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  1. The app is actually fairly simple in operation. It relies on Bluetooth to work so no mobile / WiFi networks involved in actual recording. The app via Bluetooth handshakes with all the other apps around it exchanging anonymous IDs. It then measures the time you are in contact with that ID and approximate distance. Every 5 minutes it detects you are in range of of the other ID it awards points. Approximately the points structure for every 5 minutes in contact is 0 to 2 m - 300 points 2 to 4m - 150 points Over 4 metres - nil points If it totals 900 or more points in a 24 h
  2. The worst damage scenario for any ship is damage along the keel which the hull / buoy / seabed sandwich would certainly do. This is why modern torpedos aim for the keel and break the ship's back rather than the side impact as far more effective. Any damage of this type is unlikely to be seen above the waterline unless significant. Also, the hull may not be holed. An object like that could wreck havoc to any hull fitting in other ways affecting operational ability.
  3. Genuinely curious - perspective good or perspective bad?
  4. I should add that Cookies are really downgraded now since they are being stopped, blocked and can be altered easily. Most websites use scripts, pixels, canvas fingerprinting to identify you now completely bypassing cookies. If you want to follow Alice into the rabbit hole on this, have a look at https://amiunique.org and click on "View my browser fingerprint" button. This comes from Lille University (for French connection) research into this subject.
  5. It is safe to accept haveibeenpwned.com cookies. The raison d'etre of the site is to help people find breeches, being set up by web security guy Troy Hunt in 2013. It is used by many organisations, universities etc to check for breeches. Details haveibeenpwned.com connects to 3 domains - itself, Cloudflare for CDN / protection and Google analytics. It has 3 scripts that run on the page - itself, Cloudflare and Google for analytics. It doesn't need the Google script to run so you can block that if you want to. HTH.
  6. There is a trade to be had (some/most/total), but should the individual be able to make the choice of what to trade or it be determined for you without your say so or knowledge? Should the supermarket be able to sell your information to Facebook or another unknown source without your knowledge? How secure is that data? Who has access? What happens to the data if the company gets sold etc? And then do you want some private entity or government to start joining dots for whatever ends, like China's Social Credit System? Banned from ferry travel 😱, blocked on twitter ... As a
  7. It is not a bug but a feature. People will do anything to get what they want. A lot of people are in ignorant bliss, or self denial. Look at the the number who use trust abusing services like Fakebook, Whatsup, Twatter, Instacrap, Linked Up etc. Let alone the other harms being caused but that is for another place. Or allowing various voice control devices, LIDAR scanners, cameras et al in to private lives. Or connecting to public WiFi hotspots without knowing who they are and protection through VPNs etc. Or use Google Chrome browser, something in the early days of
  8. The issue with any test is that is only correct at the moment of the test. You may have SARS-CoV-2 in your system but early stage so may not register on the test, so does not mean you are clean. COVID test are not a definite either, the process used is for screening before getting a proper diagnosis. PCR testing only indicates if a genetic strand (a small part of the DNA) of the virus , it does mean the virus is complete, active or infectious. This means all the positive tests may not be infectious COVID. Any test is any indication only. PHE - "It is important to note that detecting
  9. Apologies now triplicated - browser issue. Modern technology!
  10. Although air travel is a major vector in the spread of biological agents, for context on how much flying has shrunk in 2020 and become a minor factor in the spread, below is a table of how air travel has changed between 2019 - 2020 (figures CAA). Number of passengers by month and year. 2019 2020 % of 2019 January 19,251,805 19,262,665 0.06 February 19,131,772
  11. You could try one of these. https://assets.vogue.com/clips/5e7e1e08cf399a0008fd2e2e/1080p/pass/a62e7e2280e743eb8781ed73d18c904f.mp4 (From Vogue so look out for it in next seasons collections)
  12. It will be pasta and rice next, how have they got through the stockpiles from March?
  13. From the BBC - Covid: Is it time we learnt to live with the virus? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54228649
  14. just a neutral observation from everyday life dealing with all demographics - work and play. Rightly or wrongly, there is a strong undercurrent a lot of the “young generation” and mid generation are already feeling that they are paying the price for the older generation - climate change, pensions, housing, gender inequality, racial inequality, debt et al. Why do they have to pay again ... ? The generational divide seems to be growing as strong as left vs right, leave vs remain, torpedo vs triangular rolls etc. And we do not want to open the roll issue again. Again from direct ob
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