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  1. After an operational assessment period the danger zone base could be lifted to 1000 ft AMSL making the zone between 1000 ft and 2000ft AMSL - NATS / CAA Briefing Sheet 01/05/2020. Not sure how long the operational assessment will take. Also you may be able get permission to cross using DACS as the danger area corridor is unlikely to be in constant use during the operational times notified.
  2. Drones are at the stage of having the man walk in front of the car with a flag when the automobile started. However they are a very cheap (aerospace) way to transport goods especially when automation is allowed properly. Used in many remote locations to bring suppliers and medical help already. The issue with aircraft is they need a suitable airfield, two to choose from on IoW - Bembridge (paved runway) and Sandown (grass or astroturf) - Bembridge is a 20 minutes drive away from the hospital, opposed to the hospital helipad which is a shorter flight and outside the front door. Carrying contraband is not new, a task force was set up by HMG in 2017 to look at criminal activity especially as prisons were having a lot of mobile phones and drugs smuggled in by drone. Many prisons now have anti-drone technology to stop this smuggling. Coming back tangentially to shipping, due to big efforts on the U.S. / Mexico border to stop drones led to smugglers increasingly switching to submarines (drug subs) and 'torpedos', all increasingly automated. I am sure one of these would work equally as well in The Channel as the Gulf of Mexico; less congested in the seaways than the very congested airspace above The Channel. Drug subs have been found on the beaches of Spain (first one with traces of cocaine in 2006, big one carrying nearly 4 tons late last year) and Columbian police intercepted a sub destined for Italy. There is now believed to be several hundred subs in operation, interestingly if smugglers are caught by U.S. authorities they are likely to be prosecuted in the U.S. for operating un-flagged vessels rather than smuggling. For a different type of maritime video, search drug sub / narco submarine on YouTube.
  3. As I awake from from dreaming of a sunset across La Manche with the dull thud of engines chortling away in the distance and a slightly diesel smell in the air, I am not sure why everyone is confused about the governments plan. HMG’s plan is a masterful lesson in British fudge (diplomatic not clotted cream variety). A sincerely worded document to tick as many boxes / satisfy the main parties, while allowing as much leeway / self discrimination / acting in self interest as possible. How about The individual nations can show their independence to their national voters by setting their own rules and timetable while all complying with ‘scientific advice’, while still nodding to overall UK policies. After all Boris, Nicola and company are having regular talks so if you were ultra sceptical this difference is probably co-ordinated too. We can start the economy again as workers can work at home or in the place of work ‘if need to’, passing the baton of getting people to work to businesses / self employed without the government telling them furlough etc is over, appearing the bad person and good for politician's votes. Businesses earning money again, people work giving purpose, social connection and income - all paying tax for the magic money tree. Saves each government the hassle of protection too, that is down to each business to protect staff under the guise of meeting national standards, all 4 governments off the hook. Releases the social safety valve gradually; you can meet other people while maintaining social distancing, and the groups will gradual expand and all before the chance of mass disobedience and putting all those in authority in a pickle of how to deal with a beach sit-in, or a mass park sun bathe. This measured social expansion is a good way too to spread the virus gradually building community immunity, with 'those in charge' knowing that most people are asymptomatic and if they have capacity to manage cases in NHS then that is all in the common good. Don't care where you are on the political spectrum, the leaders need a new normal a.s.a.p.. Give the Illusion of freedom, you can travel a bit, give your car a run, but cannot do anything or stay anywhere, assuaging the frustrations of staying in a box, but still limiting potential spread in a controlled manner. Good for mental health too. In the end most trips will be pointless discouraging further travel, but we the government have given you the freedom back not to do this. Satisfies those who need a system, by having a level system to follow, but since Level 1 is meaningless (No SARS-CoV-2 in the UK - never going to happen) the other levels must be somewhat arbitrary too. Someone can move the level up and down a bit to keep people happy and look as if we are all working hard on monitoring, while actually working on things that matter - treatments etc. (Maybe slightly too sceptical but since R is a best guess, sorry scientifically accurate measure of course, at this stage the level will go up and down depending on hospital admissions not on anything else). I could go on but to sum up, as long as you keep roughly to the guidance (rules) that we have set out please get on with it and don’t bother us, we (Boris, Nicola, Mark, Arlene, Michelle and associated friends) really have better things to do than than deal with the tiresome situations, chase all the potential infringements and regulating every indiscretion. The belief the four nations leaders are different is a fallacy, they all want to get on with ruling, sorry governing, and playing governing games and realising personal agendas. As to those talking rule differences between the four nations, how is it any different from going from any country to any another country, just because you can speed on the autobahns in Germany, it doesn’t mean you can speed in every other country. Requires a modicum of thought maybe but hardly beyond the wit of most people, although I am sure MSM will whip it up into the next Corona Crisis for everyone to get in a blather about. Anyway back to dreaming of the delights of enjoying that ferry crossing …
  4. Still FB video on the Shippax website and some VPNs / networks / ad filters will block due to FBs very bad habits. But those are completely off topic!
  5. Three videos on YT (YouTube) Get To Know Stena Estrid - https://youtu.be/VRLRo1zh58w Launching Ceremony - https://youtu.be/Zqk4JwguQqM (Very short video) How To Paint A Vessel (Stena Estrid) - https://youtu.be/b6bXKkYcgFI HTH
  6. Shipping Forecast

    Le Havre Panorama

    Leaving Le Havre terminal looking at UNESCO World Heritage site of Downtown Le Havre. The towers of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Havre (shorter squat tower) and Eglise Saint-Joseph (taller thinner tower) showing in the background above the Auguste Perret inspired downtown area. To the left is the Tour Eiffel du Le Havre (coloured containers sculpture) representing the 500 years (I am sure it could be longer ...) of connection of Le Harve to the sea. Given WorldHeritage Site status in 2005.

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