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  1. Agreed Neil, not their fault but BF should have significant access to get this improved.
  2. We sailed to Roscoff out of Plymouth on Thursday 5th September, as most will know this was running late. When we arrived at the port she had just docked and we watched from the terminal as she unloaded. It quickly became obvious that border control wasn't coming close to keeping up. We wondered if extra checks were being undertaken but a short period of observation soon revealed the problem. The 2 lanes that feed into the 4 lanes to the cabins were stopped a distance back then fed into the next available booth, seemingly a very fair system. However as the docker was waiting until the vehicle cleared beore sending the next, the combination of the inevitable delay of getting started and the distance travelled meant there was a significant delay between each vehicle checked. Such delays usually generate bad feeling about the overall BF experience but as far as I could see it was the Port of Plymouth dockers modus operandi unless they had been instructed to do it this way by Border Control. Aiming for 2 vehicles in each lane would have been significantly more efficient
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