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  1. Clare still has the ramp inside. I have emailed wighlink about it wether it can be used in such a situation and they said that it can't. You can understand if it's a full sailing as the manoeuvrability of the cars on the top deck may be an issues to get to it. But if they know there is ongoing problems I can't see why they can't revert to the old way of loading for Clare and not use the upper ramp at either end . Faith isn't an issue and vow runs with slightly reduced capacity
  2. Em1984

    St Faith

    St Faith went out for a jolly this morning
  3. Clare still has the ramp there , you'd think they would keep it maintained for this exact situation
  4. Wight Light has been working the lymington-yarmouth route today!
  5. Showing there on wightlink service status page too. It does work then!
  6. Was on Victoria so Wight today 9th August and got to go up to the bridge with a friends 11 year old. Very nice bridge while chatting to the staff I was informed that Wight sun and light are currently only running on 2 engines (that would explain the mid Solent hiccup last week) and can't be certain but sky is on 3 or 4 hence why it's the only one that can still work in more than a knats fart of a breeze.
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