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  1. The boss was one of the ones I was waiting for input from; he finally emailed me what I was waiting for at 23.07 last night. Needless to say, I wasn't still sitting at my laptop waiting for it.
  2. It's midterm here this week and although it is now irrelevant to us we have used it as an opportunity to escape to the in-laws' place in the East Neuk of Fife. I left home on Saturday morning and travelled via several farm shops; hubby joined me after work on Sunday. I came home on Tuesday night for work (I have the holidays to take but am off in a couple of weeks to visit the eldest in France so I don't want to push it) and hubby is coming home tomorrow. This morning, whilst working from home and waiting for others in the team to send me over info, I wrapped 49 farm shop chipolatas in bacon and froze them for the Christmas dinner kilted chipolatas (as a Scot and having spent time in California as a child, sausages wrapped in bacon are not pigs in blankets - eldest may be bringing an American flatmate to Scotland for Christmas who will not associate pigs in blankets with sausages wrapped in bacon)
  3. The Ecosse sticker on my roofbox is on the background of a St Andrew's cross (the saltire). Our trips to France since 2001 have unfortunately often coincided with English football fans behaving badly in international competitions and I have felt forced to use it to denote that we aren't English (I'm not pretending that Scottish fans are angels; it's just that Scotland isn't good enough at football to get abroad to cause chaos) Sadly the St Andrew's cross has been highjacked by the Scottish independence movement (as a Scot I am not averse to independence but many questions need answered before I could vote for independence). My dad lives in the village which is the home to the saltire.
  4. Ours is a Berghaus (although hubby's cousin works for Berghaus and it is sold under licence by GoOutdoors, Millets and Blacks but not Berghaus itself). The provided pump inflates each beam in minutes.
  5. We were booked via the tour operator. They still have my £50 deposit for a 2020 holiday and would refund it if I asked (we have had so many fantastic holidays that I am happy to lose £50 if it helps the campsite survive). The 17 year old and I want to be there in 2022 and the 21 year old wants to work there in summer 2022 Coincidentally, right now I am watching Rocketman with the 17 year old.
  6. It has inflatable beams rather than poles. We tried it out in the garden and I read the vague instructions which meant we inflated rather than deflated the beams . We offered to lend it to friends. He was keen but she doesn't do camping; when she saw it in the garden she was willing to be converted.
  7. Breakfast for us travelling Portsmouth-Ouistreham has either been had in a cafe near the port or has been Kelloggs variety pack plus baguette at an aire (milk and fruit juice bought at Tesco at Cosham). For 2020 I had taken a brave pill in November 2019 and booked Bretagne despite the drive from Lanarkshire and we might have eaten on-board; I had an email this week from the holiday company bumping my booking to 2021.
  8. It's the windfall plums that the bees are after in my garden.
  9. My car was first registered in Wales. I live in Scotland but my private plates denote Essex (the Welsh plates are under the boot carpet for when I eventually trade it in); my car is confused. I have a GB sticker on my tailgate and a BF GB sticker plus an Ecosse sticker on my roofbox. I bought the car in 2016 and that year I used a magnetic GB sign which is in the driver's door pocket along with a BF GB sticker as a back-up (hubby bought the biggest tent known to man earlier this year and I was forced to retrieve my roofbox from my mum's garage to let 3 of us go camping in the Lake District in a 7 seater). I had a spare magnetic GB plate (it was cheaper to buy beam defectors with it) and I gave it to my former boss who didn't want to put a sticker on the back of his Porsche 911.
  10. No idea whether it was legal but many used it.
  11. Some used GB, some used NI. (we holiday in France with many families from Norn Irn).
  12. My eldest moved to France last week for an academic year working in a school as an English language assistant. A French bank account is necessary for wages to be paid and at every stage of the process, the difficulty of opening a bank account in France was highlighted. Fortunately the supervisor in the school has a contact in a local bank and has been through this process over many years with many students so is going to help.
  13. Thanks all. Off to raid the cars for the blue masks we keep for emergencies (we normally use washables). The school is between Toulouse and Montpellier but there is a direct flight (until the end of October) from Edinburgh to Beziers which is ideal. We plan to go out in November but will fly Edinburgh-Carcassonne and hire a car.
  14. Eldest goes to France tomorrow to work as an English language assistant for the next 8 months. Are there any rules relating to what face masks are acceptable in France? I know that at one point Wales was requiring masks to be at least 3 layers; does France have any such requirement or stipulate the material the mask should be made from?
  15. I once got a welcome to Iceland text whilst travelling on Normandie.
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