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  1. Still FB video on the Shippax website and some VPNs / networks / ad filters will block due to FBs very bad habits. But those are completely off topic!
  2. Three videos on YT (YouTube) Get To Know Stena Estrid - https://youtu.be/VRLRo1zh58w Launching Ceremony - https://youtu.be/Zqk4JwguQqM (Very short video) How To Paint A Vessel (Stena Estrid) - https://youtu.be/b6bXKkYcgFI HTH
  3. Shipping Forecast

    Le Havre Panorama

    Leaving Le Havre terminal looking at UNESCO World Heritage site of Downtown Le Havre. The towers of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Havre (shorter squat tower) and Eglise Saint-Joseph (taller thinner tower) showing in the background above the Auguste Perret inspired downtown area. To the left is the Tour Eiffel du Le Havre (coloured containers sculpture) representing the 500 years (I am sure it could be longer ...) of connection of Le Harve to the sea. Given WorldHeritage Site status in 2005.

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