new garden hadn't had much attention in well over a year. I was desperate to my vegetable plot started but realised it was probably too big a task for this year because of all that needs done inside. Thanks to having not been in the office since last Tuesday and not having access to my files until today, most of the weeds are dug out and I am well on my way to growing lots of veg.
  7. We had already taken our 16 year old out. We moved recently but left her in her existing school because she is due to sit her Highers so she has to get the train to and from school or on the days I am working I drop her and she goes to my mum's to wait for me, neither scenario worked with the advise to reduce public contact and contact with the over 70s. The final straw was when my office closed forcing her onto the train every day.
  8. I have a booking for June (start of the Scottish school holidays) via a tour operator, travelling out on Bretagne and back on NEX. I don't expect to get my holiday.
  9. I agree with Neil on the A76. I have family near Prestwick Airport and when they head for England they travel north on the A/M77 to the A726 and cut across to the A725 and then onto the M74. The A76 is a horrendous road.
  10. I haven't been on Arran for many years, although as a young child every summer holiday was spent in Brodick; my parents took a house for a month, with my dad returning to Glasgow during the month and in 1974 he returned to us in a brand new Austin Allegro.
  11. On Tuesday Calmac only had one service listed as unaffected by the weather; that service doesn't operate on a Tuesday.
  12. I am booked on Bretagne in June and I'm looking forward to travelling on her rather than Normandie for a change.
  13. We picked up UK radio no problem in my 2012 Zafira B driving from Ouistreham to The Vendee on 24th June 2016. I drove, hubby sat beside me and the kids sat in the back watching films with headphones so we were able to listen to the result of the referendum and its fallout without complaints from the back seat (we had left home too early to vote the previous day so had used postal votes).
  14. The Scottish Government has taken control of Ferguson Marine https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-50637151
  15. I used to work for a funeral director and sadly too many people assume that having a EHIC is sufficient and that everything will run smoothly while they are abroad. Even putting aside that worst case scenario, it's not inconceivable for someone to have an accident resulting in a broken leg which requires them to be repatriated by air. My working life has made me very careful about making sure that we have all necessary insurance in place before we go abroad. In another job, my duties included being fleet manager (I am an accountant who has always worked in industry in small companies so I have picked up some very varied roles over the years). One of our drivers was (unbeknown to me) taking a company vehicle to the Irish Republic for a trade event. A few miles outside Holyhead the gearbox on the vehicle went and the first I knew of his trip was when he phoned me to ask for permission to hire another vehicle to tow the trailer he was taking. He didn't have European breakdown cover or the necessary insurance and had he managed to get across the Irish Sea before the vehicle failed it would have cost the company a lot of money.
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