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  1. The article mentions dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables heading south.
  2. But if it is unaccompanied it's saving a lot of manhours.
  3. A crossing linking Ardrossan to Brittany would certainly appeal to me, although Ardrossan does suffer from tricky conditions.
  4. The kits being used by the schools require both tonsils and nose to be swabbed.
  5. I can't help with the rest of your query but I maybe can with this part. My daughter has gone back to school for a few periods a week (she's a senior phase pupil in Scotland) and she is self-testing twice a week. I ended up carrying out the test for her last night (swab both tonsils 4 time and then stick the swab up the nose and twist 10 times). The swab is that dipped in liquid and the drops of the liquid are put into a test tray a bit like a home pregnancy test and left for 30 minutes before a result is available. She then has to log the results online and if she was to test positive with th
  6. I totally agree with this. England, Scotland and Wales in particular should be working together in that we are all joined together. Northern Ireland is a slightly different case since it is a separate island. As a Scot, yesterday's announcement from Nicola Sturgeon felt empty and vague, whilst Boris's announcement gave hope and a time scale. There are a lot of comments on social media that Nicola Sturgeon takes whatever is announced in Westminster and although she broadly agrees with it, she has to Scottish it just to be different and not to be seen to agreeing.
  7. I got an email today from our campsite to say that they are working towards opening on July 5th. They have my deposit from 2020 and are offering a refund guarantee if we need to cancel. Booking is very tempting.
  8. I had to go to Ikea in Glasgow this morning for a click and collect order and saw the 3 Azamara cruise ships which are docked on the Clyde. They really dominate the whole area.
  9. NEX doesn't led herself to social distancing (one might as well be on a plane). Had our holiday in France gone ahead last summer, we had planned to change our return crossing from NEX to Ouistreham so that we could escape into a cabin.
  10. I worked for Simpson-Lawrence for 8 years and we were sponsors of Vendee Globe.
  11. On a good day we are an 8 hour drive from Portsmouth (it once took us almost 14 hours). I therefore allow a few extra hours for the drive on both sides of the Channel. I am the main driver (my husband has a VW Up! which might just about take us and our bedding; I have a Vauxhall Zafira which will also take the necessary clothing for over 2 weeks glamping plus the bikes) so I dictate the timelines.
  12. As a child, I travelled with BF overnight Portsmouth-St Malo and St Malo-Portsmouth on Pen-Ar-Bed and Prince of Brittany (possibly other ships but those are the ones I remember) from 1978 until 1981 when my parents separated. Both ways the ship was a place to sleep. More recently, with my own children, from 2006 until 2012 we travelled out on the 08.15 Portsmouth-Caen and back on the 17.00 Caen-Portsmouth, apart from 2007 when we returned on the 10.30 St Malo-Portsmouth (we were staying at Dol de Bretagne so it was a no brainer). Through those years we enjoyed the on board experience with meal
  13. Having moved from the outskirts of Glasgow to North Lanarkshire just before lockdown I haven't yet worked out the relevant ratio here (I think that 1 in 4 is kind for Glasgow).
  14. We have friends who have adopted 2 severely disabled children and although they live near Hull, they always travel with BF because crossing from their local port isn't geared up to them travelling with 2 wheelchairs.
  15. I worked for a company which was a Vendee Globe sponsor back in the late 1990s. The mention takes me back...
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