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  1. On a good day we are an 8 hour drive from Portsmouth (it once took us almost 14 hours). I therefore allow a few extra hours for the drive on both sides of the Channel. I am the main driver (my husband has a VW Up! which might just about take us and our bedding; I have a Vauxhall Zafira which will also take the necessary clothing for over 2 weeks glamping plus the bikes) so I dictate the timelines.
  2. I avoid the UK aisle in Super U in St Gilles Croix de Vie. I don't go to France to eat the same food I eat at home.
  3. Thanks. Coming off the overnight ferry, everything is shut. One year we stopped at the Hyper-U at Challans just before we got to our campsite but it's often a toss-up between getting there before reception shuts for lunch or stopping for food, leaving us sitting in the car for a couple of hours.
  4. I had a fussy toddler with allergies.
  5. I have always done a basic shop in Tesco at Port Solent so that we at least have food for the first morning in the campsite (if we crossed on the 08.15 to Ouistreham, we didn't get to the campsite until 20.30 so had nothing for breakfast). When we crossed in 2018, we were on the overnight to Ouistreham and were due on site in time for the communal Sunday lunch barbecue so I picked up food for that before we boarded. Friends used to take their food for the fortnight with them (they are vegetarian so a lot of it was long-life. For me, the big attraction of self-catering in France is exploring th
  6. My BF GB sticker is on my roof box which has been in my mum's garage for the last year. We moved house at the start of Feb 2020 but I had changed my car in 2016 (to one with a decent sized boot so we didn't need the box) and only bought roof bars in June 2020. Incidentally my brother-in-law lives in CT too.
  7. We have a country park 15 minutes walk from the house. In spring 2020 hubby and I walked there, walked round the park and walked home one day. Another day, we put my bike in the back of my car and I drove there while hubby and our offspring cycled there. We all cycled round the park but the youngest wasn't able to cycle home so we put 2 bikes in the back of my car.
  8. My dad was taken by ambulance to A&E this week after a fall at home. He is 79 and has vascular dementia. My stepmum wasn't allowed to accompany him to hospital, and my brother and I weren't able to drop everything and head into the hospital to be with him as we have done in the past. Thankfully he was allowed home without being admitted to the hospital, but he has hardly been out of the house in months and I am scared at what he came into contact with while he waited to be seen in the hospital.
  9. As a child, I travelled with BF overnight Portsmouth-St Malo and St Malo-Portsmouth on Pen-Ar-Bed and Prince of Brittany (possibly other ships but those are the ones I remember) from 1978 until 1981 when my parents separated. Both ways the ship was a place to sleep. More recently, with my own children, from 2006 until 2012 we travelled out on the 08.15 Portsmouth-Caen and back on the 17.00 Caen-Portsmouth, apart from 2007 when we returned on the 10.30 St Malo-Portsmouth (we were staying at Dol de Bretagne so it was a no brainer). Through those years we enjoyed the on board experience with meal
  10. My main business dealings are with someone who has a business in Gibraltar but who lives in the south of Spain. Back in March she was caught on the wrong side of the border and had a real problem getting back into Spain. I spoke to her yesterday and her household has now isolated itself in preparation for the new lockdown. Spain has been much tougher with its lockdowns than we have here; she couldn't even go out for a walk on her own along a quiet beach in May.
  11. This report confirms that it is Stena Edda. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-55331293
  12. I really enjoyed the episode on Glasgow a couple of weeks ago, although it is most definitely a city.
  13. South Lanarkshire is similar. It stretches from the outskirts of Glasgow (Rutherglen and Cambuslang came under Glasgow City for around 20 years but then moved to South Lanarkshire under local government reorganisation) to within spitting distance of the English border, taking in a lot of very rural areas and small villages.
  14. And my younger daughter, who has just turned 17, is a few months too young to get it at all.
  15. Having moved from the outskirts of Glasgow to North Lanarkshire just before lockdown I haven't yet worked out the relevant ratio here (I think that 1 in 4 is kind for Glasgow).
  16. A friend of mine is currently undergoing chemotherapy and her consultant is unsure as to whether she will be able to have vaccine due to the cocktail of drugs she is currently on. The outcome if she catches Covid doesn’t bear thinking about (she has young children who have only been at school for odd days since school went back mid-August because the risk of them bringing it home is too great) so it is a real dilemma.
  17. I have just seen this on the BBC News website. It appears that a needle is the only option, at least for now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55175483
  18. I wonder whether this vaccination will be available to be administered other than via a needle. My daughters both had their flu vaccinations yesterday. Their appointments were 3.5 hours apart and because we live a 25 mile round trip from where they were to get it, they both went in for the older one's early appointment in the hope that they could both have it together; thankfully the staff involved were happy to accommodate this. The younger one needs someone with her anyway for any medical procedures because she has a habit of passing out and when this was explained to the nurse yesterday, a
  19. We have friends who have adopted 2 severely disabled children and although they live near Hull, they always travel with BF because crossing from their local port isn't geared up to them travelling with 2 wheelchairs.
  20. I worked for a company which was a Vendee Globe sponsor back in the late 1990s. The mention takes me back...
  21. As a child I was a member of BR's "Railriders Club", as was my brother. Our school holidays were often slightly different from my mum's and childcare fell to my dad who lived in a bedsit so we had to go out. He had a family railcard so he travelled for half price and my brother and I paid £1 each. Our Railriders Club membership gave us vouchers for money off train tickets and also entry to attractions. Each year we got two £1 vouchers for money off train tickets, plus a number of 50p vouchers, and one day we had a return trip from Glasgow to London where my dad paid a half fare and my brother
  22. @LHCityyou have just confirmed that the outbound route I had booked for this summer is the one I should be booking for next summer.
  23. It's an expression I hear regularly on the radio too and I know what it means.
  24. Mallaig to Armadale is still running. https://www.calmac.co.uk/mallaig-armadale-skye-ferry-winter-timetable
  25. We have been woken up by this on Normandie for the last few summers on our way to the Vendee (24/6/16 was scary as hubby returned from the gents at 5.30am with the news that the UK had voted to leave the EU). Last autumn I booked us on Bretagne because I realised that travelling from central Scotland with a teenager rather than small children was feasible for check-in for the St Malo crossing (breakfast at Tebay services and then no stops before PIP other than toilets works for us).
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