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  1. Brother-in-law was here from the USA in August and tests were booked online and undertaken in official test centres in airports and shopping centres (his return to the USA test ended up on my credit card and cost me £80).
  2. I wish it was that easy. Father-in-law has alzheimers and hubby is his mum's support, plus mother-in-law supports her 99 year old mum, so we need to protect very vulnerable people.
  3. But isolation means no contact with anyone else - separate bathrooms, meals left outside the room they are quarantining in, etc. Fortunately we live in a house with a family bathroom, an en-suite and a downstairs toilet so provided eldest can get back into France we can cope with isolation but not all houses can cope with that.
  4. I am just about in tears at the latest announcement (although as eldest said earlier, it doesn't currently apply in Scotland - Nicola will currently be trying to work out what tweek to make on Boris's rules). Eldest is due back from France via a very convoluted route (bus to Albi, train to Toulouse, overnight at Toulouse airport, flight to Orly, flight to Edinburgh) on December 18th to be home on my birthday. The last week has been grim in the student flat due to a flatmate's mental health forcing eldest and the third flatmate out (fortunately the teachers in the school rallied round, offering accomodation, food and moral support, and the troubled flatmate has been moved elsewhere) so having the eldest home from Christmas matters to us. Our plan (unless rules change for entering France) is to book a PCR test at Edinburgh airport for after arrival and I do the pick-up in my 7 seater. using the back row of seats and eldest being masked.
  5. The appointment has been rescheduled for Christmas time.
  6. A friend of mine is part of the Scottish government vaccine team. Eldest offspring was emailed an appointment for last week for a vaccine (we think it is for flu due to asthma) and had posted on Facebook a screenshot with an "I don't think this is happening" due to currently being in Aveyron. My friend picked up on it and posted that if it was 22 weeks from the second vaccine, the Scottish NHS would administer a booster.
  7. We have travelled for many years booking BF via our holiday company and have booked outbound PIP-Ouistreham overnight with the return Cherbourg-PIP on the high-speed. At the end of 2019 I booked for 2020 with an outbound on Bretagne (the offspring were old enough that we felt comfortable getting from Glasgow in a day to check in on time) with a return on NEX; I received an email this week confirming my campsite reservation and I am hoping that the BF/Condor agreement from previous years applies so that we don't need to change our crossings.
  8. We definitely travelled from Portsmouth to St Malo and Birdlip was on the route from Glasgow to Portsmouth.
  9. Here's my youngest on the 16.30 Ouistreham to Portsmouth in July 2010.
  10. I can't help with the camper van side but the port is well signed from junction 2 of the M275.
  11. I first travelled with Brittany Ferries in July 1978. My dad put a roof rack onto the Austin Allegro and covered the cases on it with a groundsheet. As we drove down the A74, we could hear a ripping noise from above us as the groundsheet split in two; fortunately it was a dry day. The roofrack was never used again after that holiday. Driving from Glasgow to Portsmouth in the 1970s, there weren't the motorways that now exist and I remember driving through little villages with pretty names such as Birdlip. On the other side of the channel we were on country roads too, with none of the Aires that we are now familiar with. My parents had a water heater to boil water to make tea which plugged into the car's cigarette lighter and I remember it fusing the electrics in the second Allegro (number 2 only lasted 2 years before it was traded in for a third rather than the engine being replaced - the original pistons from the second one sat in the garage of my childhood home for a long time). Coming home one year we were on Penn-Ar-Bed and ended up with the car down the bottom of the ship in one of the compartments down there. The driver of the car in front of us managed to hit the side of his brand new Renault 14 off the entrance to the compartment. Shortly after our return from France in 1981 my parents separated and my next trip with BF was in 2001 with my eldest who was then 9 months old. In 2003 we defected to Superfast's Rosyth-Zeebrugge crossing and didn't use BF again until 2008. My favourite return trips from France have coincided with the end of Le Mans Classic when we have shared the ship with lots of classic cars.
