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  1. That's very helpful, thank you. Was the Commodore lounge open?
  2. Can you give us an update as to what services are open please. How boarding went. Many on board? Any information that might be helpful would be appreciated. We are travelling on the Pont Aven for the first time in two weeks, and have booked a Commodore cabin. Really excited about the sailing.
  3. Jane helped me a couple of times when all this started in March via direct messages on Twitter. She even sent me a message when Brittany Ferries changed their policy to advise me what to do. I couldn't fault her. Politeness and thanks goes a long way.
  4. Have Brittany Ferries confirmed the 22 nd July for next year's sailings being released?
  5. If I amend my July booking to October does that mean 12 months from the original date of July or the amended date in October?
  6. Thanks for the replies. It is a flexible booking.If we amended to October we could also have the option to bring that booking forward to July again if the sailings were going ahead and things have eased both in Spain and in the UK. It sounds like a good plan.
  7. We have a flexible booking from Santander to Plymouth outwards in the middle of July and returning at the end of August. If we want to amend that booking before the balance is due to 2021, and the sailings for next summer haven't been released, is it possible to amend our bookings to say October this year and then as soon as summer 2021 sailings come out amend the bookings again? That would avoid them taking the balance from us next month.
  8. What time approximately do they start to check in for the 9.15 pm sailing?
  9. I'm in Spain and have been checking the UK site since 8am (Spanish time). No problem here accessing th e website.
  10. Thank you for the replies. I should have said it was the Pont Aven I wanted to know about. It doesn't mention hairdryers on the list of things on their website. I will ask them via Twitter as suggested.
  11. I have read there are hairdryers in the Commodore cabins. Do they have them in the deluxe ones as well? Thanks
  12. What is a good deluxe cabin number to have? Is there a good position and are they all the same size?
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