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  1. Thank you. I'll try that and hopefully I'll receive a reply.
  2. Thank you for the offer. Unfortunately we are not anywhere near there. We are in Cheshire and will be travelling M6 and then M5.
  3. I can't print it out because we are on holiday in the UK and don't have access to a printer. Which is why I was asking if it's given to us on board.
  4. We will be returning to Spain next Sunday. Is the health questionnaire form that needs to be completed for entry into Spain given to us onboard? I read that it's a paper version and the ferry staff will collect it on disembarkation.
  5. We sailed from Santander two weeks ago and they were open.
  6. We sailed last Wednesday from Santander to Plymouth, also in a Commodore cabin. We felt very safe on board. Staggered embarkation/disembarkation. The cabin was very clean, but I took my own Dettol and wiped it down just in case. The public areas were very quiet, so no problem with social distancing. People were sitting down to eat right opposite where the self service area was. We took our food up to the cafe at the front of the ship where it was very quiet. We were disappointed that the Commodore lounge was closed.
  7. Just had a welcome aboard email from Brittany Ferries for our sailing in Wednesday from Santander to Plymouth. It states that at the port facilities including shops, cafes and toilets may be closed. I can understand shops and cafe being closed but the toilets I can't understand. Has anyone sailed from Santander and can tell me if they are actually closed? How are we supposed to sit for hours waiting to board with no toilet available?
  8. That's very helpful, thank you. Was the Commodore lounge open?
  9. Can you give us an update as to what services are open please. How boarding went. Many on board? Any information that might be helpful would be appreciated. We are travelling on the Pont Aven for the first time in two weeks, and have booked a Commodore cabin. Really excited about the sailing.
  10. Jane helped me a couple of times when all this started in March via direct messages on Twitter. She even sent me a message when Brittany Ferries changed their policy to advise me what to do. I couldn't fault her. Politeness and thanks goes a long way.
  11. Have Brittany Ferries confirmed the 22 nd July for next year's sailings being released?
  12. If I amend my July booking to October does that mean 12 months from the original date of July or the amended date in October?
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