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  1. Fake news now. To achieve the 400k+ or so people they are doing a day, they are squeezing every last drop where they can. Not forgetting the system is run by call up / appointments with your vaccination, type used etc going on your record. So it is going to be noticeable if centres start vaccinating people out of sequence. These stories come from just after vaccination started as a combination of having a potential dose left in vial (now being included as a viable dose) and a Birmingham MP phoning around in December to see if he could get a vaccine for himself, finding a centre with a cou
  2. The only long term protection is through herd immunity whether naturally acquired or via vaccination, fully trialled or not. All hope rests on natural immunity or a vaccine everyday of our lives, as each day we can be infected with tens or even hundreds of viruses or bacteria. Luckily the human body has worked out how to protect against the harmful versions and even use bacteria to our benefit.
  3. That is because no one knows with a high degree of certainty of the effectiveness or long term outcome. Even the science community are still debating. There are theorised outcomes based on previous knowledge etc but since the full vaccine time trials did not happen, they are probabilistic not measured. This is the world’s biggest trial of any medical treatment which seems to have escaped a lot of people (or not mentioned by the media). It does not mean the vaccination will end up badly, but there will be discoveries along the way, some positive we should do more of, and some showing
  4. Western Europe is on a downward trend. The EU overall (not including UK) has a birth rate of 1.5. France now 1.9, was on an upward turn from 1.73 in early nineties peaking at 2.03 in 2010 before continuing the downward trend. It's recent highest before than was 2.83 in 1963. UK currently is 1.6, with a low in 1977 of 1.69 and another low in 2002 of 1.63. Recent peak was 2012 with 1.92. In 1964 peak was 2.93. Interestingly (maybe) the UK and France are not predicted the same population crash as other countries. Italy's population is predicted to fall to just 28 million (over half
  5. Have they moved up a level or are they the same level but in more comfortable (better?) conditions? There are interesting theories on comfortable conditions and how it will actually reduce the population, as people require more economic power to keep their comfort so they forgo their biggest expense - children. By 2040 some are predicting large falls in population in higher economic level countries and 2060s on in the lower level countries. One paper I read had Chinas population falling to less than a billion in by 2090s. Drastic from 1.6 billion today if it comes to pass. Maybe the
  6. The issue is and always has been that the singular focus on the virus and COVID has led to many other people being disadvantaged, and even put in harms way at all levels of society. We needed and still need an approach where COVID is one factor, not the determining factor. And yes, the planet will be OK and recover from it's current destructive human infestation if humanity doesn't change and we wipe ourselves out. To put COVID into context, even if mild climate change occurs and the most moderate models are correct, COVID deaths are going to be a quite literal drop in the ocean.
  7. Not really, just a student of history and how often it repeats itself. Disruptive change through events is not violent, anarchist or illegal, but can be brutal to those it affects. It is also happening to ferries and their companies too, the current event is showing this clearly and while everyone is expecting (hoping) it will stay the same, there are and will be more changes.
  8. For what? Academics who work in this area certainly don't think so either for gene pool or society's prosperity. One study a couple of years ago (one of the London universities IIRC) said that the UK would be better / do better with around 70% of it's current population as society stood. The study is part of a larger piece of work to address how to make all of society valuable. (I am not advocating a Thanos style sort out BTW). But this is a difficult subject to discuss as it is quite brutal, certainly makes you think about your place in the world and will lead to widespread upheava
  9. Looking around, it would seem that effective vaccination numbers are down to the competency or not of local NHS management. One trust here was on the case straight away while another was dithering for a week or so deciding something. You also need some slack to account for lates, misseds etc. I agree that there are clever people in government but their advice shall we say is not always taken. Political decisions are never a value judgement, they are an appeal to lowest common denominator voters and pleasing the media headlines. The route gone down is just that, appeasing the Granny killi
  10. You have to love the twisted logic of bureaucracy especially French style.
  11. The logistics structures are holding up better than painted the BS MSM coverage who going looking for trouble. Areas I know cannot vaccinate fast enough and medically trained staff are being offered shifts left right and centre to stab people with needles. Hardly indicates shortages but you will of course get hiccups with such a big operation that the stirring media leap upon. The biggest cohort in hospital at the moment is the 55 -65 group so under the age theory we should abandon the older groups who can isolate more easily for an extra couple of weeks and start on the 55-65 group espec
  12. I probably should have clarified as depends on your definition of key workers and who is included or not but left out for conciseness. I am talking about the really key people who keep the lights on, provide safe water, keep us supplied with essentials, protect the population (Police, firefighters , social workers etc). This is not the possibly over reaching definition of 10m key workers that encompass a third of all the working population. The figure quoted above does not include the 1.1m (600k of those are professionally qualified staff) NHS workers who are already included in Band 2 be
  13. ?? Fortunately the vaccine does both at the same time - enabling the body to tackle the virus more effectively reducing the intensity of the infection, thus preventing spread and hospitalisations. I am sure the estimated 1.1m key workers could have fitted somewhere into the 4.7m doses given to date. And these are the people who do move more or have more contact with different sets of people. Perhaps all the UK drivers who were caught in the debacle before Christmas, should have been dosed at the same time starting the transition to less restricted transport movements and less like
  14. With vaccines, everyone forgets we are still in massive trial and in 6 months the advice maybe very different. One dose maybe enough. AZ in it's trials had 59% of the participants have a second dose 9 to 12 weeks after the initial dose. Those who had the longer gap had a stronger immune response 14 days after the final dose than the 2 -3 week. The 2-3 weeks comes from the mRNA type vaccines not AZ. However what is important to stress is that in the first 10 to 21 days days after the first dose, you had a very similar probability of having COVID as not having the injection and it tak
  15. The rail tunnel advantage is the travelling vehicle is being controlled by one trained person and does not rely on the calm and sensible driving public following procedures in an ordered and safe manner. In the Channel Tunnel the procedure now for fire in the tunnel is for the train to continue either out of the tunnel or to one of the four safety zones within the tunnel itself. Each of these zones (and the exit) has been calculated so that the train will reach the next one under it's own momentum should the power fail. The safety zones are equipped with water misting systems first to pro
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