  12. I got 11/20. I came back from France yesterday. Unfortunately driving from Lanarkshire to Aveyron for a week was a non-starter so we had to use Ryanair. Here in Scotland we have a vaccine passport and I was able to easily use the QR code from that to set up my TousAntiCovid app. Eldest offspring hadn't been asked for it in the locality but had in Toulouse the previous week but actually we were asked to show it everywhere in the small town. The big issue we have had was the Passenger Locator Form and the Day 2 test. We had managed to complete the PLF on our phones but a fellow passenger's phone had frozen at the airport and he ended up not being able to travel despite hubby spending quarter of an hour trying to get the poor guy's PLF on his phone but with no success so the plane left minus one booked passenger. I did my day 2 test tonight and having completed almost all of the form to submit the results on my laptop I realised that I actually needed to use my phone because I needed to upload a photo of my negative result and my passport. On the laptop I was able to enter my date of birth by typing in the figures but on the phone I could only enter it by scrolling through a calendar a month at a time starting at Jan 1990 - it's a long way back to the 60s! Fortunately my test was accepted despite me not having taken a photo of the blank test strip and I have a certificate to confirm my negative status.
  13. And then there is Caledonian Isles docking in Ardrossan.
  14. Friends of ours travel with two severely disabled offspring. They live minutes from one of the North Sea ports but always travel Portsmouth-St Malo because their local sailing can't support them. It really angers me that people who don't need them can book disabled cabins.
  15. I have two purses; an everyday one and a holiday one for foreign currency. I managed to find my holiday one a few days ago (I haven't been outside the UK in over 2 years and we have moved house in the interim). I was delighted to find that it contains enough Euros for our upcoming trip to France (sadly by Ryanair rather than BF) and I also discovered this in a pocket; it was in a bag handed out at Ouistreham as we exited the port after coming off the overnight crossing.
  16. Sadly people from the cities can buy property in pretty parts of the UK (Cornwall, West Wales, Northwest Scotland and the islands, Lake District, etc) with inflated offers which prevent local young people starting out from finding their own home, either rented or bought. So many young people in these areas end up renting caravans (and even then they are booted out so that tourists can rent at much higher rates).
  17. There was someone complaining on Twitter earlier in the week that they had been delayed leaving Santander and then when they eventually did sail the passengers were told that there was an engine problem. She wanted Galicia to stop at a French port so that she could get off and drive through France to an alternative Channel crossing.
  18. And today NHS Lanarkshire, which had already asked for military help, and which borders Glasgow, has moved to the highest rick level in terms of capacity.
  19. The Calmac ferry used on Gallanach-Kerrera is the MV Carvoria which runs on two outboards. The island is currently having a road built to run north-south so in future the ferry might carry cars rather than just foot passengers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Carvoria
  20. Scotrail is going on strike from 1st to 12th November to coincide with COP26 in Glasgow. The city is going to be chaotic enough with all the road closures around the venue without the addition of no trains.
  21. And Calmac's woes continue. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/homenews/19654201.calmac-island-vessel-action-week-brings-ferry-route-halt/ https://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/19655949.two-calmac-island-ferries-action-new-disruption-hits-lifeline-services/ Friends of ours live on Kerrera, an island with no school, no facilities other than a cafe and a farm shop, so as a community they are dependent on ferries. Thankfully CalMac operates a 4 year old ferry on their route and there is another ferry servicing the marina.
  22. The boss was one of the ones I was waiting for input from; he finally emailed me what I was waiting for at 23.07 last night. Needless to say, I wasn't still sitting at my laptop waiting for it.
  23. It's midterm here this week and although it is now irrelevant to us we have used it as an opportunity to escape to the in-laws' place in the East Neuk of Fife. I left home on Saturday morning and travelled via several farm shops; hubby joined me after work on Sunday. I came home on Tuesday night for work (I have the holidays to take but am off in a couple of weeks to visit the eldest in France so I don't want to push it) and hubby is coming home tomorrow. This morning, whilst working from home and waiting for others in the team to send me over info, I wrapped 49 farm shop chipolatas in bacon and froze them for the Christmas dinner kilted chipolatas (as a Scot and having spent time in California as a child, sausages wrapped in bacon are not pigs in blankets - eldest may be bringing an American flatmate to Scotland for Christmas who will not associate pigs in blankets with sausages wrapped in bacon)
  24. The Ecosse sticker on my roofbox is on the background of a St Andrew's cross (the saltire). Our trips to France since 2001 have unfortunately often coincided with English football fans behaving badly in international competitions and I have felt forced to use it to denote that we aren't English (I'm not pretending that Scottish fans are angels; it's just that Scotland isn't good enough at football to get abroad to cause chaos) Sadly the St Andrew's cross has been highjacked by the Scottish independence movement (as a Scot I am not averse to independence but many questions need answered before I could vote for independence). My dad lives in the village which is the home to the saltire.
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